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Art Lovers: Leslie Sun


Art Lovers: Leslie Sun
Ms Leslie Sun, founder and director of Sunset shop and Sunset Projects. (Image courtesy of Leslie Sun)


Leslie Sun



Founder/Director of Sunset shop and Sunset Projects; Full-time dreamer.


Sunset shop in Taiepei
Image courtesy of Sunset


What is an exhibition you’ve recently seen that you enjoyed?

teamLab in Taipei.


'teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park' at Huashan1914・Creative Park in Taiwan
Image courtesy of teamLab


You write a column for Vogue Taiwan online, as well as run a lifestyle concept store, Sunset, in Taiwan. Can you tell us more about how you discover new designers, as well as your own philosophy behind selecting the objects in Sunset?

The discovery process usually happens organically. I don’t deliberately go and “find” things, it’s more like I’ll stumble upon something interesting on social media (believe it or not) and start tracing a thread. Or when I travel I visit various design and concept stores or studios/workshops in different cities. I guess I’ve always been a nut when it comes to local craft and lifestyle objects, so shopping conveniently becomes “research.” 

My top two rules for selecting objects for Sunset is: one, I have to want to own it. I can’t sell it if I don’t believe in it. Secondly, it has to have a function. I sell lifestyle objects, not decorative arts. So merely looking pretty is not enough, they have to be somewhat utilitarian.

Some of the product offerings at Ms Sun's store, Sunset, in Taipei
Image courtesy of Sunset


What artists or aspects of the art world do you currently find most exciting? Where do look to for inspiration?

The politics. Haha. I love the drama! I’m a fan of contemporary art, so besides the established I’m always looking out for what’s new, whether or not it may be my cup of tea. Art fairs, biennales, and museum and gallery exhibitions all feed me different kinds of information.


One of the booths at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017
Image courtesy of HKCEC


You also are an avid art collector. How did you get started, and have your tastes changed over the years? Do you ever experience buyer’s remorse when it comes to certain pieces?

I'd say I started after college. I started buying small prints of unknown artists and it was all just stuff that I liked and could afford at that time. Then throughout design school I got to know a lot of artist friends and started collecting their works. Back then I thought I would only collect artwork from friends. I liked the fact that I knew the artists in person and the full story behind the works, and that the piece would serve as a token of our friendship.


I went on to work as a graphic designer at a studio that specializes in museum catalogs and artists’ monographs. We were basically surrounded by art-related content everyday, and it was then that defined my taste and gave me good understanding of the art world. I started paying a lot of attention to what galleries and museums were showing and works of emerging and established artists. Soon collecting works only by friends became a little more difficult…ha. 


"Prada Marfa" by Elmgreen & Dragset in Marfa
Image courtesy of Paul Joseph


On your Instagram (@sunles) you always seem to be travelling and checking out art exhibitions in the cities you are in. Which city to do you find the most arty? Can you recommend any art and design destinations that you enjoy visiting when you are there?

Berlin: Hamburger Bahnhof; Neue Nationalgalerie; Alte Nationalgalerie

Los Angeles: LACMA; The Hammer; The Broad; Blum & Poe; Hauser & Wirth; Honor Fraser; LAXART

Marfa: Chinati and everything Donald Judd related :)


If you could buy a work by any artist in the world, who would you choose and why?


A film still from Gerhard Richter Painting featuring the artist painting his studio
Image courtesy of Zero One Film


Five artworks or design items in your collection:

Eddie Peake
Image courtesy of Leslie Sun


Image courtesy of the artists


Richard Serra
Image courtesy of Leslie Sun


A sculpture by Colin Roberts
Image courtesy of Leslie Sun


Peng Hung-Chih
Image courtesy of Leslie Sun


Name three of your favourite Southeast Asian artists:

I don’t know very many Southeast Asian artists yet. It’s quite a new venture, but I’ve been recently introduced to the works of Luis Antonio Santos and Tromarama which I really like. Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung is also one of my favorites.


An installation view of 'Measuring Distance', a solo exhibition by Luis Antonio Santos
Image courtesy of the artist


What is your favourite gallery or institution in Asia?

I’ve not been to enough galleries or museums in Asia but I’d say SCAI in Tokyo is on top of the list.


Scai the Bathhouse in Tokyo
Image courtesy of Tokyobling


Name your favourite artwork on!

"Papaya + Banana" (2015) by Ahmad Zakii Anwar
Acrylic on Linen, 41cm x 69cm / 16.1" x 27.2", Unique Work 


Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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