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Art Stage Jakarta 2017 Preview


Art Stage Jakarta 2017 Preview
Art Stage Jakarta 2016. Image Courtesy of My Art Guides.

The second edition of ART STAGE Jakarta is here to celebrate the country's vibrant and ever-growing contemporary art scene!

Held from 11-13th August 2017, the fair brings together a diversification of galleries, artists and art collectors in a representation of a single, distinct Southeast Asian art market. 

Scroll down to get a glimpse of some of the artists and galleries represented at ART STAGE Jakarta 2017, along with some of the special programmes in store for you.


"Ambiguous Flower" (2017) by Mao Lizi. 146 x 97 cm. 

Presented by Parkview Art Hong Kong (Booth A9). 

"Untitled 1212" (2017) by Lee Kwang Ho. 193 x 130cm. 

Presented by Johyun Gallery (Booth A5). 

"Dynamics of Space" (1979) by Fadjar Sidik (Indonesian, 1930-2004). 115 x 84 cm. 

Presented by Art Agenda, S.E.A (Booth A1). 

"Sawit Seeds" (2017) by Angki Purbandono. 100 x 165 cm. 

Presented by Mizuma (Booth B21). 

"L'immigrant" by Tomàs Sunyol. 97 x 130 cm. 

Presented by Villa del Arte Galleries (Booth A3).

"China, China No. 2" (2008) by Zhu Wei. 116 x 245 x 116 cm. 

Presented by Linda Gallery (Booth A4). 

Available on the ART STAGE Jakarta 2017 Microsite!

"Two Suns" (2016) by Aki Kondo. 90 x 65 cm. 

Presented by ShugoArts (Booth B27).

"Clinging" (2017) by Hidemi Tokutake. 22 x 37 x 30 cm. 

Presented by Di Legno Gallery (Booth A6). 

"Slide Picture - Detail 1B" (2017) by Kemalezedine. 

Presented by CGartspace (Booth B5). 

"DPWH Meme The Penetration" by Leslie DE CHAVEZ. 

Presented by ARARIO GALLERY (Booth B3). 

For a full range of works available, click here and for more information on the opening hours and programme guide for ART STAGE Jakarta 2017, click here


The Artling is proud to be a Strategic Media Partner of ART STAGE Jakarta 2017!

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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