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Art Taipei 2015 Photo Blog


Art Taipei 2015 Photo Blog
<br>"2015-12" (2015) and “2015-29” (2015) by Yunghsu Hsu.</br> Porcelain

The Artling was recently at the 22nd edition of Art Taipei -- click through for a selection of photos from the fair! 

The annual Art Taipei event kicked off last Thursday with the Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize ceremony, an award to promote emerging artists.

Winners of the Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize Award (L-R): Taiwan Distributor of Chiuoho Automotive’s Associate of Marketing, Kun-Ying Lin, Mohri Yuko, Owaki Richi, Vatanajankur Kawita, Chung-Han Yao, Chairperson of TAGA (Taiwan Art Gallery Association)

Presenter and Administrative Deputy Minster of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture Xu Qiu-Huang emphasized the scale of this year’s Art Taipei, with over 3,000 pieces represented by 168 galleries across 20 different regions, and the direction toward establishing a platform for innovation. “We are striving toward a construction of a global art perspective that is unique to Taiwan. With its current scale Art Taipei is the biggest art event in Southeast Asia and we hope to see it grow even bigger next year.”

"Proclamations of the Story Society" (2015) by Jiun Pang
Oil on canvas
"Steel Tearoom ‘Tettei’" (2012-2013) by Tomohiro Kato

In its 22nd year, Art Taipei is seeing a distinct shift toward mixed and digital media. All five finalists for the 2015 Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize utilized multimedia in their work. Local Taiwanese artist Chung-Han Yao explains the inspiration behind “LLAP,” an installation consisting of laser, LED and fluorescent lights, and electronic sound.

"LLAP" by Chung-Han Yao
Laser, LED, florescent light, sounds

“It’s very beautiful,” says Yao, “it’s only a signal from the computer going on and off but because it is simulated like a traditional lamp, there will be a few seconds of delay that is very imprecise and organic. I want to find balance between noise and music, and explore the element of audio with a story and use lighting to disturb that story.”

Live painting by Japanese artist Ayako Rokkaku at the fair
"It’s Been Swell, but the Swelling’s Gone Down" (2015) by Desire Obtain Cherish / Digital print on canvas, spray paint
"Meltdown-Sugarcane Bubblegum" (2013) by Desire Obtain Cherish / UV cast resin

The next edition of Art Taipei is scheduled to take place from November 11th - 14th 2016.

Find out more about Art Taipei here


Images by Kelly Yen

Any views or opinions in the interview are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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