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Art World Forum, Singapore 2017: Highlights


Art World Forum, Singapore 2017: Highlights
Image Courtesy of Art World Forum

Last Wednesday, Art World Forum successfully held its second annual event in Singapore, themed ‘Creating Markets: Opportunities, Challenges and the Mainstream,’ at One Farrer Hotel and Spa, Singapore.

The forum started off with opening remarks and welcome speech from Art World Forum’s Ms Anni Oates before diving into a fulfilling afternoon of art world discussions.

Read on for a post-Art World Forum summary of engaging art world dialogues and conversations!


(left to right) Mr Kevin Oates,  Ms. Jezamine Fewins, Mr. Mark Farrell.
Image Courtesy of Art World Forum.

Art as an Asset Class: Ownership, Protection, Risk Management and the Long Term

In this panel, moderated by Mr Kevin Oates (Managing Director, Marine Money Asia), Ms Jezamine Fewins (Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP) and Mr Mark Farrell (Head Trustee, Bank of Singapore) discussed the relevance of art as an asset class, as well as art as a long-term investment. They drew from their extensive knowledge in their respective fields as well as their past experiences with clients interested in investing in art.


Estimating Value: the Commercialisation of Art and Design

Mr Shau En Tan (Group CFO / Assistant Chief Executive, IPOS) advised on how artists can safeguard their intellectual property through a variety of steps, as well as how artists can protect their rights in today's interconnected world. 


Art x Philanthropy: An Opportunity

In this conversation, Ms Anne-Marie Clavelli (Head of Development and Strategy, the Community Foundation of Singapore) and Mr Kola Luu (Director of Partnership Development, National Gallery Singapore) shared more about their respective organization's, and how each is involved in developing and furthering the arts in Singapore.


(left-right) Mr. Khai Hori, Mr. Pablo Espinel Rudolf, Ms. Veronica Neo.
Image Courtesy of Art World Forum.

What Makes a Work of Art Valuable?

In this panel discussion, Ms Veronica Neo (Co-Founder & Director, Art World Forum) moderated a discussion between Mr Khai Hori (Curatorial Director, Chan Hori) and Mr Pablo Espinel Rudolf (President and Founder, Asia Art Initiative) on the financial and non-financial value of art. Mr Rudolf considered this question from a more commercial perspective, while Mr Hori drew on his past experiences with artists throughout his career to consider the non-financial value of art.


(left-right) Ms. Kim Tay, Ms. Kay Vasey, Ms Leanne Robers

How Has Technology Changed the Art Markets?

This discussion brought together Ms Kay Vasey (Chief Connecting Officer, MeshMinds), Ms Leanne Robers (Co-Founder, Comish) and Ms Kim Tay (Gallery Manager, The Artling). The panel considered how social media and new technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, have affected and changed the art market and the art that is being created today.


(left-right) Ms. Lynn Guo, Mr. Scott Breton.

The Relationship Between An Artist and The Art Market

Ms Lynn Guo (Co-Founder, The International Arts and Culture Group [TIAC]) and Mr Scott Breton (Co-Founder & Online Project Director, The International Arts and Culture Group [TIAC]) look at the art market from an artist's perspective. A novel discussion on how their organization aims to ease artists into the art market while allowing them to focus on their craft. 


(left-right) Mr. John Philips, Mr. Ruben Pang, Ms. Michelle Ho, Ms. Nadya Wang

Interdependence: Methods and Sources of Support For A Sustainable Art Practice

Mr Ruben Pang (Artist), Mr John Philips (Associate Professor, National University of Singapore), Ms Michelle Ho (Curator, ADM Gallery & Assistant Director, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Ms Nadya Wang (Managing Editor, Art Republik Magazine) came together for a lively discussion on sustainability in the art world, particularly for artists and their relationships with institutions and the art market. 


Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.


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