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Artist of the Month: Danielle Tay


Artist of the Month: Danielle Tay
A wall illustration by Danielle Tay (Image courtesy of the artist)

Our Artist of the Month for April is Singaporean artist Danielle Tay and her paper cut collages.


A self-portrait by Singaporean artist Ms Danielle Tay
Image courtesy of  Eunice Tsang


Danielle Tay graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London in 2014. However, her art career started much earlier, exhibiting her works in Singapore and abroad since 2008. Her entry for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2010 was selected and exhibited under the next 20 best Singaporean artworks section.


"Red Velvet" by Danielle Tay
Screen-Printed Paper, Hand-Painted Paper, Coloured paper, acrylic paint/ 129.5cm x 101.6cm / 51.0" x 40.0" / Unique Work
Available on!


Tay focuses on the relationship between colours in her work, often hand-painting entire panels of paper to achieve a specific and unique balance of colours. She plays with colours to re-present small events and happenings in daily life, by extending the unseen of life into whimsical wall-based collages and relief work. The idea of an alternate reality within spaces which we are familiar with, as well as alternate interpretations of forms we constantly encounter is something central to the explorations of Tay's work.


"Halo" by Danielle Tay
Screen-Printed Paper, Hand-Painted Paper, Coloured paper, acrylic paint/ 137.2cm x 101.6cm / 54.0" x 40.0" / Unique Work
Available on!


This interest in environments is something that extends beyond Tay's beautiful and dimensional paper collages. In 2013, she showcased her work "PODS" at the Garafe Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow as part of Art Experiment. "PODS" was an immersive art installation that consisted of several half-dome structures with different interiors, enabling viewers to come into contact with a variety of environments. For Tay, "[t]he idea of flux and how environments are constructed, perceived and navigated by us are other areas of interest within my practice" and she expresses this perfectly in "PODS". 


"PODS" by Danielle Tay
Image courtesy of the artist


Some of the interiors of Danielle Tay's "PODS"
Image courtesy of the artist


She approached this interest in environments in a different way with "Disposable Cities", reflecting upon the tensions and harmony in urban landscapes through her mixed media work. Inspired by her surroundings in Singapore, she explored the notion of the city a being one that was 'dispoable', characterised by a sense of the impermanence and transience of buildings and structures in the country. The juxtaposition of lines and textures in her works may be viewed as representing a struggle to find balance in conflicting environments.


"Disposable Cities" by Danielle Tay
Imagcourtesy of Culturepush


Tay's unique sense of aesthetic and colour play permeates across her work, giving it an iconic style. She presents a strong visual narrative of what her work is focused on investigating, making her a young artist to watch.


"Interlude" by Danielle Tay
Screen-Printed Paper, Hand-Painted Paper, Coloured paper, acrylic paint/ 101.6cm x 128cm / 40.0" x 50.4" / Unique Work
Available on!



See more of Danielle Tay's works here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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