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Artist of the Month: Jazoo Yang


Artist of the Month: Jazoo Yang
"Variation no.1.3" by Jazoo Yang (Image courtesy of the artist)

Our artist of the month for December is South Korean artist Jazoo Yang and her textured wood block works.

Ms Jazoo Yang creating one of her textured works

Yang creates her composition series using handmade canvas blocks to which she applies mixes media. The abstract texture impasto surfaces follow her preference to keep the use tools such as brushes and knives in her works to a minimum. Across her body of work she has always preferred to use her actual body for her work, mixing finger-painting with action painting to express her energy in her works. For Yang, “A true painting has the characteristic of the material like run-down, sprinkled, sticked, crumbled and scratched. The movement of a painter, the pace of a work and the intensity of emotion are found from those characteristics.”


"Composition No.3" by Jazoo Yang
Mixed media on 11 handmade canvas blocks / 48.0cm x 66.0cm x 8.9cm / 18.9″ x 26.0″ x 3.5″ / Unique Work
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In conjunction with her paintings, Yang also creates large-scale installations such as Continuum Bulteok on Jeju Island in Korea, in which – together with Taiyun Kim and IVAAIU City – they employed architectural intervention to create a common ground for two disparate cultures by adapting and integrating the components from both parties and creating the Bulteok and wind generator system.

Continuum Bulteok, Jeju Island by IVAAIU City, Jazoo Yang And Taiyun Kim
Image courtesy of Taiyun Kim

Architecture plays an important role in Yang’s artistic practice. She is also known for her piece Dots: Motgol 66, in which she covers a home set for demolition with her thumbprint. In Korea, the thumbprint – or “Jijang” – has a legal and personally binding power similar to a signature. With just a thumbprint, whole communities are turned over to destruction, people driven to bankruptcy and just as easily, millions of dollars exchanged. The work is thus a protest against the corruption and apathy in Korea’s housing market.

"Dots: Motgol 66" by Jazoo Yang in the Korean village of Motgol, Busan
Image courtesy of ArchDaily

Yang’s works primarily addresses themes of loneliness, alienation and emptiness in our modern world that appears to be hyper connected. Her Wall Series seems to exude  a raw emotion and sensuality, through very dynamic forms that capture her own natural and instantaneous processes resulting in works full of depth and poignancy.

"Untitled (Wall Series No.12)" by Jazoo Yang
Mixed Media on Canvas / 199.1cm x 189.0cm x 5.1cm / 78.4″ x 74.4″ x 2.0″ / Unique Work
Available on!



See more of Jazoo Yang's works here.

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