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Artist of the Month: Zin Helena Song


Artist of the Month: Zin Helena Song
An installation view of Zin Helena Song's works. (Image source unknown)

Our artist of the month this June is Zin Helena Song and her amazing abstract geometric series Polygon in space.

Having obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree from Long Island University Post, Song has developed her personal visual vernacular. With a focus on the fundamental elements of painting – shape and colour – Song has developed her own unique style that is distinctive. Although they seem to rehash the Modernist investigations into abstraction through the materiality of surface, her works are two-dimensional investigations into three-dimensionality. Contradictions are characteristic of her works on multiple levels, which simultaneously gives them a sense of complexity.


Her Polygon in space series is an extension of her investigations into colour relationships; for Song, her whole artistic development hinges on “the power of interaction” and the conversations between different colours to create a powerful synergetic effect.

"Polygon in space #56" by Zin Helena Song / Mixed Media on Aluminium / Unique Work / 40cm x 52cm / 15.7″ x 20.5″ / US$ 1,900

For example, in Polygon in space #56, each panel of colour is different and yet, tessellated together, create a coherent and harmonious object that feels complete and well-balanced. In the same way that each panel of colour is different, each polygon that makes up her Polygon in space is different – yet each of these contribute an overall synergy to create her pieces.

"Polygon in space #53" by Zin Helena Song / Mixed Media on Aluminium / Unique Work / 56cm x 30cm / 22.0″ x 11.8″ / US$ 1,600

Her works all exude a kinetic energy that come from her intuitive use of shape and colour, as well as the influence of architecture in her work. Polygon in space #53 clearly reflects this, drawing to mind the Bank of China building in Hong Kong. The streak of red that runs through the work adds a dimensionality, while the various shades of grey mimic reflections and shadows, creating subtle undulations as the viewer moves around the works.

"Polygon in space #54" by Zin Helena Song / Mixed Media on Aluminium / Unique Work / 57cm x 61cm / 22.4″ x 24.0″ / US$ 3,000

Song's works are an aporia technical precision and intuition that delve deeper into our own human perception, but at the same time she never sacrafices the aesthetic, which make her works easy to appreciate and great start to any art collection.


To see more works by Zin Helena Song click here.


Any views or opinions in the interview are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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