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Artist of the Month: Island6


Artist of the Month: Island6
An installation view of the Island6 Gallery at M50 in Shanghai

This month we were lucky to get a glimpse into the Island6 studio & gallery during our trip to Shanghai! The Shanghai-based collective is known for their unique combination of digital effects such as LED, video and neon, alongside more traditional forms of art such as painting and paper cutting.

A peek into the Island6 studio

What visitors can expect from a visit to the Island6 gallery in Shanghai

Known in Chinese as 六岛, which translates directly as ‘six islands’ (hence the name Island6), no single artist is attributed to a particular work. Rather, each work is a collective effort of up to eight various individuals ranging from a curator to a cameraman.


"Nigh Tea" by Island6 六岛 (Liu Dao)
RGB LED Display, Acrylic Painting, Paper Collage, Teakwood Frame / 90.0cm x 90.0cm x 5.0cm / 35.4" x 35.4" x 2.0" / Unique Work / Price on Request
Available on!

The studio and gallery located in the M50 art district in Shanghai is melting-pot for the creative energies of Island6. The studio is littered with projects in various stages of completion, alongside equipment, and odds and ends - an index of the creative force that runs through the collective itself.

A look into what goes into one of Island6's multimedia works

Odds and ends fill the Island6 studio

The collective combine both old and new technology and methods to create their work

Island6 combines both modern and traditional mediums in a way that is highly effective. In “Sparks Went Up” the art of Chinese paper cut that has been dated centuries back continues to be employed alongside LED figures.


"Sparks Went Up" by Island6 六岛 (Liu Dao)
RGB LED Display, Acrylic Painting, Paper Collage, Teakwood Frame / 103.5cm x 103.5cm x 5.0cm / 41.0" x 41.0" x 2.0" / Unique Work / Price on Request
Available on!

Not immediately discernable is the way in which the works by Island6 are tied to a narrative. For Island6, words and images are strongly intertwined with one another. “Two and Fro Some Forever Ago” is accompanied by an oblique text about a protagonist reminiscing about someone from their youth they spent time with that has now left their life and a swing they used to play on. There is a sense of poignancy and poetry behind the narratives that translates to the works.


"To And Fro Some Forever Ago" by Island6 六岛 (Liu Dao)
RGB LED Display, Paper Collage, Teakwood Frame / 103.0cm x 103.0cm x 5.0cm / 40.6" x 40.6" x 2.0" / Unique Work / Price on Request
Available on!

Island6 perfectly balance technology with art and use the strengths of both fields to play against each other, creating unique and instantly recognisable works of art. We are excited to see how they continue to develop creatively. 



See more of Island6's works here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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