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Artist of the Month: Surat Tomornsak


Artist of the Month: Surat Tomornsak
One of Surat Tomornsak's prints (Image courtesy of the artist)

Our Artist of the Month for January is Thai artist Surat Tomornsak and his graphic prints that are at once minimal, but also dynamic due to his careful use of colour and shapes.


Mr Surat Tomornsak
Image courtesy of the artist

Tomornsak graduated Chulalongkorn University in Thailand with a Bachelors from the Department of Art Education within the Faculty of Education, following which, he embarked on a carrer in advertising. After working as an associate creative director at J. Walter Thompson, Tomornsak set up his own design studio to focus on creating his unique brand of simple yet profound graphic works of art.


Nice Day Theory
Giclee Print on Enhanced Matte Paper / 45 60.0cm x 70.0cm / 23.6" x 27.5" / Edition of 45 / US$ 450 
Available on!

Tomornsak's works generally contain very simple shapes and lines, which make them universally pleasing to the eye and easy to appreciate. However, a more nuanced look at his works, highlight his astute sense of balance and composition: Two carefully placed red and blue dots in the top left corner of "Afternoon Funny Song" are countered by the five grey lines on the right of the image. This sense of balance in this works gives them their visual harmony; every line and dot are considered deeply and nothing is superfluous.


An installation view of an exhibition of Tomornsak's work featuring "Afternoon Funny Song", available on!

Afternoon Funny Song
Giclee Print on Enhanced Matte Paper / 60.0cm x 70.0cm / 23.6" x 27.5"  / Edition of 45 / US$ 450 

Available on!

With such pared down elements, colour plays an equally significant role as form and composition. Sometimes, Tomornsak contrasts shocks of cobalt and vermillion with more neutral tones like beige and gold. At other times, he goes for a simpler effect, simply placing black forms against white. There is always a zen-like approach to his works, such that no singualr colour overwhelms.


Happy Moon
Giclee Print on Enhanced Matte Paper / 60.0cm x 70.0cm / 23.6" x 27.6" / Edition of 45 / US$ 450 

Available on!

Recently, Tomornsak has diverged slightly from his flat graphic designs, experimenting with digital layering and shading to create dimensions in his prints. In "Happy Moon", we see his iconic flat forms that divide the image in half, creating a foreground and background, with a cloud-like form that resembles cotton candy hovering above a teal disc.


A work by Surat Tomornsak

Tomornsak creates simple yet profound works that have a sense of playfulness and harmony, which is what makes his work so universal and easy to fall in love with!


See more of Surat Tomornsak's works here.

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