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Artists to Follow if You Like Picasso

ByJenevieve Kok
Artists to Follow if You Like Picasso

Sunny Days - Ganbold Dorjderem (Available on The Artling)

Pablo Picasso is one of the most prominent artists of all time with an extensive oeuvre of thousands of works made throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. As one of the pioneers of Cubism and collage, the Spanish artist has also made major contributions to the Surrealist art form. From his radical distortions to expressive colours and compelling motifs, his unique visual language has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art world. 

Contemporary artists today are inspired by and continue to be influenced by this unique imagery. This week, The Artling brings together a selection of artists whose artworks are reminiscent of Picasso’s Cubist compositions and surrealist forms.

Scroll down to read about these artists to follow if you like Picasso:

Van Hovak


Musicians - Van Hovak (Available on The Artling)

Armenian artist Van Hovak is one who has specialised in oil and acrylic painting for more than 30 years. Based in Los Angeles, he works in a wide range of styles and uses a variety of materials in his works. His artwork serves as a means of visual communication and expression, painting what he experiences and feels. 

"My paintings are vivid and lyrical pieces that erupt with self-expression. His abstract figures dance across the canvas, while bathed in glorious blasts of color."

Nattawat Pansaing


The Meditation (Analytical Cubism) - Nattawat Pansaing (Available on The Artling)

Bangkok-born artist Nattawat Pansaing discovered his love for art in school during his teenage years. Spending most of his time in the library, he engulfed himself in art books and developed an interest in modern and geometric art. Nattawat draws inspiration from Picasso as well as other prominent artists such as Piet Mondrian, Joan Miró, and Wassily Kandinsky. His focus on geometricity and simplified forms produces imagery evocative of 20th-century Cubism.

Sanjay Dhawan


For the sake of love - Sanjay Dhawan (Available on The Artling)

Most of Sanjay Dhawan's works are based on celestial figures and stem from his intrigue with the infinite universe. He also incorporates social, emotional, and spiritual themes into his artworks.  The North Indian artist constantly experiments, looking for interesting ways to incorporate colour and texture in his paintings and mixed media works.

Hildegarde Handsaeme


Tutum - Hildegarde Handsaeme (Available on The Artling)

Born in Kortrijk, Belgium, Hildegarde Handsaeme is an geometric artist who focuses on the abstraction of the female figure. Hildegarde's work possesses clear, sharp lines, combining geometric and organic forms to eliminate visual 'noise' and distractions. Her harmonious colour combinations bring balance to her deconstructed female forms.

"My ideas begin by drawing a line and then creating the image of a woman. But I want to distance myself from the realistic images of women; it has become a game to find new curves and to embellish them. This creates something completely new, recognizable yet abstract."

Rashid Salleh 


PabloDali - Rashid Salleh (Available on The Artling)

Rashid Salleh is a Singaporean artist who renders his own visual and conceptual interpretations of everyday life and modern culture. His artistic inspirations include Picasso, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. These inspirations intertwine with the observations of his surroundings, leading him to create compelling surrealist paintings.

Bruce Rubenstein


Venus As A Boy - Bruce Rubenstein (Available on The Artling)

Born and raised in New York, Bruce Rubenstein's work is heavily influenced by the abstract expressionist movement of the 50s and 60s. The Los Angeles-based artist creates energetic and frenetic paintings, striving to become a vessel to something greater than himself. To Bruce, painting is a spiritual painting, and he tries to create a subliminal language with each stroke. 

Romanho Cid


Portrait of Emmanuel Macron - Romanho Cid (Available on The Artling)

Romanho Cid is a native of Santiago de Chile based in Dallas, Texas. He utilises cubist and primitive imagery to tell a story in each of his artworks. Romanho demonstrates his passion and raw emotion through his brushstrokes and endeavours to be present in each painting. What results is an introduction of a multidimensional message through a two-dimensional painting.

Antoh (Antonio Mansueto)


Madonna di Duccio - Antoh (Antonio Mansueto) (Available on The Artling)

Born in Naples, Antoh (Antonio Mansueto) started painting from the age of 10 under the guidance of Neapolitan artists. As a teenager, he adopted a surrealist style. At the age of 40, he experienced a period of psychological crisis, which strengthened his creative vein and accelerated his artistic career. The maturation of his art style occurred in the early years after 2000, through an exhibition and creative path that integrated various currents of modern art styles such as Fauvism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, and Deconstructivism

Alexander Trifonov


Angel I'm coming for you - Alexander Trifonov (Available on The Artling)

Alexander Trifonov was born in Moscow and studied at the Moscow Polytechnic University. With a background in design, Alexander developed his style, creating winter scenes and still lifes characterised by modern and surrealist qualities. Throughout his work, there is an emphasis on geometry and order through the use of unexpected shapes.

"To be a painter for me is to create my own world"

Ganbold Dorjderem


Sunny Days - Ganbold Dorjderem (Available on The Artling)

Ulaanbaatar born and based, Ganbold Dorjderem obtained a degree from the School of Fine Arts at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture. He developed a love for painting and sculpting at a young age. Ganbold paints with the imagery of 20th-century Cubism, whilst incorporating a contemporary surrealist touch.

Yoon Miseon

Yoon Miseon was born in 1979 in Seoul, South Korea and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Art from Hongik University. Throughout the years, she has developed a distinctive style of figuration, which are evident throughout her drawings and paintings. For the artist, her distorted figures and faces have helped her cope with her emotions and trepidations. She instinctively expresses her innermost thoughts and translates her fears into a unique surrealist visual language of curves and muted colours.

Here on The Artling, we have artworks in a wide range of styles by artists from all over the world that you can browse here in our curated art collection. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, get in touch with our expert curators on any page.

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