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The Artling and Studio Gallery Present 'Extro-Science Fiction Notes' by Li Wenguang


The Artling and Studio Gallery Present 'Extro-Science Fiction Notes' by Li Wenguang
The Artling Shanghai, Installation View, All images courtesy of The Artling

The Artling and Studio Gallery are pleased to present 'Extro-Science Fiction Notes' by Li Wenguang at our Shanghai private viewing space. This exciting exhibition features Li's recent artist residency with Studio Gallery and is the first time that Studio Gallery presents work from their 'OPEN STUDIO' residency in an exhibition format. ‘OPEN STUDIO’ not only refers to the results of the artist’s residency project, but also echoes the spatial presentation of this exhibition: Li arranges the scene as his own studio in this exhibition.⁠

Artist-in-Residence work site at the Studio Gallery Project Space

For the artist, 'science fiction' is based on what is known - the familiar; while 'Extro-Science Fiction' is fictionally structured upon non-existent theories of physics, rendering it unexplainable in the reality of the scientific realm. His residency work moves in the direction of this illusory notion, creating a realm of science that exists within the boundaries of the human imagination.

During Li's two-month intensive residency, the Studio Gallery Project team meticulously documented the artist's entire creative process; his motivation, intentions, and creative methods. His process was also recorded in the 14th issue of the 'Artist Talk' newspaper and will be presented in this exhibition. 


Water of Radical Signs 2020-12 - Li Wenguang

In the third week of his residency, Li made a 'sewage tank' in the Studio Project Space. The piece was built as a water channel that provided him with a surface of colourful textures, while simultaneously evoking a sense of reality that is intended to represent the effects of water contamination in our present society. This piece will also be part of the exhibition.

The 'sewage tank' complements Li's other series, 'Water of Radical Signs', as they both feature the various creative processes, which is where the artist's main thought patterns originate. That said, Li was not content with simply capturing and presentating pure textures on their own. Blackboard formulas and geometric elements are also brought together in an attempt to convey the artist's visual message. 

Li Wenguang at the Studio Gallery Project Space

About the Artist

Li Wenguang, born in 1985, currently lives and works in Shanghai. The self-taught artist has gone through several stages of diversifying his visual language since he started his artistic journey in 2004. 8 years ago, Li developed a representative geometric pattern, one that he continues to evolve to this date. He has participated in many solo exhibitions including the 'Palingraphia' at the Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing, 2019); 'Zao' at 1933 Contemporay (Shanghai, 2016); and 'Fallacy' at the James Cohan Gallery Shanghai (2012). The artist's group exhibitions in Asia include 'Those who see and know all, are all and can do all' at the 798 Art District (2020); 'A Strong Wind in Beijing' at the Arario Gallery (Seoul, 2018); and 'Lost Opportunities' at the Art Labor Gallery (Shanghai, 2016). 

About the Gallery

Studio Gallery operates two independent spaces in Shanghai. It's gallery space focuses on presenting topical exhibition programs, supporting and sponsoring various non-profit critical art projects initiated by its project space. The most important of which is the Artist Residence project.

The contemporary gallery takes the artists’ actual work experience and real thoughts as its core value, supports the artist residence projects and topical exhibition programs. Through the reflection on the unbalanced environment of contemporary politics, economy, and culture in the context of globalization, Studio Gallery is committed to building a platform for artists to express their actual working conditions and real thoughts. By mean of long-term exchanges and dialogue with international artists and curators, the gallery continues to initiate various topical exhibitions, research-based educational programs, and publications.


Exhibition Dates: 15 August - 15 October 2020
Address: 1F, building 31, No. 322, Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai
Opening Times: By Appointment Only

Browse Li Wenguang's available works for sale here

Installation Views of the Exhibition at The Artling's Shanghai Space

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