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The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide 2020: Art & Design under $100


The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide 2020: Art & Design under $100
Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder - Extra&Ordinary Design

Do you often find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for your colleagues or clients? If you are, look no further! We're here to help with The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide for 2020! We have specially hand-picked a selection of contemporary art and design that will bring joy to any holiday season. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or looking for holiday gifts, these vibrant artworks and aesthetic design pieces would be perfect for any gift-giving occasion all year round. Don't miss out on this selection of pieces under $100

Gifts Under $100: Contemporary Artworks


London Sky I / Cloud #9 / Up and Down by Tal Paz-Fridman


London Sky I - Tal Paz-Fridman


Cloud #9 - Tal Paz-Fridman


Up and Down - Tal Paz-Fridman

Tal Paz-Fridman draws his inspiration from the elements of the natural world, especially by the seas and oceans. The Israeli artist started learning photography at a young age of thirteen at his grandmother’s house in the Kibbutz. From there it became a hobby, a profession, and now somewhat of a part-time profession and full-time obsession. Tal considers his style of photography as documentary - he records the world as it is.

Daphne by Brandon Woods


Daphne - Brandon Woods

'Daphne' by Tennessee-born artist Brandon Woods is a high-quality reproduction of his original abstract painting, which is part of his innovative "Linear Field" series. This print is a visual retelling of the scene in Ovid’s "Metamorphoses" in which Daphne is transformed into a laurel tree at the touch of Apollo. Brandon's works bridge art, craft, science, and mathematics, while conveying vibrant passions, sensitive intimacies, and rich histories unique to each viewer. 

2020.3.21_I / 2020.5.28 / 2020.9.24_I / 2020.9.23_II by André Santiago


2020.3.21_I - André Santiago


2020.5.28 - André Santiago

André Santiago's works begin as paintings on paper that are then scanned and treated digitally. To the Brazilian artist, the ink texture on paper gives richer and more interesting than the original work - clean and perfect on the computer screen. At this point, he starts using a scanner to capture and enlarge these minute details, creating images that could be printed, thereby generating new works. 


2020.9.24_I - André Santiago


2020.9.23_II - André Santiago

Be different / Power / Grow by Kotaro Machiyama


Be different - Kotaro Machiyama


Power - Kotaro Machiyama


Grow - Kotaro Machiyama

Japanese artist Kotaro Machiyama combines his desire to get closer to an object with the thoughts of that object in a time other than the present. Kotaro feels that the process of composition, extraction of colours, and the reconstruction of them helps one to detach from the standards of everyday life and start thinking in a time that is out of the ordinary. 

Lake Dreams by Geoffrey Baris


LAKE DREAMS - Geoffrey Baris

'Lake Dreams' by Geoffrey Baris was inspired by the side of a large freighter in for repair at Lake Union in Washington, USA. The American artist's uses his camera to see another view of the real world, and to explore hidden images that emerge from nature. To Geoffrey, the true essence of photography lies beyond pure sight; it goes deeper into the soul, past everything known as colour and form. He considers his photographs are all real images of nature seen from this deeper place within himself.

Figure 018 / Diptych Figure 022. Part 1 by Yod


Figure 018 - Yod


Diptych Figure 022. Part 1 - Yod

Yod's highly figurative artworks are inspired by the increasing penetration of new technologies in human life; the future of mankind’s connection to technology holds innumerable possibilities. Yod constantly asks himself how paintings can remain relevant in a hyper-digital age, and this translates into his surrealist works. The artist works under a pseudonym and was in Leningrad, Russia and graduated from the French Poitiers Art School in 2010.


Gifts Under $100: Collectible Design


Ayasa Copper Storage Jars / Water Tower - Mini Planters by Tiipoi


Ayasa Brass Storage Jar – 0.75L - Tiipoi


Ayasa Copper Storage Jar - 0.75L - Tiipoi

Tiipoi is a product design studio founded by Spandana Gopal and is based between Bangalore and London. Spandana is fascinated and inspired by India, and they believe that that there is more to Indian design than just sticking an elephant on it. She aims to tell positive and insightful stories of a real India, a country that is changing and shifting all the time. Tippoi strays from repeating the nostalgic stories of India's past; instead, they prefer to look at the modern occurrences and highlight India’s role in contemporary design.


Water Tower 2 – Mini planter - Tiipoi


Water Tower 3 – Mini planter - Tiipoi

DOT by Uniqka


DOT Black - Uniqka


DOT Nude- Uniqka

Istanbul-based design brand Uniqka created the 'Dot' collection that is made up of containers. They seek to emphasise the beauty of leather with through details such as its leather sleeves, which give the containers a sense of warmth and tenderness. Observing the contrasting characteristics of leather and glass, Uniqka incorporated a playful aesthetic with its leather peepholes - a little 'pee-ka-boo'. The geometric pattern on the rounded body leads us to focus on the diffusion of light. The idea is to play with different characters of the materials, blur them, and assign them a role in between.

Large plate Alpha / Samekh by Elea Lelimouzin


Large plate Alpha - Elea Lelimouzin


Large plate Samekh - Elea Lelimouzin

The 'Large plates Alpha / Samekh' are rustic ceramic pieces by Elea Lelimouzin. The French designer defines her work as raw, sober, and imperfect. She focuses on working with stoneware and uses a coiling or pinching technique in her designs. Each of her creations are unqique, handmade, and imbued with patience, purpose, and precision.

Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder by Extra&Ordinary Design   


 Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder - Apricot - Extra&Ordinary Design


Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder - Olive Green - Extra&Ordinary Design


Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder - White Marble - Extra&Ordinary Design

'Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder' by London-based design studio Extra&Ordinary Design. These marble-finished, arch-shaped candle/tealight holders are the newest pieces from their collection, Scala, which was inspired by the block stairs and columns of Roman marble architecture. As each object is individually cast and treated by hand to replicate the characteristics of marble, the shapes of grains on the surface are widely varied.

ITZA Mug / Peel Pitcher by Platalea Studio


ITZA Mug - Platalea Studio


Peel Pitcher - Platalea Studio

The 'ITZA Mug' and 'Peel Pitcher' are quaint ceramic objects by Mexico-based Platalea Studio. The design studio was born out of a passion for both art and design, fascinated with how intrinsically intertwined in ways that are often too subtle to surmise in our everyday routines. Each piece belongs to a collection that was carefully fleshed out to give them a fascinating story brimming with history and intent.

Terrazzo blue clay cup small by Evgeniia Kazarezova


Terrazzo blue clay cup small - Evgeniia Kazarezova

'Terrazzo blue clay cup small' by Evgeniia Kazarezova is a wheel-thrown ceramic cup made from terrazzo blue colour clay and chamotte. The Russian designer mostly works with clay as she appreciates its ancient history. Evgeniia characterises her work by the purity of form, naturalness, and minimalism in colours. The design method can be described as a practice-led exploration of harmony between form, texture, and natural colour of the material to create sculptural and functional objects hand-made and fired in her studio in Bratislava.

Candle holder, pumpkin by Theodora Alfredsdottir


Candle holder, pumpkin - Theodora Alfredsdottir

The 'Candle holder, pumpkin' by Iceland-born designer Theodora Alfredsdottir is made of jesmonite, a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin. This piece is part of her Mould collection, a process-led investigation that explores subtle interventions into mould-making with the goal of extending its active life. Theodora's aim is to raise awareness about the material world around us; the making of objects; their origin; and value.

Terrazzo Round Coaster Set by KONSTANTIN


Terrazzo Round Coaster Set - KONSTANTIN

The 'Terrazzo Round Coaster Set' is an elegant handmade set of green, red, white, and black terrazzo designed by Turkish designer KONSTANTIN. The studio conceptually originated in the city of Constantinople, modern-day Istanbul, and they strive to articulate today's contemporary materials with an artisanal touch of ‘heritage’.

Blank Desk Organizer / Brass / Copper by Kitbox Design


Blank Desk Organizer / Brass - Kitbox Design


Blank Desk Organizer / Copper - Kitbox Design

Kitbox Design is an Istanbul based Design Studio founded by industrial designer Tugce Sonmez Evin. Their design approach is formed around the most traditional and natural materials, such as wood, glass, copper, and brass, which are crafted by hand into durable, modern, and astonishing everyday objects. Their Blank Desk Organizer from their Blank collection was made to provide a fun new way of keeping your desktop organised and classy.

We hope this list will help you in your hunt for the perfect gift for your colleagues and clients! These gifts are ideal for any occasion, and the best part is they don't break the bank! To browse more available art and design, you can check out our curated collection of contemporary artworks and collectible design pieces - all under $100!

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