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The Artling's Latest NFT Artworks: Our Fourth Drop!

ByJenevieve Kok
The Artling's Latest NFT Artworks: Our Fourth Drop!

Fairy forest by Larisa Siverina

The Artling is pleased to announce the fourth drop our curated NFT collection! We have selected another series of works by a diverse range of artists. From still images, videos, and GIFs, scroll down to check out our latest NFT artworks from our fourth drop!

Gabriela Tolomei

Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1962. She walked on a fertile spiritual road which nurtured her work with a philosophical conception. Painting has been a large part of her life ever since she was young. After having been a businesswoman and marketing professional and having performed activities like drama and pottery, Gabriela awoke a deep understanding of her existence. The gates to her creativity were opened through her works of art as a result of everything she has experienced. Gabriela is recognised as one of the most emerging Argentinian artists on an international level. Her career includes exhibitions in New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, Punta del Este, London, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, and Qatar. Gabriela is constantly creating new artworks in both physical and digital media, including NFTs which are digital adaptations of her canvas and acrylic paintings turned into tokens for the NFT universe.


Anna Matykiewicz

Anna is a Polish artist who has been living and working in Ireland since 2003. While living in Ireland, she completed her B.A. Degree in Visual Communication in 2005 in Poznan, Poland but remained in Ireland where she currently resides. In 2013, she left corporate work to fully pursue her career in art. Anna is mostly focused on exhibiting and promoting her artworks through the internet. Her artworks are in private collections across the world in such countries as Australia, the United States, France, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, and the UK among others. Anna has become well known for her striking portraits that gaze intensely toward the viewer. Using bold colour palettes for her figurative artwork, she also incorporates elements of abstraction in the form of dripping paint and gold leaf details.

"My paintings are an expression of the dialogue, which takes place between the object I paint and myself. For this reason, I choose to paint portraits, which allow me to express this dialogue and the emotions I am feeling. From time to time, I return to the darker and more intense tones. As with colours and style, the titles of my artworks correspond closely to the emotion I would like to portray to the viewer. My work is strongly influenced by things that inspire me in my everyday life – nature, beauty fashion, and interior design."


Nae Zerka

In the age of frequent digital disruption, award-winning visual artist Nae showcases the promising possibilities of painting with technology in his work. Born in Salzburg, Austria in the 80s, he has a penchant for computer-related activities, including electronic music and graphic design. His artistic practice infuses visual elements borrowed from these disciplines with a painterly touch. Together with the use of contrasting colours and line work, they form new kaleidoscopic worlds made possible by the digital realm.


Alessia Lu

Alessia is a Russian painter whose works are in private and corporate collections internationally. She currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Alessia uses a unique technique to emphasise contrasts with such as shape and its absence; vibrant colours versus monochrome palettes; and gloss set against matte finishes.


Sumit Mehndiratta

Sumit is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and he enjoys making artworks from different mediums that please the mind and soul of the individual. The Delhi-based artist's works range from mediums such as paintings on canvas and paper to digital art, mixed media, wall sculptures, and photography. Sumit claims to have been experimental since childhood. Be it drawing, sketching, cooking, painting, or photography, he has always liked to do something that no one has ever thought of and adds his signature element to the task. To achieve this, Sumit creates his own painting tools to go with the techniques he thinks of. 

He does not have any 'patented style' as he terms it to be mere repetition and limits an artist's creativity. To Sumit, he feels that works are not skill-based as a skill needs to be perfected by doing it repeatedly. He believes that his art is more about the excitement of strokes and patterns that emerge from his experimentation. Sumit strives to portray feelings of happiness, calmness, serenity, vibrancy, and energy through his works that coalesce motifs, psychedelic patterns, and elements of nature in soothing colour palettes. He terms art as a process of making visually appealing works, which is one of his main motives to create art. 


Larisa Siverina

Russian artist Larisa currently lives and works in Chelyabinsk. She has had over thirteen years of experience of working in photography and painting. Her works show her processed reflection of feelings and impressions of the world around her. As an artist, she focuses on abstract art, as it is a huge field and provides great potential for experimenting with colour, imagination, and freedom of expression.


Mario Henrique

Mario Henrique is an artist based in Cascais, Portugal. He graduated in Design from Lisbon’s University of Fine Arts, and he started his career in online marketing and web development agencies. As a creative director, he recruited and led teams in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. A decade later, he would shift his focus to contemporary painting, which had always been a parallel interest. A prolific portraitist, Mario is fascinated by the unpredictability of human behaviour: the brief glances, the impermanence of facial expressions, the sudden movements. He paints abruptly and spontaneously using uncommon and "rough" materials, such as cardboard, reversed canvases, and hardware tools. His approach utilises dripping, splashes, and throwing paint so that the physicality of the painting process is apparent in the final piece.

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