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The Artling's Return to Work 2023 Collection

ByJenevieve Kok
The Artling's Return to Work 2023 Collection

dish of light A by Kouichi Okamoto / Kyouei Design

We wish the holiday season could last longer than a couple of weeks, but we all need to return to work. To make the return to work exciting, here is a curated collection of artworks and design objects to spruce up your desks and walls in your offices or workspaces at home. From minimalist desk accessories to paintings and prints that add pops of colour, these pieces will surely add character to your desks and keep your creative juices flowing.

Scroll down to check out our collection for your return to work in 2023!

22 Design Studio is a Taiwanese design studio based in Taipei. Their designs are largely inspired by the urbanness of their city and are made of concrete and steel. In redefining these materials, 22 Design aims to break the mould to create bold and unique works. Their works combine clean and minimalist aesthetics with utilitarian needs and are made with a creative workspace in mind. 

Mea Ambrozo is an artist based in France and has exhibited her works nationally and internationally. The artist's practice spans painting, photography, and drawing and explores themes related to nature, architecture, time, shadow, contrast, colour, and negative space. Mea describes her work as semi-abstract, and she creates pieces that generate meaning without referring directly to the concrete. In her works, she questions the link that unites reality and its pictorial representation and revolves around the influence that cinema has on our perception of reality. Mea questions the relationship established between interior dwelling spaces and the exterior nature that welcomes them.

Extra&Ordinary Design is a London-based design studio founded by South Korean designer Hyunhee Hwang. She has been in the design industry for the past 10 years and has previously worked as a brand/product designer for Korean beauty giant Amore Pacific and a design consultant for Bristol-based design consultancy Kinneir Dufort. Her ambition is to create innovative and trend-leading home decoration designs with a product design innovation approach. The studio mainly focuses on home and commercial spaces and creates decorative and functional products that turn ordinary environments into extraordinary spaces. 

Based in Florida, USA, photographer Tom Grill has been involved with high-resolution digital photography and digital manipulation for many years. His works combine multiple image files taken at very high resolution and are used to create ultra-sharp photographs for mural-sized prints. For the past five years, he has lived and worked in Boca Raton, Florida, where he fell in love with the Florida landscapes of the Everglades, the ocean, and the weather, which have become the main subjects in his photography. Tom calls his collage-like and deconstructed works "image architecture". In constructing his images, he breaks a scene apart into various components by taking multiple photographs of the same scene from different angles and at different times of the day. He then uses those parts as the building blocks for reconstructing a new scene with geometric and architectural forms. 

Nicola Cecutti is a lighting and interior designer based in London. A graduate of Istituto Marangoni Milano, he assembles and transforms found objects to give shape to playful and dream-like sculptural pieces. His process involves constant exploration and experimentation with mixed media, including industrial building materials, to develop textured surfaces that strongly evoke the natural world. In his quest to evoke a connection with nature, some of his works resemble sprouting, oneiric plants, and others seem to be ancient stones weathered by erosion and decay. 

Ohio-based designer Phillip Jividen's works are about creating timeless pieces that feel familiar yet unexpected. He uses intuitive forms that strike a balance between practicality and playfulness. His design process is defined through an exploration of material, composition, context, and history as a means of creating an object that instils a sense of permanence and quality. Phillip's Triad Vase was inspired by the natural patterns of Black Kenya marble. The vase balances texture and form through a subtle combination of geometry and meticulous grain matching.

Cultivado Em Casa is a creative studio from Belo Horizonte, Brazil founded in 2014. With a particular interest in experimenting with materials and concepts, their works move through different practices of design, exploring the relationship between the objects and the space around us. Their "Amarelo Luminoso" collection finds its value in the narrative of its materials. Merging gold sheets and resin, the series materialises its concept in the form of ashtrays, candle holders, pitchers, and mirrors. The golden yellow colour appropriates the light and reveals the synthesis of the combination of these two elements. The production process, from modelling to finishing, is created by several hands and results in pieces with a unique sense of identity.  

Rimma Savina is a Russian artist born and based in Elektrougli, a town in the Noginsky District of Moscow Oblast. She explores the subconscious processes of the human psyche through her abstract paintings, and her abstract motifs resemble structures, textures, and scales of natural forms, which are complemented by an expressive set of thoughts in the style of automatic writing by Cy Twombly. In developing her artistic style, she was inspired by the technique of Russian brush painting, where different paints are applied separately to the brush. In her experimentation, she developed an independent technique where she alternately dips the entire brush in different paints. This technique reveals itself through the layering of paint on canvas with the help of driving movements. 

Kitbox Design is an Istanbul-based Design Studio founded by industrial designer Tugce Sonmez Evin. His design approach centres around the most traditional and natural materials, such as wood, glass, copper, and brass, which are crafted by hand into durable, modern, and astonishing everyday objects. With his industrial design background, Tugce's sense of aesthetics is mostly inspired by geometry and overcoming the impossibilities of forms through design. Thus, most of Kitbox Design's works are made to give an illusionistic feel to the user. The goal of Tugce's works is to create an elegance that presents the talents of handcrafting through minimalistic designs, adding a new perspective to ordinary everyday experiences. 

Egon Gade studied as a photographer at the Media school in Denmark. At the age of 22, he opened his first studio in 1981, working as a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen. Egon's playful, visionary, and open approach to photography contributes to his constant pursuit of developing both genre and style. A crucial source of his inspiration comes from the simple Nordic aesthetic. His style is influenced by the style's light, colours, forms, and lines, which are reflected in Nordic design and architecture as well as the Scandinavian landscape. 


Based in Leiria, Portugal, Essenzia is a brand focused on contemporary design through stone and aims to offer a new vision for the use of carefully selected marble to create exclusive and memorable products for daily life. They believe that each stone has a use and that it is their duty to find its best purpose. Each work is processed by high-tech machinery and finished by highly skilled and specialised artisans who give all attention to the minute details that shape each piece. The active dialogue between the designer and artisans results in high-end products with refined finishing touches that emphasise the features of the stone, making each piece unique. 

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Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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