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The Artling's Third Drop of our NFT Collection

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The Artling's Third Drop of our NFT Collection


The Artling's Third Drop of our NFT Collection

Purple Iris Bloom by James Shaw

The Artling is pleased to announce the third drop of our curated NFT collection! We have selected another series of works by eight artists whose NFT works range from still images to videos and are inspired by their paintings and various mixed media works. Scroll down to check out our third drop of our NFT collection!

Sumali Piyatissa

Drifting thoughts by Sumali PiyatissaIconLink

Sumali Piyatissa is an artist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In her daily life, she works as a financial advisor but her love for art has always given her a keen desire to pursue it further. However, her journey as an artist began later in life. Today, Sumali is a self-taught, active artist who develops her own style, develops her own artistic identity, and creates unique works of art. She enjoys experimenting with vibrant colour palettes and different media. Her works range from classic oil paints to alcoholic inks and epoxy resins. The dominant style of her painting is abstract and differs from traditional techniques by presenting a peculiar combination of modern mixed media techniques.


Mario Henrique

Mario Henrique is an artist based in Cascais, Portugal. He graduated in Design from Lisbon’s University of Fine Arts, and he started his career in online marketing and web development agencies. As a creative director, he recruited and led teams in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. A decade later, he would shift his focus to contemporary painting, which had always been a parallel interest. A prolific portraitist, Mario is fascinated by the unpredictability of human behaviour: the brief glances, the impermanence of facial expressions, the sudden movements. He paints abruptly and spontaneously using uncommon and "rough" materials, such as cardboard, reversed canvases, and hardware tools. His approach utilises dripping, splashes, and throwing paint so that the physicality of the painting process is apparent in the final piece.


Irina Vladau

Irina Vladau is a contemporary artist based in Italy, and her main field of expression is abstract painting. Her art is inspired mostly by nature, music, and the mystery of life with joy and melancholy, dreams and reality, all fusing into one emotion. She developed her own artistic style over time, which better represents herself. Irina's late work deals with deconstructing ideas and recomposing stories in a subtle way. Irina's paintings stand at the intersection of a different perception of reality and express the multitude of possible answers, the artist finds in abstract painting more ways to express the imaginary space. The result is the interplay between light and shadow, shapes and reflections, colours, and textures. Everything is reflected, and everything responds to everything. Irina aims to express her own vulnerable feelings and through her art, she aims to touch people influencing the emotional response of her viewers.


Martin Ogolter

Martin Ogolter was born in Linz, Austria. After graduating from high school he moved to New York City, where he graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. In New York, he worked as an art director in publishing and music for companies such as Penguin Books and Atlantic Records. He had his first photograph published in 1994 and his work has been seen ever since in art galleries, on album covers, in books and in magazines. Since 2003 Ogolter has been based in Rio de Janeiro where he held his first solo exhibition in 2011, his work has been shown in Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Berlin, Hamburg and his native Austria. He has also participated in art fairs, such as SP-ARTE and ART RIO. From 2015 to 2019 he was a professor of photography at the Escola de Artes Visuais (EAV) do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro.


Hiep Dang

Vietnamese artist Hiep Dang is passionate about expressing himself through his artworks, which come in the form of drawings, paintings, and digital works. To the artist, art is a form of communication, and he utilises it as a tool to communicate his innermost thoughts, conveying his perspective of reality as he sees it through his eyes. He aims to make the familiar strange in his intriguing works and often begins sketching almost immediately once he finds his inspiration. With a great passion for fine art from a very young age, Hiep Dang has been continuously creating art for over twenty years. His early works were strongly focused on realism, especially in human portraiture.  However, he has recently developed a need to tell a story of my own through his works and naturally developed an interest in impressionism. To the artist, it feels liberating when he can communicate his imagination through vivid and colourful brushstrokes to his audience.


James Shaw

American artist James Shaw was born 1964 in Connecticut, USA, to professional parents who spent a good portion of their time creating beautiful paintings and crafts. James inherited their creative genes and started drawing unceasingly from a young age of four. His first mentor outside his family was an art teacher in his high school. He taught James that there is a discipline in art beyond creating just for creation's sake. From then on, James made his mission in life to earn a living creating beauty and happiness with his hands. His artworks are a vivid extension of his imagination, which go beyond painting and drawing portraits, still life, and nature. His focus was and still is mostly far off in a highly conceptualised abstract world of manipulating what is typically unrecognisable into everyday forms.


Linda Clerget

Trained as an actress, Linda Clerget extends her artistic field from theatre to visual arts through the practices of photography and painting. The artist seeks to create a poetry of links between humans and nature, dreams and reality, and the human species and spirituality. Her works navigate between figuration and abstraction and are imbued with raw vitality and beauty; the vitality of the touch, of the colour, powdering of the material. She builds a poetic and intuitive visual universe, which speaks to our feelings and our emotions before our intellect.


Daniela Pasqualini

Daniela Pasqualini is an experienced Italian painter based in Texas, USA, whose abstract works have been exhibited internationally and are held in private collections worldwide. Since she was a child, Daniela has been expressing herself through drawing and sketching, developing a passion for the arts. By breaking down elements of flora and fauna, she transforms her observations of nature onto the canvas, bringing rhythm to splashes of vibrant color and creating texture through form.

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