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Artworks to Bring the Christmas Spirit Into Your Home

ByAdlina Tan
Artworks to Bring the Christmas Spirit Into Your Home

In the Mountains by Natalya Vytovtova

The most wonderful time of the year is here! It's time to bring the Christmas spirit into your home to reflect the joyous season that is upon us. To help spark your ideas for Christmas decor, we have put together a list of artworks for your home that will uplift your spirit for the entire festive season!

Christmas under the London Eye by Tal Paz-Fridman, is inspired by the natural world and started learning photography at the age of thirteen, it started out as a hobby and is now his part-time profession. The artist specializes in creative and documentary photography and records the world as it is.


Embody III by May Lim is part of her Embody series which was inspired by the crucifixion of Christ, arguably the single-most iconic image of Christianity, is often overlooked for its grotesquerie. Yet it is also its violence that lends the image its significance – signaling sacrifice and salvation. In this work, motifs of gothic architecture and anatomy are reproduced in red and green – the colours often associated with Christmas. They are arranged symmetrically and appear decorative, reminiscent of wreaths displayed during the season. At the same time, the visceral nature of the ornamentation also serves as a vivid homage of the Christian story of sacrifice.

Clarity in the mist by Fares Micue is an image dedicated to the clear vision of our goals that we maintain despite feeling lost in the noise and distractions that we face everyday. We move forward without losing sight of the goal as it is always shining before us. 

0656-17_2 - Fundo La Cascada - Lago Ranco - Chile by Gonzalo Contreras del Solar was taken when the artist was on holiday. He headed to a place near Lago Ranco, called Fundo La Cascada where there was a waterfall. The photograph was taken when he saw water droplets on an adjacent tree and rushed to take the picture before the wind blew the droplets away.

Christchurch Cathedral by Vijit Pillai, a well recognised international artist and pioneer of Neo-Mughal art within the mixed-media style in art. The artist uses his own photographs and other references which takes new forms through the use of textures, filters, patterns and sophisticated digital techniques with acrylic paint on canvas in mixed media art for both exclusive and limited edition works. 

Dear Special December by Ahmad Alwi visualises the joy of Christmas, a special ocassion that is eagerly awaited by Christians. The time to celebrate life and reunite with distant family members and restore our faith in humanity.

Chandelier#6. Christmas. by Igor Shulman, is about the refraction and reflection of light, the ability to get a huge amount of light from a small amount of fire. He hopes that viewers will see the sea of light and the radiance in its purest form. For the artist, Christmas is a significant holiday and for him, his chandelier seems to be close to the holiday.

Just Christmas Balls... by Nataliya Bagatskaya is a hyperrealistic painting to delight your childhood and enjoy simple things. The artist mentions that creating a picture in hyperrealism is a mediative state of mind where there are no thoughts and emotions, the body moves without its consciousness. 

Tillies Lawn Ornaments by Barbara Krupp is an acrylic painting of 'Tillie' who has been in many of Barbara's paintings and in this painting, Tillie is staying at home and working on her lawn. Barbara mentions that it doesn't matter if it may or may not be ornaments in the painting, it should just make the viewer happy

Pojagi Shine by Leeah Joo, is part of her Pojagi series which was inspired by the tradition of Koreans, wrapping speical gifts in cloth. They are wrapped in beautiful cloths to reflect the content of the package and recipient. Leeah explored with various fabrics for the paintings, from rich brocades to humble burlaps to create unique character to each gift.

Winter Sparkle by Angelika Millmaker is rooted in the colours and landscapes from Scandinavia and the traditional beautiful design of Nordic art. The Norwegian landscape comes alive during the long summer days and light nights of the midnight sun, and then becomes majestically silent as the autumn colours fade into the white snowfalls of winter. This quality of light gives colours a brilliance that is rarely found in other regions. The difference between the cool, cold almost whitish blue winter landscape and the bright colours of summer is very inspiring to me, and my paintings are characterized by bold contrasts between colours, textures, shapes and light.

Guidance by Fares Micue studies the principle of cooperation in order to achieve our goals, we must be able to learn and coordinate with others in order to accomplish the goal we set for ourselves. We live in a world where cooperation is an essential quality we must have in order to survive with others.

Searching for Convergence - Blue #2 by Fauzin Mustafa is the original observation for the Searching For Convergence series but as they were produced in blue, green, red and black, there are added layers to the colour theory that these works engage with. Searching For Convergence: Red, and Searching For Convergence: Blue move across several tones within their main colour field, bringing in shades that are almost black at the works’ edges. Searching For Convergence: Blue #2 travels to the furthest shades of blue, as Fauzin mixes in blues that have a definite green edge within the central spiral. In the process, viewers are reminded of the spectrums that exist within a single shade, even black, as Searching For Convergence: Black picks up on shades of charcoal and grey.

We hope you enjoyed this list of artworks that will bring the sprit of this very merry festival into you home, click here to view the rest of the Festive Season collection that we have carefully put together!

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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