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Artworks to Satisfy Your Wanderlust | New in Art


Artworks to Satisfy Your Wanderlust | New in Art
Vals Turquesa - Lukas Griffin

The current circumstances have left many of us at home at a time when we would normally be breathing in the culture and sights of a strange and exotic place, or even lying by the clear blue waters on white sand. These artworks will transport you to these faraway places and awaken your senses!

Whether it's the sound of traffic and a bustling city or waves lapping up on the shore, these artworks will satisfy your wanderlust and also transform any space. The list ranges from photographic works to paintings and sculpture


Scroll below to view a collection of 9 artworks to satisfy your wanderlust! 


Greek Beach Bliss - Kind of Cyan

Greek Beach Bliss is an exclusive and handprinted limited edition of a cyanotype by a studio of two designers, Kind of Cyan. Also called sun-print, the cyanotype is an extremyl old printing process dating back to the 1840s. The studio is inspired by nature, and what better way to show that than make use of a method that is handmade, analogue in nature and uses the all-natural light source: the sun. 

"We are inspired by nature, and influenced by design." - Kind of Cyan

The result of this process is an extremely beautiful and royal blue image with tones that give subtle variations. Having this very unique print in your space will not only give you the feeling of waves lapping up on your feet but the blues will help add calm and serenity to your surroundings. 


La Muralla Roja #1 - Gregori Civera

La Muralla Roja is a photographic series of architectural compositions by Gregori Civera. The series portrays the intricate design of the postmodern apartment complex with a beautiful ocean view, La Muralla Roja located in Calpe, Spain designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. 

"I'm mostly interested in the details of the material world and our relation with what surrounds. I'm interested in how things are built and how can photography help us understand our habitat." - Gregori Civera

The bright colours of the work are bound to lift the energy of any space whilst giving you a sense of calm while you can almsot feel yourself standing under the sun and getting a whiff of the ocean. 


NY Downtown XIV - Sven Pfrommer

A lambda print behind clear acrylic glass by Sven Pfrommer, this work depicts the bustling scene of Downtown New York City. The extra layers of colours and graphic components help add more depth to this cityscape and give it even more character. The bright colours remind viewers of flashing billboard signs and banners. As one stares into this work, they can't help but feel as though they are actually standing on a street in the city that never sleeps.


Ancient cities study #1 - Alexandre Manuel

Ancient cities study #1 by Alexandre Manuel was taken in Old Bagan in Myanmar. Alexandre uses hanhemülhe cotton rag paper for this work, which is well known for its longevity and quality. The monochrome print adds elegance and simplicity to any space with it's subtle hues that are easy on the eyes. 

Old Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar with 3,822 pagodas, temples and monasteries still standing to this day. 


Aurora - Tommy Kwak

Aurora by Tommy Kwak was taken in Reykjavik, Iceland. Reykjavik is the capital on Iceland and also known as the Northen Lights capital of the world. 

"Tommy Kwak’s work explores the transience of landscapes and natural forms through ethereal large-format color photographs."

Everyone has heard of the Aurora Borealis, and the sense of magic it brings to any region. This work will bring that same ethereal beauty, thus transforming any space. 


Vals Turquesa - Lukas Griffin

Vals Turquesa was taken by Lukas Griffin in Oahu, Hawaii. The work captures the exquisite turquoise water and white sand in Hawaii. Lukas is fascinated by the natural flow of life and aims to capture people in the moments where they are doing the things they love. Lukas is an avid traveller who loves to explore new places and create new images. 

"I love the diversity of the earth, the mountains, the ocean, the wildlife, and the changing light." - Lukas Griffin

The sound of waves is calming for many, but with this work willl bring the serene ocean breeze to you with it's gentle hues of turquoise. 


NIGHT OF FIRE - Andrew Lever 

Night of Fire is a limited edition print by Andrew Lever depicting a seascape with an ethereal orange sunset that is perfectly reflected on the beach. This photograph was captured on Hossegor beach in the South West of France. Andrew finds inspiration in exploring new regions with his camera in hand and create new and fresh imagery. 

"Travelling around the globe seeing and experiencing new things inspires and motivates me." - Andrew Lever

The print has a rather painterly look with it's varying hues and shades of orange that embrace the waters as the sunset reflects on it. 


Ocean cubes IV - Irina Laube

Ocean Cubes IV by contemporary German artist Irina Laube shows the bird's-eye view of a moving ocean. The abstract seascape painting has been finished with varnish with UV protection. Irina finds inspiration in nature and it's incesantly changing light. Her summer spent in Portugal where she witnessed this view of the ocean left her restless till she created the series 'Ocean Cubes'. 

Through this painting, Irina depicts the the intricate beauty of ocean waves under sunlight. Her technical expertise results in an realistic view of the ocean which so gently portrays the transparent nature of water. 


Midnight Moth - andy wauman

Midnight Moth is a surfboard sculpture by the Bali-based artist Andy Wauman. It is a silk screen print on an inlay resin foam surfboard. 

"I try to inject the spontaneous energy from the street into my artistic practice, and I create my own contribution to the ‘revolution of everyday life’ in the shape of texts and objects." - Andy Wauman

The print shows imagery of swaying palm leaves and the beach. Andy's work has a striking poetic quality and shows preference for the sensuality and romantic value of the materials of the street. 


We hope you enjoyed this collection of artworks from September 2020. The Artling offers a wide range of artworks to help transform any space - view some more of these beautiful artworks here


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