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Auction Highlights from the Ambassadors' Ball 2017


Auction Highlights from the Ambassadors' Ball 2017
"ARIA GOLD Lighting for Slamp" (2016) by Zaha Hadid. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

ARIA GOLD Lighting, for Slamp 2016 by Zaha Hadid

Kindly donated by Zaha Hadid Design, colourliving and Slamp

70 x 70 x 115cm
Lentiflex® ⁄ Cristalflex® Gold Plated

A never-before- seen lavish and lustrous expression of design enriches Zaha Hadid’s Aria collection. Aria Gold’s 50 layers, radiating around a LED source, are each different from the other and are responsible for the fluidity and dynamism that immediately identify Hadid’s work and brings the visionary architect’s architectural features to any interior. Aria Gold, made of polycarbonate and covered in shining gold powder, is the newest, more contemporary member of the family, which already includes the three transparent versions, and the extra-large translucent with black overlay.


"Rotterdam Summation" (1983) by Rem Koolhaas. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

Rotterdam Summation by Rem Koolhas

Kindly donated by OMA

121.9 x 73.7cm each

This triptych shows the Boompjes Tower Slab Project in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This project had a triple purpose: to activate the riverfront; to propose a ‘solution’ for the bridgehead of the old bridge that will become redundant after the inauguration of the new one; and to suggest an apartment building for a site against the old bridge. The site is peculiar: one side is quayside, the other is formed by a riverside highway, one the side of a bridge. It is visible, but hardly accessible; any structure on it will be noted in passing, bewilderingly different speeds and angles.


"Kaikai and Kiki: "Lots of Fun"" (2009) by Takashi Murakami. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

Kaikai and Kiki: "Lots of Fun" by Takashi Murakami

Kindly donated by Gagosian Gallery

Edition of 50. Signed and numbered
70 x 70cm (unframed)
Silkscreen with platinum leaf

A lightning rod between different cultural valencies (high/low, ancient/ modern, oriental/occidental), Takashi Murakami has stated that the artist is someone who understands the borders between worlds and who makes an effort to know them. With his distinctive , ‘Superflat’ style and ethos, which employs highly refined classical Japanese painting techniques to depict a super-charged mix of Pop, animé and otaku content within a flattened representational picture plane, he moves freely within an ever-expanding field of aesthetic issues and cultural inspirations.


"The Austral daybed" by Christian Liaigre. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

The Austral daybed by Zheng Chongbin

Kindly donated by The Artist

132 x 84cm
Ink and Acrylic on Xuan Paper

With clean lines that exude sensuality, the Austral daybed epitomises the Liaigre style: sophisticated simplicity. The leather, specially selected for Liaigre from the best manufacturers, provides a smooth feeling and exceptional comfort.


"Three Views" (2014) by Zheng Chongbin. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

Three Views by Christian Liaigre

Kindly donated by The Designer

210 x 83 x 45cm
Feet in chromed metal, LIAIGRE leather structure, natural Cavallino leather insert

San yuan is about how we perceive nature. The artwork showcases materiality, revealing the medium as an agent in the process of formation, alteration, tangibility and physical presence. The artist’s works are often inspired by the typology of natures, entropy, and traces of biological and geographical fluidity.



Scroll down to see lots by Creative Directors themselves and their picks! 

Appointed as Creative Directors for this year’s Ball are architect André Fu and typographer Adonian Chan.

André Fu was named Designer of the Year for Maison & Objet Asia, and was honoured in Wallpaper*s list of ‘Top 20 Interior Designers’ in 2016.

Adonian Chan is a young emerging HK designer and a recipient of a Design Trust Grant. He specialises in lettering and graphic design, and everyday usage of Hong Kong Beiwei Kaishu. Click here to read our interview with him!

"Zài" by Adonian Chan. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"TAC/TILE" (2017) by André Fu. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"Breakfast" (2016) by Douglas Young. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"A Terrazzo table" (2017) by Joyce Wang. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"A pair of Aluminium Ming Chairs" by Neri&Hu. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"Heaven on Earth" (2009) by anothermountainman. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"DING" (2017) by Stickyline. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.

"A Made to Measure Neon Plaid Printed Velour Asymmetric Gown" by Vivienne Tam. Image Courtesy of Design Trust.


The annual Ambassadors’ Ball brings together passionate individuals and organisations, united by the desire to celebrate and promote Hong Kong’s rich community of creativity and design. As in past years, with their live and silent auctions, guests may expect some exceptional and limited edition works of art, furniture and décor items from some of the most celebrated names in the local and international art and design circles. 

The event will be happening on Saturday, 14 October 2017. Get a full preview of the lots included in the auction here

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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