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'Bit Rot': LASALLE's MA Fine Arts 2018 Grad Showcase


'Bit Rot': LASALLE's MA Fine Arts 2018 Grad Showcase
Yen Phang, 2018, melted soap

The 2018 LASALLE Master of Fine Arts graduates celebrated a ‘bit rot’. As part of the graduate showcase across the art college’s schools and programs, the McNally School of Fine Arts exhibits the final course works of its annual MA batch from 21 April until 6 May at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Gallery 1.

‘Bit Rot’ is a show that embraces very different media and art practices, perspectives, and questions from ten artists, who joined LASALLE at various stages of their careers and set out on an intense journey of creative and conceptual discovery. The common thread is the exploration of processes, often hidden in plain sight, emphasising the ways in which negative connotation of ‘rotting’ can be rephrased as developmental programs.

“the transformation that occurs slowly, often unseen, in artists and their practice”

The show pursues, in LASALLE’s own words, “the deterioration in the integrity of computer data stored on storage media over time. Usually considered a negative process resulting in loss or corruption […] bit rot describes a process that can be significant in its effects while hidden from view”, focussing on “the transformation that occurs slowly, often unseen, in artists and their practice”.

Liana Yang, 2018, mixed media

Didier Mathieu, Gemma Kearney, Green Zeng, Henry Lee, Hilmi Johandi, Liana Yang, Mary Summerbell, Hyung Min, Tan Ngiap Heng and Yen Phang have successfully and immersively addressed ideas and proposals across time, space, society, economy, and ecology towards the urge to balance the anthropogenic aspects of our daily lives with the materials and elements that our existence is based upon. Working with painting, installation, sculpture, photography, and drawings, the artists express their thoughts in strong statements, both boldly claiming physical space as well as avoiding direct exposure, yet stimulating the senses, from clay and poster arrangements to video installations, soap works across floor and window, pedestal presentations, and the purity of wind itself. What it is is what it can be, what it may become, and what potentially remains, if it may do so.

The LASALLE 2018 MA Fine Arts graduation offers an exciting insight into the creative paths and outsets of the represented artists and is a sharp as nuanced testimony within Singapore’s contemporary art scene in its assertion to process as practice, to exploration as sketch, to making meaning as sociological interaction of artist and environment within an ever-changing world that too easily gets stuck in the realms of this Anthroposcene.

LASALLE MA Fine Arts 2018 graduates

More information about LASALLE and the 2018 showcase can be found here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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