'Spirit of Visual'...
In this era of new media and digital approach of execution, the simplest form proves to be the strongest in an artwork. Far from the traditional approach of paintings, exaggerated forms of sculptures and detailed story-telling, there is an opposite approach to simplicity yet creating so what similar impression. The language of visuals is merely an artists' decision whether it's detailed miniature or a video installation as long as it's narrating the intended context to the audience. When it brings an artist towards a choice of context, there is no limitation of exploring outer surroundings as well as inner connotations. It can be a dialogue between the two aspects.  Sajjad Ahmed's work is a portrayal of such amalgamation within intimate and external. The contrast between the two brings it to one common ground of existence which is a narrative of his work. Born in 1982, Wah Cantt, Punjab, and graduated from Beacon house National University, Sajjad is now based in Karachi and has been practising for a decade. His visual vocabulary constantly addresses the relationships between texts, everyday imagery and a slightly traditional approach towards painting with geometrical patterns. Most of his work is consist of digital prints and mono chancel videos in two-dimensional forms. His illusionary approach while including text in his work creates an impact of taking the audience to experience the addressed settings. There is a certain boldness with specific minimalism in his work which narrates his chosen paradoxes. One can experience the history behind words executed with lines and context. He has been addressing art history, semiotics, globalization and economic through his straightforward imagery of vast variability. In a recent solo exhibition ‘Spirit of Visual' at Sanat Gallery, Sajjad Ahmed's work is an exemplification of such method. This exhibit has showcased 18 pieces of work in which Ahmed has explored several mediums....

December 15, 2017


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