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Christmas Gift Guide: Art & Design Gifts Under $100

ByThe Artling Team
Christmas Gift Guide: Art & Design Gifts Under $100

The joyous occasion of Christmas is just around the corner with less than three weeks to go. If you are reading this guide, you are still looking for that perfect gift and time's running out! To help you get the best gift-giver badge of honor, The Artling has put together a guide for buying the perfect artwork or design piece as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. And the best part? It's all under $100. So leave the mental blocks behind and take your pick from our list of Christmas art and design gifts.


Droplet Menta Vase / Wide - US$ 90


Droplet Menta Vase / Tall - US$ 95

Droplet is inspired by nature, by the droplets that contains the essence of life. It's materialized around the concept of preserving flowers in a drop, resembling nature in an elegant form. A hand-blown glass droplet is captured inside a hand-hammered brass frame, illustrating traditional forms of ancient amphora vases. To represent nature's essence, the glass droplet is tinted into three different colors; Aqua, Menta, and Honey. And the natural glow of glass is combined splendidly with the sparkle of brass.


Blank Desk Organizer / Brass - US$ 54


Blank Desk Organizer / Copper - US$ 54

Blank is the new fun way of keeping your desktop organized and classy. Blank Penholder consists of handmade brass penholder and paper-clip case and a black steel stand. Penholder and paper-clip case overcome their unstable forms by the help of their stable stand also performing as a cardholder. While penholder is standing upright as your pens, paper-clip case rotates in its hole for easy access from any direction. Blank adds a little flair to your working spaces by organizing your desktop and being an inspiration itself by its beautiful elegance of practicality.


Chil - meditative mobile - beech - US$ 22


Chil - meditative mobile - walnut - US$ 22

Chil is a small mobile that balances on a single pivot point. The minimalist design is available in four colors: black, white, walnut and beech veneer. The simple 'slide-and-click' system makes it easy to assemble. The bird balances on the tall pointed stand or for example on the spine of a book. A meditative ornament, swaying gently in the subtle breeze and bringing more life and movement into the room.


Surface collection / Vase L - US$ 46


Surface collection / Vase M - US$ 38


Surface collection / Espresso - US$ 34


Surface collection / Tea - US$ 38

This collection presents a vase and mug that will never empty. The series implies dimension with line drawn edges and isocurves. The shape and shadow of the vase and mug, as well as the line of water, harmonize with objects inside. This product holds such objects as a flower, pen, business card, smartphone, teaspoon, and teabag. 


SNOW WALTZ oval plate - US$ 17


SNOW WALTZ round square plate - US$ 19

In the calm night someday in winter snow fell like dancing a waltz to the rhythm. While making these plates what I thought the most was the emotion of users. Because of it, decorations of the plates were excluded as much as possible in order to express only snow and footprints on the snow. Hope you meet the moment of the beginning of careful thought by seeing the footprints that remain alone on a calm hill.


Nacre tray - US$ 100


Nacre small tray - US$ 40

Nacre series is an attempt to offering products borne of reinterpretations of jagae (mother-of-pearl). Attempts were made to go beyond the traditional and conventional representation of this material and elevate jagae works to new heights created with contemporary aesthetics and innovative production methods. Irregular patterns created by mother-of-pearl and its combination with modern materials were thoroughly explored, and a variety of products were developed based on such experimentation, from trays to coasters and brooches, to add sparkle to everyday living.



TINY CITY collection transforms your desk into a city landscape.

Inspired by Taiwanese urban architecture, CELEMENT penholder feature derives from the arcade. It has two compartments, a big and small one, to store office supplies by providing a functional, stylish and versatile storage solution. You do not need to pour everything out anymore to find your short pencils and erasers. CELEMENT sharpener is a flexible module. It derives from a Taiwanese sheet-metal house that can be placed on the penholder as a rooftop add-on feature. The collection shows the uniqueness of the city landscape.

Tiny city is a set including the penholder and the sharpener.

Square Marble Coaster Set - US$59

Square Marble Coaster Set - US$59

This set of coasters is made up of black and white marble. Each side is different; rough; smooth. They are the chic and elegant service accessories that prevent cold and hot contact. This package of set includes 2 items. Each package is presented in a specially designed gift box.

Shallows: S - US$ 98 / M - US$ 105 / L - US$ 115

Shallows: S - US$ 98 / M - US$ 105 / L - US$ 115

Shallows combines a crystal vase, plant, and water into one form. The surface tension of water becomes a textural element – the shallow at the top of the container gives space for liquid to be filled. The water at the surface of the vase acts as a poetic expression for the vitality of the vessel’s function, to give life to the plant in which it contains.


Ball Tabletop Mirror (Blue/Yellow/Black) - US$ 32


Ball Tabletop Mirror (Red/Blue/Black) - US$ 32

The Ball Mirror is a tabletop mirror with a fun and playful twist in a funny and playful style. The wood ball is not only for decoration but also a handle, you can be turned up, down and rotated 360 degrees using the "ball". For the silicon Tray, you can stand and charge your smartphone ( fit for all smartphones, included iPhone & android phone) and store your personal accessories.


ALTRAY_L_Black - US$36


ALTRAY_M_Rose Gold - US$30

It is a modern square-type aluminum tray that makes anything on it look luxurious. It is resistant to moisture, contamination, oxidation, and discoloration because it is treated with aluminum anodizing. It is versatile in utilization without the restriction of space, such as desk, dressing table, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Available in four colors - black, rose gold, champagne gold, and space gray and in two sizes - large and medium.

Flint Vessel- Sage - US$ 75

Flint Vessel- Sage - US$ 75

The FLINT Vessel is a versatile bowl that can be used at a modern dining experience for Hors d’oeuvre or ice cream. The vessel is utilitarian in form and designed to be cupped perfectly in one's hand. The base of the vessel features a solid brass WANG logo.

Terrazzo is made of natural marble chips and involves a hand-made process; hence inconsistencies are expected and each piece is unique.


The Uniqueness of Waves XV - From US$24


The Uniqueness of Waves XII - From US$24

Dusk over Beit Yanai beach, Israel.

The Uniqueness of Waves describes the power and beauty of the sea. Each wave and movement is unique, and each picture freezes a single moment at a time when that uniqueness is preserved forever. For me, the series is a practice of photographic meditation - an attempt to calm the inner waves with an awareness of the here and now.

Year: 2017

Available in:
Size - A4 / A3 / A2 / A1 
Material - Acrylic Print / Aluminium Print / Canvas Print / Paper Print (Matt or Semi-Gloss)


Wilt #1 - From US$86


Wilt #2 - From US$86

Tina Rim is a graphic designer from Singapore who enjoys making digital works that are minimal yet quirky. An interdisciplinary designer, Tina loves experimenting with printed media, finding ways to apply tactility to her works. Her understanding of form and color also translates into her works allowing for a certain character and balance. She has previously showcased her works at Tokyo Design Week.

All three artworks are available in:
Size - A4 / A3 / A2 
Material - Acrylic Print / Aluminium Print / Canvas Print / Paper Print (Matt)

This Waking Life - From US$58

This Waking Life - From US$58

A casual stroll in the rhyolite mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll.

Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland. August 2018.

This artwork is available in:
Size - A4 / A3 / A2 / A1
Material - Acrylic Print / Aluminium Print / Canvas Print / Paper Print (Matt or Semi-Gloss)

Caught in suspension - US$99

Caught in suspension - US$99

Year: 2019

Timothy was born in Singapore in 1993, and moved to the UK in 2014 to pursue higher education and a career in strategy consulting.

Outside of his full-time job, Timothy captures aspects of his daily life and travels on 35mm and medium format (120) film. His aim in photography is to capture objects, places and moments in a way that demonstrates the beauty and form inherent in everyday life

The Fragile Absolute//Bolivia-Gibraltar. //2018
Dreamy, ethereal, abstract art photography

The series „Colors of Salt“ is a colorful interpretation of the Altiplano of Bolivia. //2017
Otherworldly Photos from the World’s Largest Salt Flat.

Both artworks are available in:
Size - A4 / A3 / A2 / A1
Material - Paper Print (Matt or Semi-Gloss)


Indoor green series _ greenhouse - From US$69


Indoor green series _ bedroom - From US$69

If you feel that there is not enough green in your house, maybe you are too lazy to water, fertilize, maybe the seat at the window already belongs to you, this work is for you.

Both artworks available in:
Size - A4 / A3 
Material - Canvas Print / Paper Print (Matt)

Untitled Pattern #2 - From US$34

Untitled Pattern #2 - From US$34

Artist Statement:

I always intrigued by form, shape, and color abstractly. All of them combine into a pattern and I love creating it as my main style. I always starting using ink on paper or other traditional tools like painting or pencil or pastels. Sometimes I made 2-4 patterns, then I digitalize my drawing, and combine that patterns into 1 final composition. I also using vibrant color and some texture to add to my patterns.

This artwork is available in:
Size - A4 / A3 / A2 / A1
Material - Acrylic Print / Aluminium Print / Canvas Print / Paper Print (Matt or Semi-Gloss)

Into - From US$63

Into - From US$63

Artist Statement:

...Combining the desire to get closer to an object that I am attracted to and thinking about it in a time other than the present...

"I want to draw it because it is beautiful" is the same as "I want to be like that because it looks cool" or "I want to sing because it seems fun." This is the first condition of "the desire to get closer to an object that I am attracted to."

The second condition, "thinking about it in a time frame other than the present," is the process and result of a creation derived from an attractive object and the capturing of it on a flat surface. The process of composition, extraction of colors, and the reconstruction of them helps one to detach from the obvious standards of everyday life and start thinking in a time that is out of the ordinary. The result is a creation that includes more "confusion" than "comprehensibility," keeping in mind that "confusion" helps one think in a time frame, not of the present. In our busy, everyday lives, we often can't think this way, but it's like how you are transported when you think about a favorite place, movie, or music - I believe this artistic process is similar. 

This artwork is available in:
Size - A4 / A3
Material - Canvas Print / Paper Print (Matt)

We hope this list helped you find the perfect Christmas gift for your art-loving friend or family member. If you need more options, you may wish to check out our wide variety of curated collection of contemporary artworks and collectible design objects - all under $100!