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Collectible Design - Presented by Pun + Projects & The Artling

ByGrace Ignacia See

Pun + Projects & The Artling are pleased to announce our first collaboration: a curated showcase of collectible design items from a select group of Asian designers.

The Artling, a premier online resource for Asian contemporary art, expanded its online offerings with the launch of DESIGN in 2017. It has since established itself as a platform for both art and design that features established and emerging contemporary designers from all over Asia. This will be The Artling’s fifth pop-up and first collaboration with Pun + Projects. Having previously exhibited at Art Stage Singapore, the flagship art fair of the region, The Artling looks towards highlighting more diverse and exciting design products from across Asia at this next installment in Hong Kong. 

Pun + Projects established Paribawga (meaning “furniture”) in 2016, and offers contemporary furniture and interior objects that reflect that history and legacy of Myanmar materials and craft. All Paribawga projects are derived from high-quality local materials, careful sourcing, and craft-based construction techniques. They have since worked with private individuals, commercial partners and interior designers to fit custom spaces from all over the world.

From limited edition design objects, tableware, furniture and other collectible design items, this collaboration will showcase a curated selection of interesting design objects from regional designers from India, Korea, Japan, Thailand & more. Here are just some of the many designers that this collaboration will be showing: 

Lim + Lu

Lim + Lu, Split vases. Image courtesy of the designers. 

Lim and Lu is an award-winning inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Hong Kong. Originating from New York, Lim + Lu works internationally to provide architecture, interior, branding, furniture and product design services. Their designs are inspired from everyday life, and push the trend of individualization. They do this through presenting flexibility, practicality, and a breath of fresh air in every project.

The Split vase as shown above is an exploration and examination of the history and process of making ceramic vases. For each vase, two iconic Ming vases are cast to create new forms, giving new perspective to the iconic forms of Chinese vases. No two vases are alike.

To see more designs from Lim + Lu, click here

Jongha Choi 

Jongha Choi, De-dimension. Image courtesy of the designer. 

Eindhoven-based designer Jongha Choi creates a collection of benches and stools that transform from a flat, two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional functional object. This project is derived on the history of images and how one aligns with the human race. These days images develop in different forms due to technology - these design pieces challenge perspective yet maintaining its function. Whilst images of these pieces are presented with flatness, first-hand experience with it allows for an experiential interaction with its three-dimensional reality.

Ok Kim

Ok Kim, The Merge Series. Image courtesy of the designer. 

South Korean designer Ok Kim specializes in furniture, with pieces utilizing natural lacquer that has been reinterpreted in modern ways. Her works are dried after one layer of Ottchil (a Korean method of traditional lacquering), before going through 15-20 more layers in the same process. What is derived from sandpapering and polishing this are glowing colours blended and overlapped in harmony. ‘The Merge Series’ is one inspired by the sceneries of a temple and its surroundings. It is named this due to how there exists a symbiosis and interconnectivity throughout each piece, as well as to its counterparts.

To see more designs by Ok Kim, click here


Claymen. Image courtesy of the designer. 

“I create these small sculptures from my observation of the common man and his dilemmas. Claymen figures come in peace and maintain silence. – Aman Khanna

A graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor and visual storyteller, Aman Khanna graduated from London College of Communication in graphic and information design. Aman’s quirky characters and iconic forms seek to tease viewers, and have drawn much attention towards the pages of publications such as The Guardian, The Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

To see more designs by Claymen, click here

PileUp Life

PileUp Life. Image courtesy of the designer. 

Originating from Taiwan, PileUp Life consists of two newcomers with backgrounds in traditional furniture. They combine design and craftsmanship by amalgamating traditional skills with modern ones. PileUp Life name their biggest feature as their modular furniture, with consumers able to select from a diverse range of parts to construct a piece that reflects their own personality. They state how they “want to let consumers bring home not just a chair, but a personal taste”.

Pun + Projects & The Artling will be presenting many other designers at this first collaboration. We look forward to seeing you there!

202, The Factory
1 Yip Fat Street
Hong Kong

Tues-Sun: 12pm-7pm


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Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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