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Comité de Proyectos on Creative Freedom and Local Collaborations

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Comité de Proyectos on Creative Freedom and Local Collaborations


Comité de Proyectos on Creative Freedom and Local Collaborations

Image courtesy of Comité de Proyectos

Comité de Proyectos is a Mexico City-based interior design company, founded in 2014, by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto. We ask the duo questions about their processes, upcoming plans and their upcoming 10th Anniversary in 2024.

What inspired the name “Comité de Proyectos” (project committee)?

At first we were named 'Materia,' but a couple of months after launching our studio we received an email from a lawyer asking to change our name because it was already taken, apparently we did a poor research [laughs]. At that moment we started searching for a new name.

"Comite de Proyectos” started as a joke, we were just three people, Andrea my partner, Mike a Junior designer and myself (Lucia), we really liked the irony between what we thought of a Committee (a serious group of 8-10 people) and what we were in that moment. Also the name seems like a government agency and we liked that it was exactly the opposite. Lastly, we liked that it was vague and included all of that we call a project, maybe it's a life project, an interior design project or whatever project you could think about.

Calaca Armchair by Comite de ProyectosIconLink

Comité de Proyectos works across both interior design and furniture design. How do you see either practice inform the other?

The team gathers every 4 months to communicate with each other and to let them know what we are up to. It's like a celebration and a moment to learn, to question, and reflect on the goals and whether or not they have been met. At the same time, every week Andrea and I meet to check on each other and we talk about each area [of the business].

Many of your furniture pieces integrate natural materials, could you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with local craftsmen?

Part of our daily work is the search for and development of local suppliers. For us it is important to have a wide range of specialized professionals and we like to learn from them, so we are looking for professionals who are willing to experiment and work as a team. We have formed very close relationships with several workshops, for example with the carpenter we have been working together for more than 10 years (he used to deform part of the workshop that he manufactured in the first studio where we met and just as we decided to become independent, we were his first clients).

We like to have a variety of processes and techniques that give us creative freedom, that is why for us the collaboration with workshops is a core part of our work as designers.

Interior Space Design Week, Interior Design Project, Furniture Design and Manufacture by Comite de Proyectos. Image Courtesy of Jaime Navarro.

How have you seen design trends change over the years since you launched?

Yes definitely trends have changed, shapes, materials, the use of spaces (a lot since covid, like restaurants put more attention at least in Mexico of placing outdoor furniture), also in here there is a trend in rescuing pre-Hispanic culture. When we started Mid Century aesthetics were in trend and I don't see that much anymore.

Your collections include Binomios in 2016 (inspired by the inherent human condition: the constant longing of search for transforming reality) and Centinelas in 2023 (a reflection on gender violence and feminicide) - exploring the hard hitting questions and our current reality through beautifully designed pieces. Are there any other Special Editions in the works we can look forward to?

I suggest you keep an eye out for the launch of a collaboration we are launching with an interior designer and friend of us called Maye Ruiz. She intervened a dining chair called De La Paz Dining Chair (that will be launched in a couple of weeks). This collaboration is full of life and colors and is inspired by Anni Albers, the artist and designer who studied in Bauhaus.

Nevertheless, this year we are not planning to launch a conceptual collection because we are putting all of our efforts in opening a showroom and planning our tenth anniversary to be celebrated in 2024.

Comité de Proyectos has created four collections so far. How do you find inspiration for the next one?

We have been following the same approach to conceptualize since 2016. We go on a creative retreat out of town, relax, talk about what is alive in each of us and find common ground to build a conversation around a specific theme.

We are inspired by the daily life and interests that Andrea and I have in common.

Describe Comité de Proyectos' dream project. Is there a particular group or type of clients you’re interested to see more of?

We have worked with several clients that have been dream clients, we feel lucky for that. We want the to be communicative. Also we want them to trust the process with open heart and curiosity.

I guess that a commercial project can give you creative freedom and that is fun, but also we love housing because of the closeness and the intimate relationship that is woven with the clients. We’d love to collaborate with a brand to conceptualize the window display, that’s one of our dreams too.

rimessa store & bar, Interior Design Project by Comité de Proyectos. Image Courtesy of
Comité de Proyectos.

We’re almost to the 10th anniversary of Comité de Proyectos! Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring designers?

I can say that much of our identity and our knowledge has been formed by teamwork and by the influence of our colleagues; do not be afraid to ask for advice, the best is always done as a team; and this also leads me to recommend you to work hard on your personal growth since your work is a reflection of your persona. Leave the ego behind.

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