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10 Contemporary Artists We're Following on Instagram


10 Contemporary Artists We're Following on Instagram
Adaptation By Soyoung L Kim

At The Artling, we understand and appreciate Instagram's impact on the art world. From emerging artists to established game-changers, it provides a platform to promote artworks, get feedback on works in progress, and connect with followers by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into their creative processes and personal lives. At the same time, art lovers and collectors can discover new artworks, brighten up their feeds with creative visuals, or connect with their favorite artists.

Here is a selection of 10 emerging and popular contemporary artists and designers we're following on Instagram for their creative and inspiring artwork!

Keren Cytter

Keren Cytter's Instagram bio reads "Quiet. Clean. Calm." but her films are non-linear and often disorienting with intensified scenes drawn from everyday life challenging us to bring critical awareness to what we see. Living in New York and winner of the Bâloise Prize at Art Basel, Switzerland, Keren is also a critically acclaimed writer with three novels to her name. Her Instagram showcases her use of visual media in innovative ways to build powerful and affecting narratives out of twisted scenes apart from cute cat videos and humorous memes. What more can you ask for?


Chris Maynard

Seattle-based artist, Chris Maynard, carves feathers into intricate art. He began working with feathers since he was 12. His unique feather shadowboxes are recognized by art collectors and bird lovers from around the world. Maynard's Instagram gives homage to nature through delicate works of art with legally-acquired feathers from turkeys, parrots, peacocks, and other birds.



Karen O’Brien

Pacific Northwest artist Karen O’Brien uses dynamic layers of acrylic and pastel to create vibrant Abstract Expressionist works on paper, panel, and canvas. Follow her on Instagram to experience inspiring and healing acrylic and pastel that capture light and form leaving you with a sense of enchantment.


Jenny Okumura

Also known as Jennifer Jean Costello, Boston-based Jenny Okumura has been creating art for over 15 years. A child of Asian and Caucasian parents, her work is a reflection of both cultures and heritage influences exploring the relationship between humans, nature, and objects. Step into Jenny's Instagram to see conflict, balance, and harmony shape the vitality, form and energy with no constraints.


Ayako Aratani

A Japanese furniture designer based in Detroit, Ayako Aratani embraces irregularity in design through handcraft of artful domestic objects that focus on intuitive construction methods. This philosophy is captured in Ayako's Instagram feed where she shares her creative process of reimagining functional products as playful individuals with whimsical personalities.


Jonathan Casella

Born in Houston and based in Los Angeles, Jonathan Casella views his work to be a pop representation of abstract painting. It explores painting as a means of language to express the inherent and unknown and finding a universality through the re-articulation and synthesis of traditional gestures through color, shape, and pattern. Looking into his Instagram feed, we could say that his works play with some aesthetic of punk or pathos and deals with perception and the relationship/ commonality we share with form and patterns, the influence color has on us, and the reality we perceive.


Tracie Cheng

Tracie Cheng is a painter of lines that resemble a myriad of natural shapes. Her drawings and paintings call to mind natural phenomena with a playful, dynamic quality of space and movement within the interactions of lines and paint. Her Instagram shows her passion for good design and beauty in the everyday and deep interest in dimension, fluidity, and versatility.


Soyoung L Kim

Soyoung L Kim is fascinated by how emotions color the world around us and how we see, perceive and remember life. She is constantly drawn to transforming rejected materials into something new. The Boston-based Korean-Kenyan-American artist studied both painting and creative writing and is interested in overlapping the two processes to create new worlds. This is documented on her Instagram where you can see discarded stacks of manuscript paper transformed into birds or discarded moments transformed into marks of color.


Kris Haas

A Portland, Oregon native, Kris Haas is a renowned multi-disciplinary artist with her works featured in 3 different television shows, such as AMC's Mad Men, Property Brothers and Leverage, numerous corporate collections, and countless private collections in over 20 countries across the globe. Her Instagram showcases her diversified works and an insatiable curiosity about the world around her while having complete joy and fun.

Sui Park

A New York-based artist and an interior architect, Sui Park describes her practice as the creation of 3-dimensional organic forms mostly in generic and biomorphic shapes that represent transitions and transformations in nature. Park attempts to capture the subtle, yet continuous changes in our human emotions, sentiments, memories, and expectations. In her Instagram world, she presents nature in abstract porous ways so that they can be filled with our moments.



Along with this list of contemporary artists and designers, why not follow @theartling on Instagram for the latest art and design news, events, and new products by some of the most creative individuals in the world.

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