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Create Day: Twenty-Four Hours of Non-Stop Human Ingenuity


Create Day: Twenty-Four Hours of Non-Stop Human Ingenuity
Image courtesy of Create Day

Create Day has recently launched their global initiative platform that showcases the creative processes behind several talented makers and their work. This initiative was born from the team behind London Craft Week, striving to celebrate the artistry and craft of designersartists, and creators in real time across the globe. They kicked off their first event with a twenty-four-hour, non-stop live stream to highlight these makers' human ingenuity, imagination, diversity, and skills from around the globe. Create Day's launch on 10 October was a huge success, and The Artling was pleased to partner with them!

James Otter, Image courtesy of Create Day

Create Day was initiated to provide an opportunity once a year to pause, appreciate the beauty in art and design, and applaud the talent around us. Their vision is to reconnect and bring like-minded people together.

"Well before Covid-19, we had become somewhat isolated from each other, too busy, too narrow-focus. Yet there has never been more creativity, imagination, and talent. Or people who appreciate it. In that sense, despite so much uncertainty, I believe we live in auspicious times." - Guy Salter, Chairman, London Craft Week

This event brought over 300 talented makers together as they opened their studios, factories, and community spaces to share their imagination, skill, and ingenuity behind their inspired creations. Scroll down to check out some of these talented makers. 


Bhuana - sofa - alvinT

Jakarta-based alvinT is a multidisciplinary design firm that was established in 2006 by Alvin Tjitrowirjo. They are passionate about revolutionising the design industry in Indonesia. Through their designs, they integrate Indonesia's rich cultural heritage and artisanal approach with a strong contemporary sensibility.


Untitled - Arko

Born and based in Tokyo, Arko produces works made from rice straw, stitching each piece one by one. Her practice and artworks reflect traditional Japanese culture and the significance of rice straw in its history; straw played a large role in everyday life as an essential element in agriculture and raw materials of Japanese straw shoes, coats, blankets, and bags. 

Arko, Image courtesy of Create Day


Carbon Orange - Elliot Walker

UK-based Elliot Walker is one of a handful of glassblowers in the world who focus solely on 'Massello'; a technique that that requires extreme dexterity, speed and precise temperature control to sculpt and master. Combining a novelist’s ability for storytelling with his astonishing array of skills, Elliot sculpts his glass, creating artworks that are the essence of curiosity.

“The process of coaxing a complex form out of the liquid glass is unlike working with any other material. The pieces are not cast, carved or ground into shape, but modelled from a cooling liquid so that until the very last second the sculpture is a moving living entity, frozen in time as the glass sets”

Elliot Walker, Photo by Simon Bruntnell, Image courtesy of Create Day

Etude Geometrique - Ann Van Hoey

Ann Van Hoey, Image courtesy of Create Day

Vivid Whispering Vessel - Adi Toch, Image courtesy of Create Day

Adi Toch, Image courtesy of Create Day

Visit to learn more about these talented makers.

Learn more about Create Day on their Instagram: @createday2020

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