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Dawn Ng and the 'Perfect Stranger'


Dawn Ng and the 'Perfect Stranger'
Dawn Ng, Studio Image 2017, Image Courtesy of the artist and Chan + Hori Contemporary, Singapore *Behind the scenes studio image - PERFECT STRANGER artwork test prints in shrunk dimensions to fit floor space

Chan + Hori Contemporary is showing the installation ‘Perfect Stranger’ by Dawn Ng from 19 January - 22 February 2018. The viewer is awaited by a mosaic of memories that meets the presence, served in time-slots.

The gallery space is transformed. The shoes stay at the door. The viewing time is scheduled for, and kept at, fifteen minutes with a maximum of twenty viewers at once. The space has become a capsule in time of whiteness. At its core, panels of texts on papers stretch out throughout the entirety of the gallery’s main room, white letters on pastel coloured background planes. The viewer is invited to walk amongst the pieces, to balance between the words, memory excerpts, thought patterns, thought percussions, story threads, shattered glimpses of tales and complete narratives, and challenges of grasp; or to observe the totality of prints as ice-like surface, resting beneath the steps of possible explorers.

'Perfect Stranger' by Dawn Ng

What exactly is it that we see here?

Singapore-born artist Dawn Ng has arranged forty-eight text prints in quiet hues as one synchronised body. The prints are lightly shimmering and geometrically arranged. The atmosphere in the gallery is notably calm, contemplative, and tranquil. The texts themselves document conversations the artist has had with a loosely acquainted female child-psychologist over the course of one year, and represent the connection, fleetingness, and exchange of the two women.
Dawn Ng studies, in her own words, “colour, emotion, memory and time”. This show might be one of her most concise works in the inquiry of those key themes.

'Goodbye Stranger' by Dawn Ng, 2017

“Perfect Stranger is an experiment in freezing time […] It often strikes me that when someone says he misses something, he ordinarily alludes to a person, time or place; when what he truly misses is a version of himself […]” - Dawn Ng

The conversation between Ng and the psychologist paralleled with the birth of the artist’s child. Strikingly, the fictional and factual, sensual, analytical, and poetic works stem from the exchange between the women, across generations, spawning the trajectory of their own temporality.

Strikingly, the fictional and factual, sensual, analytical, and poetic works stem from the exchange between the women, across generations, spawning the trajectory of their own temporality.

‘Perfect Stranger’ is a multi-layered convention of the artist with herself and others and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the plane of words seems to simulate a sea, embarking on individually interpretable metaphors of its surface and mirror-like qualities. The time of the work’s creation, the time of the women, the time of the show’s experience, and the time of the viewer coincide, as linear as the work’s arrangement.The reception of the texts, between observational accounts and imagination, takes place at the artist’s and viewer’s liking and discretion. The show’s navigation is a personal balance along its grid, as it happens, with memories.

'Green' by Dawn Ng, 2017

As part of 'A Perfect Stranger', Dawn Ng will be presenting a limited edition of a complete set of her prints that is available for purchase on the! Click here to purchase the set.

Off set print on acid free paper of 61 artworks , First impression, 300 copies 
Image courtesy of the artist and Chan + Hori Contemporary



The exhibition continues until 22 February. Further details here

Artist and Curator tour: 3 February 2018, 02:00PM - 03:00PM

‘Confessions”, Artist with Khai Hori: 10 February 2018, 02:00PM - 03:00PM (Tickets at SGD12.00 through Chan+Hori Contemporary, max. 22 spaces)

Artist present: 24th and 25th

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