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Design Collectibles to Spruce Up Your Home Office

ByAdlina Tan
Design Collectibles to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Eye Toy (Set of 5) by Hyfen / HCWD Studio

Having a dedicated work space at home should be designed to your comfort to keep your creative juices flowing, but also minimal enough to keep you focused on your tasks. Desk accessories should be functional and help keep your workspace neat and tidy, this way your eyes aren't disturbed by the mess and you would feel relaxed enough while working long hours in your home office. 

Take a look at the collection of design objects that we have put together to spruce up your home office!


PENPO- Magnetic Desk Organiser-Copper by Beyond Object is not an ordinary desk organizer, but a micro architecture built on your desktop. Three tubes of different materials, height and sizes with magnetic joints form a playful combination while providing maximum flexibility. With Penpo, pens, pencils and other desks tools can be tidied with elegance and style.

Manhattan Gold by Uniqka is the first product of the office collection designed by Kerem Ariş. The collection, consisting of four products is inspired by four different cityscapes, where each cityscape is an abstraction of the designer. The leather piece forms the island and the metal cylinders compose the towers. The result: Rising towers on the leather.
With its sleek form, Manhattan adds sophistication to the desk and allows the beholder to organize the stationery with delight.

Ripple by Derya Arpac is a collection of vessels that explore the idea of storing, categorising, and displaying miscellaneous items, such as jewellery, make up and stationary.

FORME 4 pcs desk set by Cristina Daminato / Mud is Mood is a ceramic set composed by 4 pieces: London vase, Tokyo pen holder, Roma vase/tealight holder and Cairo clasp holder. This bundle can be used as desk or table set. Forme collection was inspired by elements of an urban skyline reminding us of suggestive places in the world, through shapes and colors. Stylistically pure designs that are suitable for every home. 

Octo and Penny Gwin by LZF Lamps were designed by Isidro Ferrer, winner of the Spanish National Design Award. These wooden figurines could be used as paperweights or to just bring a cheerful mood to your desk.


Edge clock by Fabuless, is a desk clock that represents stone carving in stone craftsmanship. Fabulees is a design studio in Bangkok that creates extraordinary designs by studying working patterns and the life of ordinary people and making it different from what it is.

S.Voxel Paperweight by Techxture are Voxels coffee tables and side tables transformed into bookends or paperweights. S.voxel explores the importance of object scaling and user experience.

Set of bookends by Theodora Alfredsdottir is a pair of granite bookends for the launch of ‘Why Materials Matter’ by Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er for London Design Festival 2018.
To celebrate, Seetal commissioned a few artist/designers to create bookends to support the book from one of their material driven projects. These bookends are closely linked to Theodora’s project "From The Ground Up" as they use the foundation of that project as their material. The shapes are strong as the material itself and let the material be the main feature of the object.

Oddly bookshelf by Youngmin Kang was inspired by wanting to break from the common horizontal, vertical and rectangular structures of furniture. Seeing a ball put on a see-saw in the playground was what allowed him to break the horizontal and vertical stereotypes and advanced his thoughts

Mini Mydna by Joel Escalona, is a chic and contemporary storage system inspired by the DNA concept: both by its sophisticated double helix shape, and by the metaphorical statement that everything you place on it defines a significant part of your personal identity. MYDNA Bookcase Mini is part of MYDNA collection designed by Joel Escalona and its fabricated in Mexico City in plywood and heavy-duty fibers.

+X Bookshelf by People's Industrial Design Office is a steel frame bookshelf with aluminium shelves and is flexible and modular. The shelving system can act as a freestanding space divider or expand to cover entire walls. The bookshelf can be oriented diagonally, with shelves angled at 45 degrees or can be set in the more standard way.

We hope you enoyed The Artling's curated collection of Design Collectibles to Spruce Up Your Home Office, click here if you are interested in seeing the rest of the collection!