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Design Pieces to add a Splash of Colour to Your Space | New In August 2020


Design Pieces to add a Splash of Colour to Your Space | New In August 2020
Modern Vase Genke CS2 - Noom

This week, The Artling is featuring some design pieces to add a splash of colour to your homes. The presence of design pieces in your home can change its whole aesthetic and elevate your space's energy and mood, and thus your own! The list ranges from a variety of ceramics, furniture, textile and design objects

Scroll below to view a list of 10 of our newly-listed design pieces to add that pop of colour to your space! 



Imaginary Drinks: Pink Pop - Ahryun Lee

The 'Imaginary Drinks' project by Ahryun Lee aims to translate human senses such as smell and taste into vision (sight) through the use of ceramics. Focusing on tactility, this sculptural vessel leads viewer to the Synesthesia experience while featuring imaginative, extraordinary and pop-up textures.

"Relating to eating/drinking activity, the idea stems from my childhood how I build up
memories and perception about the taste."

The surface and colour of the piece aims to give imagination to a viewer as they reminisce a certain flavour or taste. The inspiration for this work comes from the abstract feeling of taste like sour, sweet, fizzy, bitterness. Her ceramic works turn this abstractness into a tangible and vibrant visual language in ceramics. 


Modern Vase Genke CS2 - NOOM

The Genke Vase belongs to the "Suprematic" collection by the Ukrainian design brand NOOM. The collection is largely inspired the the Suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich, who was part of a modernist movement focused on basic geometric forms such as lines, circles, ractangles and so on. 

"We create timeless design products that will be passed from generation to generation. NOOM is a place where design meets art."

Besides just serving as an aesthetic feature, the geometric structure of the vases function as dividers and holders allowing you to create elegant floral compositions. The materials used to make the vase are brushed copper and painted steel. 


Gaïamorphism 4 - Aurore Piette 

The Gaïamorphism series by Aurore Piette  will not only make an aesthetic statement in your home, but it will also make a statement about your stance toward sustainability. The Gaïamorphism 4 is made of 100% discarded maritime materials from the French Atlantic Coast. 

"My work is directly inspired by my local environment, nature and the ocean, but also the local topography and ancestral Craft history."

Aurore Piette aims to embody the local topography through raw available material by using ancestral ceramic techniques. Gaïamorphism is a sustainable approach of making craft where the artistry is defined by the finer characteristics of the place such as the materials and the landscape relief. 


Cake, The Candy Box - Sayar & Garibeh

This design object by the Beirut-based design workshop Sayar & Garibeh will make a vibrant addition to any table in your space. Besides just serving as a centerpiece, it functions as a sweet box, shaped with alternating brass and steel compartments, like the layers of a cake. 

"Our approach to design encompasses our combined vision of experimental designs with a dash of humor using new materials and forms." 


Water Tower 2 - Mini Planter - Tiipoi 

Water Tower 2 belongs to a collection of planters titled "Siment" by the product design studio Tiipoi, based between Bangalore and London. The planter is cast in conceret and is inspired by the urban infrastructure of present-day India. The inspiration behind the material was how in India, concrete is not just a means of infrastructure, but it is also an opportunity for decoration. 

"At Tiipoi, we tell positive and insightful stories of a real India, that is changing and shifting all the time. We don’t want to tell nostalgic stories of its past. We prefer to look at what is happening right now, and highlight India’s role in contemporary design."

The designers were inspired by the architectural composition of water towers in India and how each had a different design. When coming up with the final designs, they decided to transform the functional elements such as the ladder, stairs and windows into miniaturised decorative elements. These concrete planters will make a bold statement in your homes coupled with a bright flowering plant. 


STUDIO AN Morph Light - The Dialogue Room

STUDIO AN Morph Light created by the Cannata brand "The Dialogue Room" is a beautiful and rich table light that stands confidently on it's own, but also perfectly in a pair or a pack. It is a marble lamp with fine brass fittings and a giant globe. 

For this lamp, different terrazo and marble finishes are available upon request. Allow this table lamp to make a subtle as well as classy statement to your space with it's marble finish. 


Blue Crawl Lamp - Natan Moss

The Blue Crawl Lamp by Natan Moss is a part of "Crawl" series and is a ceramic lamp with a maple base. Natan believes in making simple pieces which explore the duality between art and functionality. His main focus is on decorative vessels and high end art furniture. 

"In the "Crawl" Series, like this glaze I'm slowly crawling away from the shadows of my
forefathers. "

This table lamp will make an elegant and high end statement in your space, whether on the bedside table or as a study lamp. The textures formed by the glazing of the ceramic give it an even more decorative appearance. 


"Epicure V" - Grzegorz Majka

The "Epicure V" by Grzegorz Majka is a contemporary center table. Inspired by the notion that "Luxury doesn't always follow the common patterns", the designers selected the unique volcanic material such as the Brazilian Quartzities Patagonia and Venom along with a satin finish of solid brass. 

"The phrase “no man is an island” expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others and need to be part of a community in order to thrive. Exactly like our new piece of art called The Epicure, it cannot represent its beauty by itself. Only with the help of the other elements reveals the one complete part, one amazing complete “island"."

The satin finish aids in highlighting the irregular shapes, veins and pits of the stone element designed by Mother Nature. The raw yet highly sophisticated design of this center table is sure to leave those in awe and fascination who view it. 


Ciocio Side Table in Blue - Ocrum

The Ciocio Side Table in Blue by the New-York based design studio Ocrum is a side table that evokes the natural shaping force of water. The base resembles the shape of a pebble that has been smoothed and rounded by the current with a single droplet of water resting atop the river pebble. 

"Ocrum draws inspiration on both vivid memories and the wonder of time, merging classical sensibilities with bold innovation and Italian craftsmanship."

The top and base parts of the table are made of solid wood with a natural finish, and the table’s body is made from hand-blown glass. This side table is bound to add a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic to your space. 


Rose Gold wallhanging - Milla Novo

Rose Gold wallhanging by the Netherlands-based artist Milla Novo is part of a collection of exclusive wallhangings for high-end interior spaces. She draws inspiration from the 'Mapuche' people, indigenous inhabitants of South-central Chile. 

"Milla Novo likes to work on a large scale to create artworks that not only catch the eye but have practical purposes such as altering the acoustics in a room or providing a feeling of warmth."

She has also developed a unique collection of metallic ropes that include gold, bronze and black to name a few. She makes use of non-traditional materials and incorporates techniques of Macrame knots and Mapuche inspired patterns. Milla Novo is providing sophisticated interiors with just what they had been waiting for.

We hope you liked this collection of new design pieces from August 2020. The Artling offers a variety of design pieces to help add character to your space - take a look at more of these beautiful pieces here


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