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DESIGN PIER: Made by Her


DESIGN PIER: Made by Her

Design has no gender. Only designers have. From 5 - 9 December at  USAGI GALLERY Hong Kong, Design Pier’s upcoming show wants to demonstrate that design made by women doesn't equal to a particular feminine sensitivity to shapes, colours and aesthetics. Design, like any other form of creative craft, is primarily influenced by the individual’s unique perspective on the world: a mixture of character combined with cultural, artistic, psychological and social influences. Gender is part of it but it doesn’t define it.

There are many ways to approach a design piece. Through its aesthetics, its narrative, its functional qualities or cultural influences. But you will seldom wonder if the object was made by a male or female designer. The pieces we select speak for themselves: the work of female creators is integral to contemporary design. Rather than focusing on the undeniable gender imbalance in the design industry, we have chosen to celebrate the creative power, strength, calibre and diversity of leading-edge works coming out of the studios of female designers.

Design Pier is a Hong Kong-based organizer of design exhibitions representing a new direction in Asia’s vibrant design scene via its curated professional design exhibition, talks, events and partnerships. Besides bringing together the best of contemporary and international design talents, Design Pier’s team carefully selects the exhibited pieces around specific themes and offers a strong content with a synthetic overview of the different design trends. 

In this feature, we bring you a peek at what to expect from Design Pier's upcoming show: 

Finally together, blue jar by Marja Hepo-aho

Marja Hepo-aho, Finally Together
Photo courtesy of Janne Laaksonen

Marja Hepo-aho

Marja Hepo-aho is a young talented glass artist and glassblower who creates the art and design glass for Mafka. Together with master glassblower Kari Alakoski they run a glass studio in Riihimäki, Finland and a glass art gallery in Helsinki, Finland. The Glass studio Mafka&Alakoski focuses on creating new and high-quality glass items for both decorative art and for everyday use. 

"I find the combinations of hot glass and natural stones intriguing. By bringing these two elements into one I continue thousand years old shapes to contemporary glass. With detailed engravings, I am able to create decorative textures and illustrate stories on glass.

My artistic style is experimental and playful and my glass work combines the traditional techniques to modern shapes. What I like most about the creative studio glass working is when inspiration and ideas lead me to make something new."

Merge Table by Ok Kim

OK KIM, Merge Table 


South Korean designer Ok Kim specializes in furniture, with pieces utilizing natural lacquer that has been reinterpreted in modern ways. Her works are dried after one layer of Ottchil (a Korean method of traditional lacquering), before going through 15-20 more layers in the same process. What is derived from sandpapering and polishing this are glowing colours blended and overlapped in harmony. ‘The Merge Series’ is one inspired by the sceneries of a temple and its surroundings. It is named this due to how there exists a symbiosis and interconnectivity throughout each piece, as well as to its counterparts.

To see more designs by Ok Kim, click here

Project J.CO, Hexa Wood Stools

Project J.CO, Hexa Wood Stools 


Hexa is a personalized ID furniture that opens for individual interpretation. It is designed to have a changeable infill top, that gives one choice of color and texture for a personalized identity. Depending on the hardness of the material, it can be customized for different functions, such as a soft infill top for stool, and a hard infill top for the table.

The hexagonal shape allows countless possibility to make into a combination of small to large surface, which can be used for various kind of activities.

Hexa is a multi-functional furniture that offers usability without losing the style and identity.

Emoticon by Zi Li

Emoticon by Zi Li 

Zi Li 

Since we have entered the age of digital, the emoji has become a visual symbolic language which is gradually growing deeper into many peoples’ lives. It offers a way not to have to speak but to share your thoughts with others who can simply observe. ‘Emoticon’, Li’s collection seeks to offer a new way to express your emotions. ‘Emoticon’ is a project that explores the emotional experience of living in cities, offering a thoughtful and humorous reflection on the changing facial expression of feelings from the banal to the intimate through the language of emoticons and rhythms of city lives. Inspired by the deceptive simplicity of modern communication in the city, Li hopes to recount differing emotional contents and conduct a kind of speechless dialogue and exchange with the spatial wearers and observers in design. The vivid faces, passed through a 3D print technology have divided and distorted into separate parts. Li reunites them into narratives, into delicate, unexpected jewellery forms to tell a story of the emotional experience of our lives in the city.


LAMP by Studio EJ

LAMP by Studio EJ 

Studio EJ

Founded by EJ Pak, Studio EJ is Seoul based design studio since 2013. She studied furniture design in Hongik University for her bachelor and interior architecture in Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for her master degree. With several years of working experience for architectural firms, she started her practice focusing on experimental and conceptual projects in a wide range of fields from small objects to space design. Her approach to design is to create a special and unique experience taking a fresh perspective on the mundane. 

To see more designs by Studio EJ, click here

To find out more about Made by Her by Design Pier, click here.  

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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