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8 Design Studios That Are On Our Radar

ByThe Artling Team
8 Design Studios That Are On Our Radar

Ra Wall Chrome Wall Sconce by Studio d'Armes

As we're moving into a new age of design, various design studios have made themselves known for their profound craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal with innovative ways of bridging art and design in one. The Artling is known for its prevalent contemporary design collection, and with new design studios emerging from the design world, we bring them to the spotlight here in our curated list of designers on our radar!


Lillies in the Lake by VOLVER


Clouds by VOLVER

Drawing elements from their original culture, VOLVER delivers a diverse range of vibrant artistic and expressive designs based on their Scandinavian roots in Oslo.

Abstract and full of character, their curation of premium rugs caters to private and public spaces that tie in any spatial compositions together and make an outstanding visual statement!


“succede glacé ” lamp by Studio Jephrim


“glace” lamp by Studio Jephrim

A studio based in Berlin and extraction from the creative mind of artist Stefanie Rittler, Studio Jephrim moves between the fine lines of contemporary art, design, and craft.

Known for the distinct look of glass tile lighting, Studio Jephrim explores an array of materials from small to big scale in inconvenient spaces and social constellations and extends the variety of compositions in her pieces.


Alex by Mas Creations


Andrea by Mas Creations

Delve into the universe filled with colors, contrasting materials, and textures with Mas Creations as they handle their craft in design with authenticity and personal touch.

Founded in Valencia, Mas Creations has been on the journey of experimentations and challenges in the way they approach their craft, expressing the singularity and personality of their growth as designers and hopes to draw excitement upon the use of their creations!

If you're looking for some enigmatic and modern lighting, Studio d'Armes has a delightful collection that feeds that aesthetic hunger! 

Crafted by a team of professionals, designers, and, craftsmen, this Canadian-based studio inspires unique emotional responses by weaving refined, distinct and timeless lighting that features extraordinary and disparate elements.


Vase PV03 by Barberini & Gunnell


Plates in Amber Onyx by Barberini & Gunnell

Timeless is the new classic and Barberini & Gunnell's creations are the epitome of it!

Founded by the architects and designers Francesco Barberini and Nina A. Gunnell, Barberini & Gunnell's passions lie in creating pieces far from industrial reality; one-off pieces and limited editions. Their creations' timelessness comes from their deliberate choice of materials, only selecting the most precious and retaining the maniacal cure for detail that emphasizes a high level of intricacy and quality.


Salt Filter Side Table Rose by Prince and Fox Studio


Cuddling Concrete | Rose Fade by Prince and Fox Studio

Making is also documenting, a principle honed by Prince and Fox Studio

Creations of Prince and Fox Studio encapsulate the romantic relationship between man and nature, an organic concept that embraces a sense of freedom with the use of raw materials and is gently introduced into your interior spaces. Each piece is crafted with the intention of enchanting its audiences with meditative tactility and an immediate connection with nature and weaves in the notion of functional fine art.


Swimming Pool Table Small by Estudio Rain


Arco Table Lamp by Estudio Rain

Modern and minimal is what makes the dynamic duo at Estudio Rain!

Formed by Ricardo Innecco and Mariana Ramos, also known for their specialisms in architecture and product design, this São Paulo-based design studio's craft is built on strong graphic and sculptural elements in their development of furniture, lighting, and objects. The Studio is located in the Barra Funda region of São Paulo, in a space that works as an atelier, and showroom and eventually be a host to studio exhibitions.


KHAMARA (L) by Makhno Studio


CRUST THICK by Makhno Studio

Fusing ceramics and lighting together is the distinct feature that makes Makhno Studio stand out!

Makhno Studio crafts are centered around contemporary Ukrainian style, intertwining Ukrainian traditions, forces of nature, and futurism, birthed from the mind of Sergey Makhno and the help of his team. Its collection of down-to-earth designs is set to shift the image of Ukrainian design and architecture, ultimately being an inspiration to fellow design enthusiasts and collectors!

We hope you've enjoyed our selection of design studios. If they piqued your interest, check out our curated design objects collection here. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, you can have a look at our art consultancy services, or chat with our expert curators on any product page.

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