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Designer Spotlight: Collectible Design


Designer Spotlight: Collectible Design
Installation view, Collectible Design Presented by Pun + Projects and The Artling

Collectible Design by Pun + Projects and The Artling is currently on show in Hong Kong! Featuring designers from India, Korea, Japan, Thailand & more, this pop-up looks towards highlighting more diverse and exciting design products from across Asia. Presenting over 60 works by 20 Asian designers, the curated showcase features limited edition design objects, tableware, furniture and other collectible design items. For some designers, this is also excitingly their debut onto the Hong Kong design scene.

Here, we shine the spotlight on the designers who have been selected for this first ever collaboration:



Linger Bench - Medium by alvinT, Natural Rattan 

Founded in 2006, alvinT is a Jakarta-based design firm that amalgamates Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage and artisanal approach with contemporary sensibilities. Authenticity remains the driving force behind our innovation. While they revere tradition, they seek for their products to stand as a testament of character in an increasingly homogenized world. As much as design should be seen, it should also be felt. All of their products are hand-made by skilled local artisans because they believe in delivering honest products that inspire genuine engagement, transcending the tethers of trend and time. Over a decade down the road, they now offer product designing, interior designing and art direction services, on top of their furniture business.


Apiwat Chitapanya

Zen Stone (Set), Lounge table and side chair by Apiwat Chitapanya. Brass, wood plate. 

Chitapanya fell in love with design during his Masters in applied art at Silpakorn University in Thailand. His early designs were accessory objects using ceramics, and wood, making small decorative objects. He then had opportunities to design with larger studios that allows him to try more methods such as stainless welding, working with metals, and brass castings.

His main concept with furniture design is to make items that are beyond functionality; by blending art and design together, he seeks to create unique identities that add value to his designs. He further merges beauty and artistic aesthetics into his furniture. He chooses metal as the main material for his designs due to its robust features and suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. He seeks to make his furniture items as valuable as a piece of art, above its function as furniture.



'me' mirror by BUZAO, Lava stone, aluminum, copper

BUZAO, a representative of young, rebellious and of spirited motivations, was launched in 2017. BUZAO is an offshoot of the pioneering and experimental design brand BENTU. Applying itself to an unconfined experiment, BUZAO focuses on presenting its personality through the exploration of materials. Its designs amplify what is already there, to reveal and enhance the innate self of the material, letting the material guide the design and dictate its outcome within its space.


Bowen Liu

WOO CANDELABRA by Bowen Liu, Walnut & solid brass

Bowen Liu is a furniture designer, artist, and fine furniture maker in New York City. She creates a unified sense body of work that enhances the conditions and the ambiance of contemporary dining and living experience. Her designs are focused on the materiality, the tactility, details, and the durability. Each work is designed and made to last because of her comprehensive understanding of natural materials and her exquisite skills.

Bowen founded her eponymous design studio and furniture company in Brooklyn, New York, in 2017, following her Master of Fine Art graduation from RIT.



Balancing Act and Lost In The Noise by Claymen, Stoneware Clay

Aman Khanna is a graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor and a visual storyteller. After graduating in graphic and information design from London College of Communication in 2004, he worked in London for a year and then set up his own design studio 'Infomen' in London in 2005 and 'Infonauts' in New Delhi in 2009, which he continues to run from New Delhi. His style comprises quirky characters and iconic forms for non-commercial and commercial work, which has drawn the attention of the viewers to the pages of many international publications including Harvard Business publications, The Times newspaper, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

Over the past three years he has increasingly gravitated towards ‘clay’, the most common and ancient medium used by humans to create everyday objects. Clay he writes “Has added a new dimension to my work. With this medium I began to explore the third dimension, creating small clay sculptures that are inspired by my surroundings and the people living in them. I call them claymen. Claymen are now divided into two broad categories: Functional and Dysfunctional."



Technicolour Marble Blue by Cleverclaire, Stool side table, Epoxy resin 

Technicolour Red by Cleverclaire, Stool side table, Epoxy resin 

Cleverclaire, Hee Kyung Sul, is a Korean based furniture designer who studied product design in England. After graduating, she went back to Korea and worked in the furniture industry as a designer for 3 years. During her work as a designer, she wanted to explore and spread her own design style. She decided to follow a master course at Hong-ik University to study furniture design in 2010. After experimenting with different techniques and materials, she chose epoxy resin as her main material in expressing her designs.

To her, epoxy resin embodies the following: fluidity, transparency and durability, which help her to realize her needs and inspirations. Cleverclaire’s creations are entirely related to colors. With epoxy resin, she has the freedom to express her inspirations through colour. Technicolor and Technicolor marble are made by layers of colored epoxy and by using different concentration of epoxy. The colorful and unique patterns bring a fun and a rhythmical feeling.  



Hill Bookend Black Lava & Cloudy Grey by Fabuless, Granite stone and marble stone

Fabuless was founded in 2017. It is a design studio that seeks to create extraordinary designs through the study of working patterns, through the lives of ordinary people. Yongphan Sundara-Vicharana and Apiradee Thairat, who both graduated in Industrial Design at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in 2017, established Fabuless Studio.


Hyfen / HCWD Studio

Hex Mirror - Copper by Hyfen/ HCWD Studio, Stainless steel. 

HCWD Studio seeks to explore new possibilities of human behaviors through object & space design. It is based in New York, specializing in art, architecture/interior design, furniture and product. The founders, Ye Liu & Hsin-Chun Wang, were one of the 50 Young Professionals of Red Dot 2016. They were also won the 2016 Best Designers/Best Design Studio from IFFS Singapore and were nominees of the German Design Awards 2016.

Their studio practices in art, furniture, lighting and space design. focusing on bridging human sense, physics, material and geometry, looking into the essence of routine subjects, extracting the critical elements from others, and linking them together to create strange-familiar new objects that recompose how we interact with environments and daily life.



Shallows S, M, L, by Kazunaga Sakashita for Industry+, Crystal glass

Luxury Studios S, M, L, by Studio Juju for Industry+, Acrylic

Collectible Design features designs by Kazunaga Sakashita as well as Studio Juju for Industry+. Industry+ dedicates to producing quality contemporary design products by Asian creatives. The name Industry+ refers to progressive design and manufacturing, coupled with quality material and innovative production methods. Through their network of designers, architects and artists, Industry+ wishes to develop original content that supports artistic expression, which reflects the brand’s philosophy and its approach to diversity in culture and disciplines. Industry+ engages with various forward thinking designers in a collaborative process that oversees the areas of development and production. Through design curation and product development, Industry+ aims to showcase the contemporary ethos of Asian design.


Jongha Choi

De-dimension Stool and Table by Jongha Choi, Aluminum. 

Eindhoven-based designer Jongha Choi creates a collection of benches and stools that transform from a flat, two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional functional object. This project is derived on the history of images and how one aligns with the human race. These days, images develop in different forms due to technology - these design pieces challenge perspective yet maintaining its function. Whilst images of these pieces are presented with flatness, first-hand experience with it allows for an experiential interaction with its three-dimensional reality.

Jongha Choi studied Fine Arts at Seoul National University in Korea, majoring in sculpture. To extend his practice, he followed his interest in design by completing a Masters degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands, in 2015. He went on to establish Jongha Choi Studio in Seoul, working between these various fields.


Kei Tominaga

BUD VASES - Small & Tall by Kei Tominaga, Sterling silver 

Kei Tominaga is London Based artist, originally from Tokyo. She studied metal sculpture and smithing at the Tokyo University for Art and Music . After completing her masters she started to experiment with product design in order to bring her work to a wider audience. In addition to designing several solo contemporary product collections, Tominaga has previously collaborated with several global architects and designers. Her latest work of jewellery, silverware and metalworks are a departure from her product design background, she brings the lightness, and also textures, of paper to her unique designs in precious metals.

"I cut, bend, fold, curve and stick them together, narrowing down the techniques in the process so the result is as simple as possible. I think it gives the object a strength that is simple and pure. I like sharp, straight edges just like folded paper. Completely flat faces or tightly curved edges give my work strength and tension.”


Lim + Lu

Split vases by Lim+Lu, Ceramic. 

Lim + Lu is an award-winning inter-disciplinary design practice initiated in New York, currently based in Hong Kong. Lim + Lu works internationally providing architecture, interior, furniture, and product design services. Co-founders Vincent Lim and Elaine Lu met at Cornell University during their architecture studies. Since both Lim and Lu were born and raised in the East, educated and practiced in the West, a balance of both cultures is essential to the duo and always translated through their design. Lim + Lu aims to initiate a constant dialogue between the user and the object through the user’s continual interaction with their designs. These designs are fully completed only through the actions of the audience.

Since its inception, Lim + Lu has won numerous awards and recognitions such as Forbes “30 Under 30” Asia 2018, Rising Asian Talent by Maison et Objet 2017, 40 Under 40 by Perspective Magazine, and the 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers in 2017 by AD China. Currently, Lim + Lu is working on projects in Hong Kong, New York, Copenhagen, and other cities.



Round Vase, Container and Mirror series in black by PATAPiAN, Bamboo strips, brass, copper, thai white marble. 

PATAPiAN is inspired by craft practices and contemporary aesthetics. Founded by Mr. Varongkorn Tienparmpool and Mrs. Supattra Kreaksakul, PATAPiAN is dedicated to weaving, art, object, and craftsmanship. They specialize in woven decorative items, including collection of home decoration, lighting, accessories, and artwork collection. They introduced the unique combination of fine weaving and contemporary design in creating new elegance of the elements between art and design.

The definition of PATAPiAN comes from the symbol that represents their childhood memories. Thai people are familiar with PATAPiAN and recognize it as a Thai local woven toy that uses traditional weaving techniques. They learnt this traditional weaving techniques from school. Nowadays due to our digital age, traditional craft is going to extinction. Thus, PATAPiAN realized the importance of traditional weaving technique and pursue to preserve this precious on an even more contemporary context.


Ok Kim

Merge Side Table #3B by Ok Kim, Side table, Natural laquer on steel. 

South Korean designer Ok Kim specializes in furniture, with pieces utilizing natural lacquer that has been reinterpreted in modern ways. Her works are dried after one layer of Ottchil (a Korean method of traditional lacquering), before going through 15-20 more layers in the same process. What is derived from sandpapering and polishing this are glowing colours blended and overlapped in harmony. ‘The Merge Series’ is one inspired by the sceneries of a temple and its surroundings. It is named this due to how there exists a symbiosis and interconnectivity throughout each piece, as well as to its counterparts.

Ok Kim was born in Busan, South Korea in 1983. She studied pottery at Busan Design High School and majored in wood art at Busan National University. When she was in the third year of college, she had a chance to visit Salone del Mobile Milano for the first time in her life. What she saw from the exhibition intensively captured her mind, and it was that exact moment when she started to dream to be a furniture artist.


Saccal Design House

Still life by Saccal Design House, Carrara marble, brushed brass 

Founded by sisters Nour and Maysa Saccal in Beirut, Saccal Design House aims to evoke emotion and instil a sense of wonder and ambiguity that is explored at different scales. Through product design, Saccal Design House explores design in different mediums and materials to invite motion and even a sense of confusion positively. Designed elements are not solely thought of as static objects, but instead as tools for engendering actions, reactions and sensibilities. They launched their first product collection in June 2015 in Beirut and have since been on a journey to showcase their designs around the world. Their philosophy is simple; whether it is a high rise or a piece of furniture, good design can generate emotion and make life a little more optimistic!


PileUp Life

PULI-014 Dining Chair by PileUp Life, Wood & metal. 

Originating from Taiwan, PileUp Life consists of two newcomers with backgrounds in traditional furniture. They combine design and craftsmanship by amalgamating traditional skills with modern ones. PileUp Life names their biggest feature as their modular furniture, with consumers able to select from a diverse range of parts to construct a piece that reflects their own personality. They state how they “want to let consumers bring home not just a chair, but a personal taste”.

They have consistently exhibited in Taipei, as well as at Bangkok Design Week and at the Salone Del Mobile Milano in Milan. Awards include the 2016 iMatch Award of Arts and Design, The 10th Taiwan Interior Design Award in 2017, and the 2018 Golden Pin Design Award for Product Design.



Geoffrey Table by Paribawga, Teak. 

Wave Cabinet by Paribawga, Teak, leaf gold, lathe. 

Paribawga, which means “furniture” in Burmese, was established by Pun + Projects in 2016 in Yangon, Myanmar. They offer contemporary furniture and interior objects that reflect the history and legacy of Myanmar materials and craft. Inspired textures and finishes evoke the moods and complexity of Myanmar’s natural environment, while modern lines and forms set their pieces squarely in the present.

All Paribawga products adhere to a simple design philosophy that relies on high-quality local materials, careful sourcing, and craft-based construction techniques. Furniture and accessories are manufactured locally in our factory in Myanmar, ensuring quality control every step of the way. Through two channels, the Paribawga Collection and our Bespoke services, they work with private individuals, commercial partners and interior designers to create and fit custom spaces all around the world.



Phan Collection - Lounge Chair by SSTEEL, Powder coated steel, HDF with teak veneer. 

With many years of experience in steel work, SSTEEL has a passion to pursue creative challenges whilst expanding their knowledge in this field. SSTEEL believes that creativity breathes life into everyday activities. Every design pieces that they have designed is a medium where they channel their creativities into whoever might own it, from its functionality to its ultimate design. Their works are deemed as art that enhances the visual ambience of spaces and sense of living.


Studio KDSZ

Li-Wai Series by Studio KDSZ, glass. 

Studio KDSZ’s philosophy is that of artisan, culture and creativity. In their designs, be it small or large scale, there is an emphasis on concept, simplicity, proportion, and the harmonies of relationships between lines and space. With their diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, their products perform strong qualities of design and bring new possibilities dedicated to the contemporary oriental and western lifestyle.

Over the course of a few years, KDSZ has been invited to the exhibition such as “ASIA TALENTS“ in BIG+BIH fair Bangkok, “KEEP IT GLASSY II” of SHMOG and “ALCHEMY” in SMB Berlin. Works have been published on international life style, design media including designboom, ELLE DECOR Italia and Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. In 2014, Li-Wai series was named “The Best Kitchen Gear” from FastCo Design and the "Embrace" armchair designed for Poltrona Frau Award 2015 received the 3rd of occupational design group.


For more information on Collectible Design presented by Pun + Projects and The Artling, running in Hong Kong until 28 October, click here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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