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10 Designers Share Their Creative Inspiration


10 Designers Share Their Creative Inspiration
Contemporary Hella Bench Silver - Chapel Petrassi

Whether you are a furniture designer, a ceramist, or a glassblower, design inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes! Inspiration is sometimes one of the most difficult challenges for a designer, as it can be tough to keep creating fresh unique works, day after day, year after year. Many designers look up to established designers, and some others find it in nature and personal experiences.

In this article, 10 Designers reveal how they find their creative inspiration and unleash their creative genius!

Ahryun Lee

Ahryun Lee is a full-time Ceramic Artist based near Munich, Germany. Her practice has developed in varied ways based on using a combination of professional skills alongside fundamental knowledge of materials.

"I am inspired by colors, textures, tactility, nature and childhood memories. My process is highly labor intensive work, every pieces is hand-made each texture unit is applied individually by hands. Each pieces is one-off and unique art work."

Popping colors and intriguing textures are the main feature of her work, the unique object is visually material-driven and highly skillful, which contains both aspects between tradition and contemporary and a kind of mix aesthetics in between Asia and Europe. While peering into the area between tradition and contemporary, Ahryun's objective is to create extraordinary ceramic pieces that draw a question about the definition of ceramics and blur the boundaries between Craft, Design, and Art.

Michele Oberdieck

Michèle Oberdieck is an artist and designer based in London, England. Her Inspiration comes from organic structures, and their erosion, as well as light and its capacity to reflect, and distort.

"I am inspired by natural forms and organic structures. I am interested in exploring balance, and asymmetry through shape, surface, and colour. Colour has always been a vital part of my work. My aim is to mirror the soft organic lines created when molten colour bleeds into the other with a biomorphic form."

Oberdieck attempts to replicate the tonal flows of colour often seen as distant light passes through layers of the horizon in her vessels. 

"I start with a drawing or painting, usually of a natural object I've found, and then make small models from clay, wax or glass. These are used as a maquette, which are then enlarged in the hot shop by glass blowing."

Chapel Petrassi

Chapel Petrassi is a contemporary design and manufacturing company based in Paris and Naples founded by designers Marie-Charlotte Bassi and Diego Petroso, specialized in handcrafted furniture and custom projects. Their inspiration comes from their contemporary art background and its influence on their path.

"Our approach to design is without rules. For us, creativity must be very fluid and can be contaminated by different disciplines (art, architecture, fashion...). We really like the idea of transforming a free concept into a concrete piece of furniture."

Chapel Petrassi is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and art fields with the high sense to detail. Its designs are the result of a permanent mix of different visual codes drawn from contemporary art, fashion, and youth culture.


"We realize contemporary furniture not only concentrated on function but also connected to different ways of living and use of space. We love the idea that our designs take part in homes, intimate spaces, places of leisure or work, bringing their identities and sharing feelings."

Bronsin Ablon

Bronsin leads the furniture design process for multiple guestrooms, restaurants, and turnkey suites, in addition to working on team-based product licensing initiatives. His studio, "Studio Bronsin Ablon" is built upon the idea that experimentation leads to creative success.


"I'm inspired by finding new ways to combine materials to create thoughtful furniture design. I use wood, metal, and textiles to create objects that push furniture design forward, challenging the definition of modern design."

His design starts as a synthesis of ideas that combine on the page. A sketch becomes a computer model which turns into a technical drawing. Soon a physical model is constructed and prototyped in order to become a production-ready design.

"Some Designers that have influenced my works are Furniture Designer Paul Evans, Architects Carlo Scarpa & Frank Lloyde Wright"


Privatiselectionem has a belief in architectural and interior design which has naturally developed into the field of product design. Privatiselectionem likes to invent and tell new stories. It walks its own path as it dares, disturbs, seduces, surprises. An accentuated simplicity, an emphasized shortcoming or an exaggerated proportion allows them to experience a new, sometimes unexpected, beauty, and harmony.

"Our platform is based on an abundance of contemporary textures and technologies that derive from a transformative construction of study, progress and appreciation of a design aesthetic which has spanned the centuries. The constructive interplay of this cultivated expertise, combined with a refined workmanship and experimentation with proportions, are the compasses that guide our creative process."

Kirsty Macare

Kirsty Macrae’s ceramics are an exploration of gesture, form, color, and place. She adds to the rich tradition in ceramics of painting onto the clay to document the world and to tell stories. Her work documents specific places, memories, objects she uses, and the music she listens to.

"Clay inspires me to show it off to its best ability. I explore it in various ways, whether that is by mastering coiling, developing a rainbow of colours, using thick porcelain slip in an impasto style, or forcing glazes to run. I’m interested in bringing those qualities out rather than reigning them in."

Kristy first started looking at the work of more contemporary potters like Simon Caroll, whose work also stems from the traditions of making from English slipware.

"At this point, I didn’t even know what slipware was, and the first time I saw this type of pottery I thought it was so ugly. But it also seemed so radical to me. It’s very simple too- a good clay, a slip and a glaze can create endless opportunity for forms and mark making. At the moment, I am really into the work of Willem de Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn & Alison Britton.

Objects & Ideas

Objects & Ideas is a Canadian design practice founded in 2015 by Di Tao and Bob Dodd. At Objects & Ideas, they say that the best products have a soul, a presence, something that speaks to them. They experience it as designers in their own studio with prototype designs, and sometimes simply sketches. Their Mono Chair was like that. It came out of an ideation process that started with a feeling they wanted to express – one single line drawn in space, twisting and turning to produce the fluid outline that was to become the Mono chair.

They often start with ideas, colors, and shapes rather than concrete plans to make a piece of furniture.

"We have a collection of aluminum tables for example, that is our response to the Northern Lights we see in the sky over northern Canada. The aurora became flowing ribbons of interleaved colour with thin streaks of polished bare aluminum, and those in turn became the DNA for a collection of tables."


Sebastiano Bottos

Sebastiano Bottos established his eponymous furniture brand in Pordenone, continuing a family tradition that began in the early 1900s. After completing his studies in Architecture at IUAV University in Venice, he participated in various international design competitions and exhibitions.

"I am inspired by Intelligence, creativity and beauty"

His collections are characterized by a constant exploration and research of new designs and materials. Combining innovative processing techniques with expert craftsmanship, Bottos brings to life distinctive and intriguing objects that will illuminate a modern home.

Brajak Vitberg

Brajak Vitberg is a young and new multidisciplinary design studio, founded by two architects from Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2019. They strive to design craft elements and make them timeless through the experimental designing process. The studio creates a range of products, from handmade and limited small series to one piece of unique products, inspired by materials and forms that create incomplete perfection.

"Our inspiration is everywhere and we try to connect every piece of moment that we see and feel and that was this collection about. Our inspiration of the cities we visited, problems of consumption and search of eternity are the starting points and initial goals of our design we made."

The focus of the studio is the conceptual search of eternity thought architecture, design, art, fashion, people, and the inspiration of the moment.

Brian Chaaban

Inspired by silhouettes found in nature, CHAABAN (pronounced shā-bon) sought to create a line of unique bronzewares and premium home accessories. 

"I am inspired by silhouettes found in nature - Our bowls, vessels, platters and vases have been hand-crafted with a specific focus to capture the details seen in branches, trunks and barks."

The natural edges, grains, splits and cracks are then interpreted and preserved using traditional bronze casting methods, successfully blending art and function, with the permanence of bronze. Artistic influences for the collection is drawn from the raw and brutalist styles of Paul Evans, Harry Balmer as well as modernist sculptures of the late Barbara Hepworth.

Inspiration is different for every designer, as is evident from what these designers have shared. They each have their own unique ways of expressing creativity through design - whether it's ceramic, contemporary furniture, or glass, their source of inspiration is a big part of the artistic process!

The Artling has a wide selection of designers from around the world with new artworks added to the site daily, click here to find out more!

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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