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Earthy Tones to Bring Warmth to Your Space

ByShuchita Kapur
Earthy Tones to Bring Warmth to Your Space

Arizona | Coffee Table by Joana Santos Barbosa

Now more than ever, our homes have become our sanctuaries. By it's very definition, this refers to a safe place, a haven; words that are synonymous with warmth and coziness. Earthy tones not only bring warmth to a space, they also have a timeless and balanced aesthetic that is inviting and friendly to anyone who might enter your home. This collection of design pieces range from ceramics, design objects to furniture and lighting. Earthy tones are the perfect balance between subtlety, elegance and boldness. They provide the perfect contemporary and calming environment. 

Keep scrolling to view these unique design pieces that make use of earthy tones: 


Arizona | coffee table - Joana Santos Barbosa

Part of the Arizona Series and created by architect Joana Santos Barbosa, this coffee table makes use of noble materials such as natural woods such as walnut and oak veneer and brass which resemble the many shades of sand. The structure and pattern of the table is inspired by 'The Wave' located in the remote location on Coyote Buttes in Arizona. This series of products recreates the natural forces of the place through the materials layering and the sensuality of its infinite curves.

This coffee table is the perfect statement piece which not only makes use of earthy tones, but is also shaped like like waves. 


Oca closet - Yankatu - Design With Sou

Designed by Yankatu and crafted by Brazilian Artisans, the Oca Closet. The aim of this closet is to introduce you to the Xingu river in Brazil and it's indeginous tribes. The closet has it's own soul, it is the tangible creation from the feelings and emotions of th Xingu. They used cotton threads dyed by Mattricaria, from Brasilia, with bark and leaves from trees harvested by Kulilkyrda on the outskirts of the village, creating a Xingu’s color chart.

"Yankatu was born out of my desire to translate the essence of Brazilian identity through art and a unique and timeless design"

The piece inspires us to believe that it is possible for innovation and tradition to coexist. Maria of Yankatu Design immerses herself in the root cultures and traditions of communities throughout Brazil and brings these creations to us.  


HANIWA 2 - Noe Kuremoto

Exclusive to the Artling, Haniwa 2 is a product by London-based ceramic artist Noe Kuremoto. Her pieces mix child-like simplicity with contemporary sophistication, and incorporate her background in Fine Art and design with her cultural heritage. The use of etruscan red clay gives this product it's warm red colour, which Noe loved so much she decided to leave it unglazed to emphasize on the natural texture and hue of the earthenware body. This piece can also be used as a vase. 


Poseidon - Annie Lyle

Designed and hand-crafted by ceramic artist Annie Lyle, Poseidon is a large hand-built ceramic pot that represents the natural human form. Annie is particularly inspired by water, which is how she foudn the name 'Ula' for her ceramic studio, which means jewel of the sea. 

"I am inspired by the shapes, creases, veins and colours of nature. I see plants as their own sculptures that I want to appropriate and recreate."

Annie uses clay as her main medium since it makes her feel closest to nature. This ceramic pot has a subtle and muted colour with hues of rusty red streaking their way around the pot. 


Sora - Susan McKinney

Sora is unique piece by ceramic artist Susan McKinney. 'Sora' means sky. Each Sora vase is made using gravity, the expandability of the woven structure, and it’s final firing to slouch the piece into it’s final resting position. She uses natural speckled buff clay, which gives the piece it's uniquely natural and earthy hues. 

"Things that are invisible - the space and energy that is normally unseen in everyday life. Air, gravity, etc. Studying nature is also an endless source of inspiration, being both perfect and wild, informs my process and forms."

Susan’s work is known for its expressive forms, uniquely woven style, and boundary pushing experimentation.


 Sonoran Desert: Whispering Globe - Ildikó Károlyi

The Whispering Globe is a ceramic object by artist Ildikó Károlyi. Whispering globe is wheel-thrown, masked, glazed, raku ceramic with gold-leaf applied.

"I'm inspired by the material: clay itself, and the endless possibilities it offers. I'm drawn by the organic and inorganic beauties of nature, the forces that shape our environment. I'm also inspired by enjoying the moments given."

The whispering globes are messengers that can serve as very unique and personal gifts for loved ones. You hold the globe with both your hands, think of someone you love and and fill the globe by whispering your best wishes. You then gift it to your loved one the Whispering Globe will reveal your good wishes to the right person if they listen carefully.  


"Toria" Table Lamp (Short) - Brian Chaaban

Designed by Hollywood-based Brian Chabaan and crafted by skilled, traditionally trained artisans. The "Toria" Table Lamp features a sculptural solid bronze base with linen shade. 

"I am inspired by silhouettes found in nature - Our bowls, vessels, platters and vases have been hand-crafted with a specific focus to capture the details seen in branches, trunks and barks."

These natural elements inspire the natural grains, cracks and edges found in Chabaan's pieces. The artisans then make use of traditional bronze-casting methods to blend art and function. 


Saia Pendant Lamp - Yankatu - Design With Soul

Designed by Maria Fernanda of Yankatu Design, the Saia Pendant Lamp is inspired by the music and dance genre that was born in Pará which mixes Portuguese and African elements. This lamp is part of the Carimbó series which mixes techniques from 3 different regions. 

The stringy elements of the lamp serve as the shade for the bulb put into the centre of the main wooden ring. The hues of tan,brown and cream are bound to fit well into any interior and provide an edge of playfulness as well as sophistication. 


 "Utopia" Fruitbowl and Vase - Atelier BAM Design

Designed and made by Brazilian-based Atelier BAM, "Utopia" is a modernist and geometric fruitbowl and vase made of copper and black wood veneer. Inspired by a minimalist aesthetic, this piece is ideal for the modern and mid-century interior. 

The copper metal is patined with nature's care product, carefully applying thin layers of vinegar, resulting in a rich and unique copper texture and colors. This product can serve as the perfect centrepiece and turn heads when finished with a simple floral and fruit arrangement. 


Symphony | stool - Joana Santos Barbosa

Inspired by Ludwig Van Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, the Symphony stool is designed Joana Santos Barbosa. The transitions between the dramatic vibrations and the melodic softness, is represented by two elements of the stool. The top comprises of white Mongolian lamb fur and the base is hand-crafted in rustic oxidized brushed brass with gloss varnish. 

"My creations are influenced by nature, architecture, art and music, as my work process is very personal and reveals events that, at some point, crossed my journey. "

The constrast between these two materials serve as a visual and tangible representation of the contrast between the musical tension and smooth irregular movements in Symphony no.5. 


Soft Satellite - Erin Turkoglu

Designed by Helsinki-based Erin Turkoglu, Soft Satellite is a table lamp with a porcelain base and a diffused glow. The subtle colours of the lamp along with it's minimalist composition makes it an ideal addition to any space. 

"Her work is influenced by poetry, architecture and archeological archetypes as well as exploring the boundaries of material and process."


We hope you liked this collection of earthy tones in design and were inspired by the warmth they can bring to your homes. You may view more contemporary pieces of design offered by The Artling here

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