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11 Emerging Abstract Artists On The Rise


11 Emerging Abstract Artists On The Rise
Skyline I - Davide De Palma

Abstract art is an incredibly versatile genre wherein the artwork is a representation of an element from the real world using shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks but detached from its truest form. This non-objective, non-representational form of art highlights the artists' interpretation of reality by replicating the essence of objects from real life in a simplified or reorganized way.

In the past, we've looked at best abstract artworks that have and continue to make significant impacts on the genre of abstract art. However, there are also emerging abstract artists worth taking notice of. Shining a well-deserved spotlight on these exceptional creatives, we’ve compiled these 11 abstract artists who are steadily climbing their way to the top of the field or have already done so.

Composition No. 143 - Sumit Mehndiratta

Composition No. 143 - Sumit Mehndiratta

A self-taught multidisciplinary artist from India, Sumit Mehndiratta has pursued Master of Science in international fashion marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He has worked with online art galleries and exhibited his works, both group and solo shows across the UK, UAE, Japan, Italy, China, and India. He has also worked on several projects in the US, UK, and UAE.

Sumit enjoys making artworks from different mediums that please the mind and soul of the individual. Describing his style of work, the Delhi-based artist avers, “My main genre of work is nature and abstraction, which is prominent in most of the works. I love abstraction and the fact that everyone perceives it differently. It brings me pleasure to see how people relate to different shapes and colors, and interpret them differently.”

Sumit works aren't restricted to one style or medium of work. His works range from generic mediums such as canvas and paper to digital art, mixed media, wall sculptures, and photography.

Sumit also focuses on giving back to nature from what he earns as an artist. On collecting Sumit Mehndiratta's artwork, you help him contribute 10% of his earnings to an Animal Welfare organization based in Delhi called Friendicoes ( who treat and shelter injured animals from the city.


LINGER - Hazel Wu


IMMERSE - Hazel Wu

Singapore-based Hazel Wu is an interior designer by day, self-taught artist by night. Each piece she created started off with vague imagery of her deep thoughts, subsequently conveying to the canvas sheets. Working with acrylic and ink on canvas, her works are purely abstract, intuitive to the current moment when the brush is in her hands. In her world, inspiration comes from everywhere and not everything needs to be logical, pretty things can be inspired by silly things.

Wish You Were Here 3 - Tomas Vu

Wish You Were Here 3 - Tomas Vu

Tomas Vu creates dynamic intricately layered works in printmaking, mixed media, performance, and installation, often imbued with both personal and political undercurrents. From hand-crafted paulownia wood surfboards and his seminal Flatlands series to his ongoing collaborative performance installations titled Green Go Home and Do We Dream Under the Same Sky?, Vu explores through myriad visual modes the iconic clash between man and machine, and nature and technology.

Vu received an MFA from Yale University. He has been a professor at Columbia University School of the Arts since 1996 when he helped found the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies and has since served as the Director/Artistic Director of the center. Vu has exhibited his work in numerous exhibitions worldwide. He was recently awarded the 2018 John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry Program as an artist-in-residence in Kohler Co.’s Pottery and the 2017 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award. In 2002, Vu was granted the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Award and in 2001, the Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship Award.

there is no place like home V XXL - Bea Garding Schubert

there is no place like home V XXL - Bea Garding Schubert

Bea Garding Schubert is a German artist who creates abstract works that inspire hope and happiness. The more you look at Bea’s works, the more you’ll see. Windows, plants, and words emerge out of the abstracted image - a surreal world of tranquility beneath the surface.

The artist studied art at the Braunschweig University of Art in Germany (Painting/Prof. Hermann Albert). After her fine art degree, she traveled the world for 8 years, eventually settling down in Mallorca and La Palma/Canary Islands. Bea Garding Schubert started her international carrier in 2007. She has exhibited her work around the globe, from New York to Beijing. The German embassy in Athens holds a number of her paintings.


Some days are full of memories - Alex SanVik


Catch the wave - Alex SanVik

Alex SanVik was born in 1989 in the USSR. He is a self-taught artist and painting has always taken a special place in his life.

Alex SanVik's abstract expressionist paintings concentrate on concepts such as truth, love, simplicity, and harmony. The emotional impact of the image is always the main focus of his paintings. Working with acrylic on canvas or paper, Alex SanVik creates original artworks with rich colors, forms, and textures. He paints with his heart and gets inspired by the surrounding world.

Through the titles, Alex SanVik gives viewers direction for reflection on his paintings. However, the artist believes that art is subjective and the audience gets to create their own story by the emotions that surface. After all, abstract art is called art, due to the ability to evoke emotions in the viewer. And its essence is revealed exactly through the viewers and cannot exist outside of them.

The artist's artworks are presented in private collections in Belgium, Great Britain, Thailand, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia.


 Sisters not Twins (1) - Tarini Ahuja


untitled (metal clouds-4) - Tarini Ahuja

Tarini Ahuja was born and raised in New Delhi, India. She graduated from high school in New Delhi in 2009. After which she enrolled at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore where she completed her Foundation in Visual Arts in 2010 and graduated with a B.A. (Honors) in Fine Arts in 2013 from Goldsmith’s, University of London.

On graduating she moved back to her hometown – New Delhi where she worked on a series of commissioned works for Sculpture Square Art Gallery in Singapore. She has exhibited her works in several shows in the Capital (India Habitat Centre, Lalit Kala Akademi) and Internationally (Singapore, Seoul, London). Her work is undergoing a transition due to her return to Delhi from Singapore. The drastic change of landscape has led her work to move from pristine whites, clerical greys, sensitive blues and garden greens to dusty, earthy shades, chaotic hues and dramatic contrasts.

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, Tarini Ahuja’s work provides the viewer with a sense of positivity and peace. She aims to create, through her paintings a space for solace and reflection, an escape from the mundane.

Her journey into understanding and consequently relishing the complex language of abstract art started with an idea. The idea that the language of Abstract art needs to be learned through practice, exploration, patience and most importantly an open mind. She created her own visual language over a period of time through a series of rules and processes that turned in to a ‘code’. The medium of abstraction left her with enough space for spontaneity and impulse while the ‘code’ along with the concept of ‘Ma’ helped keep her relatively grounded and focused.


Landscape V - Ruwan Prasanna


TWILIGHT XII - Ruwan Prasanna

Ruwan Prasanna is a determined emerging talent who has come a long way since exhibiting in the 2004 Kala Pola. Prasanna completed one year of his fine arts degree at the University of Visual and Performing Arts only to divert to the advertising industry where he continues to work to-date. In 2010 Ruwan Prasanna held his first solo show at Paradise Road Galleries; the show was a sell-out. Birds inspire Prasanna's abstract compositions and they continue to be presented as an evolving series of work titled 'Bird Unknown'. The form and color often resemble a flock or a cockfight, with calmness in the overall composition that provides the balance and creates harmony therein.


 I LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE - Maria Regina Coeli Manese


IN BLOOM - Maria Regina Coeli Manese

Maria Regina Coeli A. Manese was born on August 27, 1978 in a family of artists.  Coeli has not received formal training to produce her work with acrylic, oil and mixed media.  Her paintings fall into the category of abstract expressionism, influenced by the works of established artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Franz Kline, and Cy Twombly.  Every painting Coeli produces is a form of biblical worship, which explains the lack of singularity of a theme in her oeuvre.
It is only after three years of painting full time, in July 2018, that Coeli decided to open her work to the public and had her art exhibits at various galleries in the Philippines


Web (Red Tap) - Sujin Wattanawongchai


Untitled (Blue) - Sujin Wattanawongchai

Sujin Wattanawongchai is a contemporary artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. His thought-provoking artworks arrived from his reading, traveling and current events. Sujin created abstract paintings relying on feelings, emotions, and imagination.

Wattanawongchai was born in 1970 in Thailand. In 1993 he received his Bachelor's from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, and in 1998, his M.F.A. in Fine Art from Fort Hays State University. He lived in New York from 1999 to 2003, and then returned to Bangkok to open his own studio.


Le blè au vent - Davide De Palma


Sky transition, quadriptych - Davide De Palma

Born in Benevento in 1978. Davide De Palma spent his childhood in Pago Veiano village in the province of Benevento cultivating from an early age a love of drawing, music, poetry, and literature. He wrote his first poems at the age of twelve while learning guitar and cultivating a passion for drawing. Davide graduated from a technical institute in Benevento and passion for Art in 2003 led him to Bologna where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Davide is currently in Montefalcone di Val Fortore. The constant in his life is the love for the art, the search continues deepening of the sense and ways of expression of emotions. His preferred artistic movement is abstract impressionism and informal art and the technique is oil on canvas, using brushes, palette knife, and fingers.

Brilliant and Mellow - Tran Tuan

Brilliant and Mellow - Tran Tuan

Tran Tuan's abstract painting is unique. It's different from other abstract paintings because it’s spiritual of Eastern painting. His artwork "My Hanoi city" was ranked third in the top ten of the competition "Bright light-Big city" organized by Saatchi Gallery-London-May, 2013. Abstract paintings of Tran Tuan is intense. He always works with the medium of oil on canvas. Minimal and often viewed as being simplistic, Tran Tuan's artworks are enriched by his use of vivid colors and generous layering techniques. The results are incredible paintings that give the viewers a glimpse into Tran Tuan's innermost thoughts.

Born and living in Vietnam, Tran Tuan is an established painter whose paintings have found their way into the hands of private collectors in Europe, Asia and America. Tran Tuan graduated from the Fine Art University in Hanoi and has exhibited his art in Vietnam, Paris and New York.

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