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Esplanade 80by80


Esplanade 80by80
By Yeo Chee Kiong. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.

Look forward to the last quarter of the year as Esplanade celebrates their 15th anniversary with so much in store!

From October 2017 to January 2018, you can expect many creative activities, art exhibitions, performances and workshops presented across the centre's venues. With the theme, 'Every Body', Esplanade aims to delevop a sense of community; bringing together not only established and emerging artists to collaborate, but also warmly welcomes you  to join them in this experience.

By Susie Wong. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.


80by80 is an exclusive exhibition by 38 different local artists that have journeyed with the centre over the past years. They have been invited to each create a unique work measuring 80cm x 80cm, relfecting their personal style and ideas within the designated square. The artists involved are as follows:

Ahmad Abu Bakar, Angie Seah, April Ng, Ashley Yeo, Ben Puah, Chen Sai Hua Kuan, Chiew Sien Kuan, Christine Lim, Chua Boon Kee, Chua Chye Teck, Deanna Ng, Delia Prvacki, Ernest Chan, Ian Woo, Jeremy Hiah, Justin Lee, Mrydette, Lim Soo Ngee, Lina Adam, Miguel Chew, Milenko Prvacki, Oh Chai Hoo, Quek Kiat Sing, Raymond Yap, Speak Cryptic, Susie Wong, Tang Ling Nah, Tay Bak Chiang, Tay Bee Aye, Tay Questal, Teo Huey Ling, Victor Tan, Vincent Leow, Wang Ruobing, Yeo Chee Kiong, Yeo Shih Yun, Yong Kah Kin, Zai Kuning.

By Victor Tan. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.

By Ahmad Abu Bakar. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.


The showcase will be located at the Esplanade Tunnel from 13 October 2017 to 3 Jan 2018, with plenty of time for you to check them out! Take a sneak peek at some of the creations that await you.

By Delia Prvacki. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.

By Yeo Shih Yun. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.

By April Ng. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.

All of the works displayed will be up for grabs at an auction will taking place from 19 October 2017 to 19 November 2017. With this auction, Esplanade aspires to do more for local artists and most importantly, bring you more inspiring art programmes and exhibitions in the future. 

Find out more here.

By Chiew Sien Kuan. Image Courtesy of Esplanade.

By Ernest Chan.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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