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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Into Art Week Parties


Everything You Need to Know About Getting Into Art Week Parties
Image courtesy of Art Stage Singapore

Singapore Art Week is just around the corner and this year’s edition promises to be even bigger than the last! This means more exhibitions, more events and… more parties! If you haven’t yet received an invite to one of the exhibition openings or received a VIP pass to Art Stage, don’t fret – there’s still time. Here is our guide on how to get in the door and what to do once you do!

Image courtesy of National Arts Council

Contacting the Right People

Sometimes it’s just about knowing who to contact in order to get invited to events. Call up the galleries that are hosting the exhibition opening you want to attend or, even better, if they have a PR team, contact them directly. Be polite and express your genuine interest in the event.


Sign Up to Mailing Lists

If you visit galleries on a regular basis, it’s always good to leave your details in the visitor guestbook or sign up to their mailing lists. Often, galleries send out updates about events and openings throughout the year directly to your inbox – no effort needed! If it’s too late to do this, sign up anyway to get notified for the next edition of Art Week and other art events throughout the year. Also, if you’re not already on The Artling's mailing list, sign up now for notifications and invitations to upcoming events, exclusive to our subscribers!

Bonus tip: if you’ve already signed up for gallery newsletters and haven’t received an email, check your spam folder – your invitation might have just gotten misplaced.

Image courtesy of Art Stage Singapore

VIP Passes

This is slightly trickier than getting invited to a gallery opening. Often VIP passes for art fairs can be purchased, but this is usually at a premium. If you have a friend who is an art collector, or your company is a sponsor, you might have a chance to get a pass for free. It might also be worth a try calling up the fair, but don’t harass them for one – they’re usually already swamped with calls this close to the event date.


So, you’ve finally gotten invited to an event (or events), what do you do now?



Once you’ve gotten an invitation, it’s always good to respond and confirm your attendance. This way, the gallery can know how many people to expect, and can prepare enough information kits and drinks so they don’t run out that night.

Image courtesy of Gillman Barracks

Dress Codes

Some invitations come with dress codes, so remember to read the details properly. If you’re attending a Vernissage event, then it might be worth it to dress your best. Otherwise, something comfortable will serve you well, since you’re probably going to be doing a lot of standing around.

Image courtesy of Indesign Live

What to Bring

For ladies, bring a shoulder bag or something hands-free; with a drink in one hand and a catalogue in the other, you won’t have another for your clutch. Bring name cards – many! If you’re going to more than one event at Gillman Barracks, bring a fan, as galleries can be quite spaced out and there is no air-conditioning between them. Also, always carry some cash as not all events offer an open bar.


Most importantly though, remember to enjoy yourself!


Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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