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Exhibitions to Visit this October: Hong Kong


Exhibitions to Visit this October: Hong Kong
Installation view of ‘Constructing Mythologies'. Images courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery.

With galleries continuing to thrive within the iconic architecture of H Queen’s, it’s no wonder how these spaces continue to bring us a whole host of exhibitions. Big name galleries such as Hauser & Wirth held off with opening their space in Hong Kong until H Queen’s came along and constructed the ideal conditions for the commercial art scene, with President Iwan Wirth even stating that “with H Queen’s, the stars aligned”. This isn’t to discount the grandeur of high ceilings and heritage that Pedder Building provides, continuing to house works by blue-chip artists represented by galleries such as Gagosian. Between these two contrasting spaces, a cluster effect has definitely been in action, allowing gallery-hoppers to maximize their time, drawing them into easily accessible locations. For the month of October, The Artling Artzine brings to you these exhibitions to visit in Hong Kong: 


Image courtesy of Galerie Ora-Ora. 

Black: Recategorize at Galerie Ora-Ora 

Galerie Ora-Ora challenges us with the question, “What is black?”. Entitled ‘Black: Recategorize’, this exhibition seeks to explore the means in which black has been depicted, its symbolisms and nuances as a colour that is often dismissed and disregarded due to its ubiquity. This exhibition features works across an array of mediums, from paintings to contemporary ink, new media and low-relief sculpture, and seeks to shed light on this colour, “at once rejecting and confirming a variation on the age old maxim, that black is the new black”.

‘Black: Recategorize’ features artists Carla Chan, Juri Markkula, Patrick Nilsson, Xiao Xu, Huang Dan, Cindy Ng Sio Ieng and Zhang Yanzi.

‘Black: Recategorize’ is on show until 13 October 2018.
For more information, click here.


Marilyn Minter, Last Sleepy Angel, 2017. Image courtesy of Lehmann Maupin. 

Marilyn Minter at Lehmann Maupin

Lehmann Maupin presents Marilyn Minter’s first ever exhibition in Hong Kong. Exhibiting recent paintings and photographs, Lehmann Maupin showcases a continuation of Minter’s oeuvre that features women in art and media. Renowned for her raw, honest, and sometimes explicit imageries of women, Minter pushes the boundaries of themes of beauty and glamour. She does so by exposing the “double standards that influence women’s identities”, and “presents brazen alternatives to the depictions of women that we consume daily”.

Minter’s celebration of the female form is derived from the 20th century subjects that inspire her, portrayed in the form of the female lounging nudes as seen in works by Pierre Bonnard, Paul Cézanne and Edgar Degas.

‘Marilyn Minter’ is on show at Lehmann Maupin un the 27 October 2018.
For more information, click here.


Hank Willis Thomas, 'Hands Up! Don't Shoot!' (Red on Blue, Hong Kong), 2018. Image courtesy of Ben Brown Fine Arts. 

'Hank Willis Thomas: My Life is Ours' at Ben Brown Fine Arts

Ben Brown Fine Arts presents work by Hank Willis Thomas. ‘My Life is Ours’ is the artist’s first solo show in Asia. It seeks to expose Thomas’s artistic exploration through his retro-reflective works based on the photographic documentation of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. He examines issues surrounding identity, race, intolerance and protests over the course of history, urging viewers to reflect on the perpetuality and universality of such themes.

The activation and engagement of the retro-reflective material in these works require literally slows down the viewing experience and offers an opportunity for examination and contemplation, which is ultimately what interests Thomas most as an artist.

‘Hank Willis Thomas: My Life is Ours’ is on show until 27 October 2018.
For more information, click here.


Bram Bogut, Gray and Blue, 1954. Image courtesy of Pearl Lam Galleries. 

'Vis-à-vis' at Pearl Lam Galleries

Taking place both in their H Queens and Pedder building branches, Pearl Lam presents a dual-space group exhibition in Hong Kong. This exhibition, ‘Vis-à-vis’ encourages viewers to consider the agency of gestural abstraction through sculpture. Featuring artists Bram Bogart, Rob Gorchov, Michael Staniak, Frank Stella, Su Xiaobai and Zhu Jinshi, this exhibition uncovers the grey areas of medium – the not-painting, not-sculpture and not-architecture.

It further seeks to uncover the term ‘autographic mark’, derived from the aesthetic lexicon that emerged with the rise of abstract expressionism. These ‘marks’ embodied a post-war exuberance, where gestural abstractions have since evolved in many directions. ‘Vis-à-vis’ examines six currents of such gestural mark-making that questions its function of abstraction in our current cultural climate.

‘Vis-à-vis’ is on show until 2 November 2018.
For more information, click here.


Oscar Murillo, catalyst #25, 2017 (detail). Image courtesy of David Zwirner Hong Kong. 

‘Oscar Murillo: The Build-up of Content and Information’ at David Zwirner

An exhibition featuring paintings and works on paper by Oscar Murillo, ‘Oscar Murillo: The Build-up of Content and Information’ marks the artist’s first solo show in Asia. Born in Colombia, Murillo has been based in various locations, providing vast insights into the world, making works both in the studio and on the road. He states how "Constant transnational movement has become an integral facet of my practice. Flight becomes not just a means of travel but a sacred ‘other’ space, the aeroplane seat itself becoming a unique ‘studio’ at a remove, a non-place which is both physically confined and freed from being in any real geographical location."

He is also known for engaging with a wide array of mediums, from paintings, works on paper, sculptures, installations, actions, live events, and collaborative media. Through his command of gesture, form, and spatial organization, Murillo is able to convey a complex and nuanced understanding of the specific conditions of globalization and its attendant state of flux, while nevertheless maintaining the universality of human experience within this milieu.

‘Oscar Murillo: The Build-up of Content and Information’ is on show until 3 November 2018.
For more information, click here.


Takashi Murakami, DOB's March, 1995. Image courtesy of Gagosian Hong Kong. 

'Change the Rule!' at Gagosian Hong Kong 

Gagosian proudly presents ‘Change the Rule!’, featuring new paintings and sculptures by Takashi Murakami. Best known for blurring the lines between fine art and commercial art, Murakami is also known for coining the term “superflat”, which explores the aesthetics of Japanese artistic tradition against the nature of post-war Japan and its society; this “superflat” theory has been used in Murakami’s own works and has influenced an array of other Japanese artists.

Once again, Murakami seamlessly blends imageries derived from commercial influences, anime, manga and traditional Japanese styles and subjects. This reveals themes and examinations into the past and present, East and West, technology and fantasy. By engaging with dystopian themes and contemporary nuances, he brings about narratives that transcend the non-conformist legacy of eighteenth-century Japanese artists in this exhibition, also known as the Edo-eccentrics. ‘Change the Rule!’ exposes concoctions of Murakami’s own imageries where each new combination in turn generates new meanings.

‘Change the Rule!’ is on show until 10 November 2018
For more information, click here.


Tetsuo Mizù. Image courtesy of Whitestone Gallery

‘Tetsuo Mizù: Mizù in Hong Kong' at Whitestone Gallery

Whitestone Gallery presents Tetsuo Mizù’s solo exhibition at H Queen’s, Hong Kong. Inspired by the coded system of international maritime signal flags, this exhibition showcases the artist’s body of abstract works.

Mizù’s motifs of maritime signal flags make him a very unique artist; working with the coded system of international maritime signal flags, where the alphabets embed different meanings, with different sets of colors and patterns, an assortment of primary colors and geometrical shapes are put together to create meanings, in order to communicate between ships at sea. Mizù fuses these patterns with the memories of his stay in Italy and the times he played flag games with his daughter, to create soft hued rhythmic patterns that signals abstraction.

‘Tetsuo Mizù: Mizù in Hong Kong' is on show until 28 October 2018.
For more information, click here.

Installation views of ‘Constructing Mythologies'. Images courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery.

‘Constructing Mythologies' at Edouard Malingue Gallery 

Situated a stone’s throw away from Pedder Building (a 4-minute walk to be exact), Edouard Malingue Gallery presents ‘Constructing Mythologies’, curated by Caroline Ha Thuc. This exhibition seeks to explore social constructions surrounding certain mythologies in Asian countries such as Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Vietnam, where some mythologies serve political agendas and others are generated by collective beliefs.

This further exposes how mythology has the capacity to both invigorate society of limit its scope of expression. In response to these myths, art opposes its own fictional and independent discourses. “Everything can actually become a myth, everywhere: the five featured artists reflect on this ongoing dynamism that is constantly at work and shapes our vision of the world.”

‘Constructing Mythologies’ is on show until 18 October 2018.
For more information, click here.


Collectible Design - Presented by Pun + Projects & The Artling 

Pun + Projects & The Artling are having their first-ever collaboration: a curated showcase of collectible design items from a select group of Asian designers, taking place in Hong Kong from 17 – 28 October 2018.

This pop-up looks to feature a curated selection of design objects from regional designers from India, Korea, Japan, Thailand & more.

To get a sneak peek of the designers and items that will be featured, click here
To find out more about this first-ever collaboration, check out our event page here.


Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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