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Exhibitions to Visit this October: Taipei


Exhibitions to Visit this October: Taipei
"Gimme A Hug" by Poren Huang, Image courtesy of Powen Gallery

Autumn has finally kicked in and it’s a perfect weather to walk around the city of Taipei and visit art galleries. Here are some art galleries you can visit this month of October. 


An installation view of 'Imagery of Yore in Rear View — Hantoo Art Group 2017/1998' at Tina Keng Gallery

Image courtesy of Tina Keng Gallery

Tina Keng Gallery

Imagery of Yore in Rear View — Hantoo Art Group 2017/1998

Yang Mao-Lin, Wu Tien-Chang, Lu  Hsien-Ming, Kuo Wei-Kuo,  Lee Ming-Chung, Yang Jen-Ming, Lien Chien-Hsin, Lai Hsin-Lung, Tang Tang-Fa, Tu Wei-Cheng, Deng Wen-Jen, Chu Shu-Hsien, Chang-Ling,  Chen Ching-Yao

23 September - 19 November 2017

This exhibition features new and old works of the 14 members of the Hantoo Art Group. It is divided into two sections: the 2017 section which consists of the artists’ latest works and the 1998 section which features sketches, manuscripts, and found objects. The Hantoo Art Group was founded in 1998.    

"Long Long Live" (2013) by Yao Jui-Chung

Image courtesy of Liang Gallery


Liang Gallery

The Aftermath: The Lift of Martial Law

Hsia Yan, Wu Yao-Zhong, Xindian Boys, Hsieh Chun-Te, Mei Dean-E, Wu Tien-Chang, Wu Mali, Watan Uma, Chen Chieh-Jen, Chen Chih-Cheng, Wang Chun-Chieh, Huang Hsin-Chien, Yao Jui-Chung, Chen Po-I, KAO, Jun-Honn, Chiu Chen-Hung, Hsu Chia-Wei, Hsu Che-Yu, Wu Chi-Yu, Lin Yi-Chi, Chang Hao-Ning

7 October - 5 November 2017 

Curated by Lin Chin-Ming, the exhibit titled “The Aftermath: The Lift of Martial Law” explores the development of visual arts in Taiwan over the past three decades since the Martial Law was lifted. This exhibition also surveys the past and serves as a jumping-off point for the future of Taiwanese contemporary art.

"Gravity and Grace" (2016) by Shinji Ohmaki

Image courtesy of Mind Set Art Center


Mind Set Art Center

Gravity and Grace

Shinji Ohmaki

21 October - 25 November 2017

Comprising of white steel sheets with paper-cut patterns and customized lighting equipment inside, Shinij Ohmaki’s public installation is the main attraction of the exhibit. When the light is turned on, it travels through the gaps and projects silhouettes onto its surroundings, creating a unique visual experience. The exhibit will show works from the same series that was featured in Aichi Triennale.

"Rocks with Plum-Blossom 3" (2017) by Zhou Ming De

Image courtesy of SOKA Art Center Taipei


SOKA Art Center

In the Mountains

Zhou Ming De

9 September - 15 October 2017

Zhou Ming De’s contemporary ink on paper renditions of traditional Chinese landscapes culminate in this exhibit titled In the Mountains.

An installation view of 'A Space Between Dimensions' at Double Square Gallery

Image courtesy of Double Square Gallery


Double Square Gallery

A Space Between Dimensions

Chu Teh-I

23 September to 29 October 2017

Curated by art critic Feng Boyi, the exhibit features works of Chu Teh-I during the past two years. The artist is known for his works that have contrasting colors which exude intense emotions.

"On the Road" (2017) by Hsu Yinling

Image courtesy of Project Fulfill Art Space


Project Fulfill Art Space

Side Wall  

Hsu Yinling Solo Exhibition

9 September - 14 October 2017

This exhibition showcases nine works of the artist during her artist-in-residence at RUD AIR in Sweden. Her works reflect the relationship between violence and human nature.

"Family" (1923) by Léonard Foujita

Image courtesy of Galerie Nichido


Galerie Nichido

Yōga: Modern Western Paintings of Japan

Foujita Léonard Tsuguharu, Hayashi Takeshi, Ishikawa Kinichiro, Koide Narashige, Miyake Kokki, Nakagawa Kazumasa, Satomi Katsuzo, Umehara Ryuzaburo

5 October - 14 October 2017

The exhibition features works by Japanese Modern Masters who influenced the development of modern art in Japan and Taiwan. It also revisits the historical changes observed in Japanese Western painting.

"Gimme a Hug" (2017) by Poren Huang

Image courtesy of Powen Gallery


Powen Gallery

Permanent Exhibition

Poren Huang 

7 October – 29 October 2017

Poren Huang’s dog sculptures series called The Dog’s Notes explores themes of pride, wealth, loyalty, success, and love. His iDog series takes on a more futuristic appearance with a wider snout and bullet-like face. By humanizing this loyal animal, he is also relating his own story. Poren Huang's dog scultpures are exhibited side by side with paintings and clay models of American artist Peter Opheim.

An installation view of 'New Works: Makoto Fujimura Solo Exhibition' at Artrue Gallery

Image courtesy of Artrue Gallery


Artrue Gallery

New Works: Makoto Fujimura Solo Exhibition

19 September – 31 October 2017 

Through his works, Makoto Fujimura merges contemporary art and Nihonga, the traditional Japanese painting technique. For the artist, this new series of paintings is a way of honoring his late father. His works delves into the human nature, culture, and faith, all of which originate from the depths of his soul and hopefully touch others’ as well.

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