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Explore Singapore Art Gallery Weekend 2023

Explore Singapore Art Gallery Weekend 2023


Explore Singapore Art Gallery Weekend 2023

Singapore's vibrant artistic community is gearing up for an exciting event that will captivate art lovers and collectors from around the world. The Singapore Art Gallery Weekend, which will take place from September 15 to October 1, 2023, will coincide with major events such as the Grand Prix, TOKEN2049, and Singapore Design Week. This annual gathering, organised by the Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS), pays tribute to Singapore's diverse range of art and cultural manifestations.

Masanori Handa, toononefurino, 2016, Watercolour, oil pastel on paper, 110 x 110 cm, image courtesy of Ota Fine Arts.

Singapore Art Gallery Weekend is known for introducing a diverse range of modern and contemporary artworks by both local and foreign artists. The latest iteration promises an unrivalled and deeply engaging experience, inviting participants to embark on a compelling exploration of the city's visual panorama.

Those interested in art can explore a wide range of shows in the #GalleryHopping section, finding lesser-known treasures and meeting emerging artists. The hashtag #LivingWithArt refers to specialised tours of personal art collections that offer insights on the practise of incorporating art into daily life. Under #TheArtLifestyle, an extraordinary opportunity to secure a digital NFT token develops, opening doors to VIP activities and a variety of lifestyle benefits that significantly enrich the holders' experience. The #TalkingAboutArt category includes a series of educational public debates centred on art, allowing interested persons to become more deeply involved in the local visual arts scene.

Neha Vedpathak, Relief and Ecstasy, 2022, Plucked Japanese handmade paper, acrylic paint, thread, acrylic polymer, 41.9 x 35.6 cm.

#GalleryHopping This year's edition has a major attraction: a retrospective of the renowned Nanyang School artist Cheong Soo Pieng, whose indelible imprint on Singapore's art history is generally acknowledged. Individual showcases will also be held by well-known artists such as Natee Utarit, a leading painter in Southeast Asia; Brandon Tay, a recent standout in digital arts; and Hazel Lim, a highly acclaimed designer known for her work in crafts and design. The Private Museum will celebrate the opening of its new location on Wilkie Road with a solo exhibition of Kumari Nahappan's works. Furthermore, at the Arts House, a GPSS 2023 (F1 Grand Prix) official feature, an exhibition featuring ten artists' upcycled art made from floodlights that previously illuminated the Formula 1 Night Race takes front stage.

Hiroshi Senju, Waterfall on Colors, 2022, Pigments on Japanese mulberry paper mounted on board, 194 x 486 cm.

#LivingWithArt In addition to the exhibitions that highlight both known personalities and upcoming talents, the Singapore Art Gallery Weekend features a variety of precisely curated projects to complement these offerings. These include a wide range of activities, from enlightening conversations to lifestyle-focused events. Lifestyle-focused programmes, such as a presentation by noted interior designer Andrea Savage, will be held by GALLERY1819 in association with Tatler Homes. Guided tours of art collections tastefully set amid a collection of heritage Peranakan structures are also on the schedule. The programme also includes rare tours of privately held art collections in Singapore, coordinated by key tastemakers in the contemporary art scene. These tours demonstrate the possibility of incorporating art into living areas.

#TheArtLifeStyle This year's Singapore Art Gallery Weekend will take on an unconventional approach by selling a digital NFT token. This token, created by CrowdServe, local digital ticketing company, acts as a doorway to a variety of special VIP programmes and advantages for token users. Unique morning tours, guided explorations of curated hotel art collections, immersive experiences with luxury brands, complimentary beverages, food and beverage benefits, reduced rates, personalised concierge services, and, most notably, the token itself is a collectible NFT artwork. The NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (NTU CCA) will hold a public event at Gillman Barracks to commemorate its tenth anniversary.

#TalkingAboutArt In addition to an exciting roster of exhibitions and events, the Singapore Art Gallery Weekend includes an educational component in the form of a series of talks. These lectures cover a wide range of topics in order to provide a more in-depth understanding of the world of art and art buying. These range from studying art history to investigating investments in the art sector and grasping the larger art ecosystem. These discussions are invaluable for both art aficionados and collectors, increasing their awareness of the artistic environment.

Zai Kuning, We Are Home And Everywhere 4, 2023, Batik dye, tumeric, chili powder and ink on paper, 58.8 x 43.1 cm, Image courtesy of Ota Fine Arts.

"We conceived Gallery Weekend in September 2023 as an additional phase within Singapore's cultural timeline, providing a distinct rhythm in contrast to the well-received Art Week held in January," said AGAS President Ms. Audrey Yeo. "This unique occasion highlights galleries' year-round dedication, underscoring their commitment to delivering exceptional artistic content across the entire island." Gallery Weekend, in contrast to Art Week, which focuses on the art fair, encourages art enthusiasts to adopt a scattered encounter, strolling between galleries and activities on foot, becoming completely engaged in the enormous array of visual and cultural interactions our city has to offer."

Singapore Art Gallery Weekend 2023 is a reality owing to the support of AGAS members, associates, and different partners, whose efforts highlight the importance of art and cultural activities in Singaporean culture. This event represents Singapore's commitment to encouraging creativity, fostering innovation, and positioning itself as a renowned cultural centre in the area.

Please visit the official website for more information and to remain up to date on Singapore Art Gallery Weekend 2023. Participate in social media debates using the hashtag #SGGalleryWeekend, and look forward to an enthralling celebration of Singapore's art and culture landscape!

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