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Georgetown Arts Festival 2016


Georgetown Arts Festival 2016
'Boy on Motorcycle' by Ernest Zacharevic.

Last month, The Artling team took a trip down to Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia to catch up on the arts & culture scene at the annual Georgetown Arts Festival 2016!

Here's a peek of where they went and what they saw.

Georgetown is well-known for their street art and it certainly didn't disappoint! 

Mural by Loo Lok Chern aka 'Cloakwork'


Hin Bus Depot Contemporary Art Space 

The Hin Bus Depot, a contemporary art space in a converted bus depot space hosted a group show of artists from Penang and Gwangju. 

'Drowse' by Annabelle Ng
183 x 183 cm
Metal, Wood, Recycle Paper, Photocopy Print on Paper, Crayon, Acrylic
'Sometimes Silence Became Endless' by Junyoung Yoon
53 x 63 cm
Indian Ink on Paper, Conte
A group show of young local artists at The Art Gallery at China House
'Gift from Madagascar to Nowhere 2' by Nik Shahfiz
Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 120 cm 
'In Other Side' by Syukur Rani
Acrylic on Canvas
151 x 121 cm

A special visit to lcoal artist, Philip Hemnell's Private Collection!  

Philip Hemnell's Private Collection 
South Korean artist Lee Nam Nam's 'Good Morning Digital' show at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee
Co-founder of the iconic Burning Man Festival, Larry Harvey, and prolific Cambodian director Rithy Panh talking about humanity and The Arts at the E&O Hotel
An old residential building located on Love Lane
A visit to Fuan Wong's art sculpture garden filled with organic glass sculptures located about 45 mins away from Georgetown.
The garden features numerous outdoor sculptures from various local artists.
Sculpture piece by Jonathan Yun
'Street Art Penang Style' by Mike Gibby

To find out more about Penang and its art, check out this brand new publication, 'Street Art Penang Style', by Mike Gibby. 

"A stunning 300-page visual record of Penang street art and its evolution. Your favourite artworks are sure to be included, as are many now lost to the ravages of time, the elements or indeed, to not meeting Council guidelines."

For more information on the Georgetown Arts Festival 2016, click here

Any views or opinions in the interview are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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