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Getting into Details: The Metaphor of Time and Growth


Getting into Details: The Metaphor of Time and Growth
Corinne de San Jose | Rafael T. Napay. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS

SILVERLENS will be kicking the year off with two exciting solo exhibitions from 13 January to 10 February 2018, featuring Ugat by Rafael T. Napay, alongside I've Been Hiding in the Smallest Places by Corinne de San Jose together in one venue! Similar in concept and elaborated in design, the works of both artists seem to draw great attention to the intricacy of details comprised within the larger framework, making their ideas further articulated and encounters rewarding.

Exhibition view of Corinne's works. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS

I've Been Hiding in the Smallest Places is Corinne's 8th solo show with SILVERLENS, and it sees a series of schlagmetal on photographs orderly mounted to the wall. They illustrate the artist's skin; albeit macroscopic and abstracted, they almost represent an array of self portraits where the metal leaf traces the cracks indented on the epidermis, marking wisdom that ultimately comes with age.

"Slide 8" (2017) by Corinne de San Jose. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS

As she turns 40, Corinne becomes increasingly aware the inevibility of aging and chooses to confront this through her monochromatic pieces, and in a greater sense, addresses the theme of mortality where the works serve as a reminder of one's vulnerability to physical death. As the fissures continue to contour into its own terrain of change and impermanence in this process of growth, the showcase can now be predicated as her past work - details unrecognizable even to herself - affirming recurrence and repetition as constant themes that revolve around her works. 

"Slide 9" (2017) by Corinne de San Jose. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS

Parallel to Corinne's, Rafael Napay will be launching his first solo show with the gallery. Expect a presentation of tapestries, sculptures and a large weave painting that forms a natural landscape comprising of foliage, roots, water, and flora imageries. Quite the contrary in appearance to the one formerly mentioned, visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the burst of color offered from the works displaying in Ugat.

"Ground" (2017) by Raffy Napay. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS


The spectacular algamation of vibrant colors are not the only thing to look out for in this, but also the artist's interesting choice of materials that he has experimented with and grow to love. Amongst conventional options like paint, working with thread and textiles is now the artist's favourite!

With a needle for a paintbrush and thread/textiles for paint, Napay would approach his present works as he would a painting before. Comparable to a collage, he selects different pieces and patterns of textiles he plans to sew together and commits them on a canvas, resulting in different engaging imageries of nature that is symbolic to all people.

"Sewing Machine and I (Sea)" (2017) by Raffy Napay. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS

"Sewing Machine and I (Field)" (2017) by Raffy Napay. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS

'Ugat', a Filipino word for root and vein, plays as a metaphor for humankind's interconnectedness in Napay's works. It is his intention to illustrate the act of binding and sharing personal experiences, in a manner where each piece is made up of meaningful considerations of subject and ideas, weaving them together as a common process of growth and evolution. Within a thoughtful spectrum of colors, Napay's tapestries are guaranteed to impress while it spans across the gallery space to provide a breathtaking experience not to be missed!

"Buhay" (2018) by Raffy Napay. Image Courtesy of SILVERLENS



Catch 'Ugat' and 'I've Been Hiding in the Smallest Places' from 13th January 2018 to 10 February 2018 at SILVERLENS, Philippines, 2263 Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati City 1231, Lapanday Center. Click here for more information!

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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