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Highlights From JINGART 2021

ByJessica Chua
Highlights From JINGART 2021

Entrance of JINGART, Image courtesy of JINGART

Established in 2018, JINGART is committed to forging synergies between the dynamic culture of Beijing and the international art market. The fair's third edition was back at Beijing Exhibition Centre from 10 - 13 June, showcasing the best of art and design across diverse categories and eras. Complementary to its physical presentation is the launch of PLATFORM unit, which sought to provide stakeholders with a high-quality online display and communication platform. 

Beijing Exhibition Centre, Image courtesy of The Artling

Visitors could navigate JINGART’s dense array of selections with reference to three highlight sections. The first one, titled ‘Thematic Presentations of Modern and Contemporary Art’, saw the return of world-renowned galleries along with the premiere participation of 25 galleries. Exceptional artworks that reflect both foreign and domestic perspectives were showcased.

Two noteworthy mentions amongst seasoned galleries are David Zwirner and Galleria Continua. The former introduced the audience to 20th century master artist Giorgio Morandi, as well as his contemporary counterparts Luc Tuymans and Michaël Borremans; The latter bedazzled the crowd with the creations of acclaimed artists like Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley, and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Installation View, David Zwirner, Image courtesy of The Artling

Installation View, Galleria Continua, Image courtesy of JINGART

The fair’s new booths included a mix of discrete presentations and group exhibitions. Almine Rech featured artists such as Vivian Springford, Matthias Bitzer, Li Qing, and Kenny Scharf, while Line Gallery presented the brand-new paintings of Yin Chaoyang, Li Jin and Li Jikai. For group exhibitions, Capsule Shanghai held one for Cai Zebin, Ivy Haldeman, Chen Litong and Sarah Faux. Zheng Guang Tang Oriental Arts also curated ‘DIVINITY OF WHITE - A Brief History of White Porcelain’, which displayed 24 pieces of Chinese white porcelain dated from 2,500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.

Almine Rech, Image courtesy of JINGART 

Another highlight section of JINGART 2021 is ‘Design and Decorative Arts’, which sported an impressive variety of intricate objects and fine jewelries: Gallery All displayed the sculptures and paintings of Tan Zhipeng, James Jean, Trent Jansen, Fernando and Humberto Campana, and Maarten Baas; Barry Friedman Ltd. shared the beauty of antique furniture and decoration artworks for the 18th and 19th century; Objective spotlighted American artist Vincent Pocsik, whose work is both sculptural and functional, balancing between beautiful and grotesque; Jiang Jia Ban offered a unique interpretation of  Buddhist art by integrating elements from Han Dynasty statues with contemporary design. Furthermore, jewellery brand FENG. J HAUTE JOAILLERIE presented 8 pieces of painting-like lacquer on precious metals. 

Installation View, Gallery All, Image courtesy of The Artling

The final highlights section ‘Special Projects’ refers to JINGART’s collaborative projects with multiple artists and partners. A few of them combined ancient and modern culture to demonstrate the development of global art in various dimensions. Examples include Qiu Zhijie’s artwork that combines traditional ceramic with modern communication methods, Chen Baoyang’s use of augmented reality to transport the audience into the wormhole of Nuwa (the mother goddess of Chinese mythology), as well as Dayu’s gene editing practice. ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair and NET-A-PORTER also joined hands to create the ‘Incredible Female Artist Award’, which culminates in the group exhibition ‘What Do We Talk About When We Talk About FemaleArtists?’ by its ten nominated artists. 

In these ways, JINGART builds a diverse and inclusive platform for local and exhibitors alike, explores the integration of traditional cultural history with contemporary art, and establishes Beijing art ecology system in a holistic way. 

Installation View, Chen Baoyang, Image courtesy of JINGART

Installation View, Hive Art Center, Image courtesy of The Artling


Established in 2018, JINGART aims to combine the dynamic culture of Beijing with the international art market. Presenting the best quality art and design of different eras and genres, JINGART builds a diverse platform for local and international exhibitors, collectors, artists and art lovers. JINGART is managed by the team of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair and is held in Beijing in May every year.

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