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Hong Kong Art Week 2017 - The Fair and Beyond


Hong Kong Art Week 2017 - The Fair and Beyond
The rooftop of Para Site - one of the peripheral art events we visited in Hong Kong!

At times the commercial aspect of art fairs can be quite exhausting, with artworks being de-contextualised when placed adjacent to each other between the booths. The Artling team took the time between the fairs in Hong Kong to visit some of alternative art spaces on the island; Hong Kong is famous for being land-scarce and as such, property prices can get astronomically high and art spaces have to get pretty creative! Scroll down to see some of the interesting spaces we checked out on our trip.

Para Site is located at Wing Wah Industrial Building in Quarry Bay


'Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs' is a group exhibition currently on show at Para Site, which is housed across two floors and a rooftop


An installation view of the exhibition


"No Title" by Sheela Gowda constructed from hair, rope, shells and metal


"The Intermediate - Domestics od Double Eggy Swirls" by Korean artist Haegue Yang at the exhibition




"One Square Metre Island" by Map Office, a multidisciplinary platform devised by Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix  - a duo based in Hong Kong


Exhibition guides provided by Para Site


Industrial features at Para Site are left exposed, which gives the space a very different feel from other institutions


"The Reverse Collection" performance by Tarek Atoui, Shane Aspegren and Takuro Mizuta Lippit set up


Stone instruments were part of the performance at Para Site


Ho Siu Kee performed "Sand Cone" at the opening reception of 'Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs'


Going up? Para Site also has a rooftop space which has additional exhibiton space


Checking out the view at Para Site's rooftop


A look at the installation "Towatds A Mystical Reality" by Sulaiman Esa and Redza Piyadasa at Para Site's rooftop gallery space




Art always makes us jump for joy!


The Artling team treking across the three floors of Para Site


A tea specially prepared by artist Kingsley Ng at The Pawn for his experential artwork "25 Minutes Older"


We boarded the "25 Minutes Older" tram, which had an upper deck transformed into a large-scale camera obscura that projects images of the streetlife that the tram passes by, meandering through the city and through time


"25 Minutes Older" involved 25 minutes of us listening to spoken fragments of Lau Yee Cheung's "Tête-bêche (《對倒》)", a popular novella said to have inspired Wong Kar Wai's movie 'In the Mood for Love'


We dropped by 100ft Park - a gallery that is literally 100ft large located in this non-descript area above a hardware store - on our way to Things that can happen


Things that can happen is a non-profit space in the unlikely area of Sham Shui Po


Things that can happen arose out of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong


On show currently is '"Tick-Tock": An Exhibition by Yang Chi-Chuan (Part I)'


Things that can happen's exhibition space retains various elements from past exhibitions, serving almost as an index of their exhibition history


A detailed look at one of the works by Yang Chi-Chuan




Chi-chuan presents an ongoing project which comprises of voice recordings of the artist reading her own daily writings that reflect and accumulate her everyday experiences, thoughts and memories.


Another piece by a previous contributor to the programme at Things that can happen


The office at Things that can happen where things happen


A view from the Things that can happen rooftop of the local architecture in the area


The K11 Mall features art by various artists including Zhan Wang


The Chi K11 Artspace at K11 Mall featured the exhibition 'One World Exposition 2.1: #like4like'


'One World Exposition 2.1: #like4like' puts social media issues and practices at the forefront



"YOGAMAYA" by Tianzhuo Chen


You'll be needing these for...


Sun Xun's "Magician Party and Dead Crow"



A quick stop at Spring Workshop before our visit to Blindspot Gallery


Jinag Pengyi's solo exhibition 'Away frim Disgrace' at Blindspot Gallery


The exhibitions showcases Jiang's experiments of photographic materials 'nspired by French surrealist philosopher Georges Bataille’s text 'L’Erotisme'


Interesting architectural details at Blindspot Gallery


We also visited Lee Yun Hee's solo exhibition 'Sublime Journeys' at Art Projects Gallery


'Sublime Journeys' is a showcase of Lee's latest collection of ceramics works inspired by the 14th century Italian Poet, Dante Aligheiri’s pre-eminent literary work, "The Divine Comedy".


A detailed look at Lee's intricate ceramic works


Installation view at de Sarthe Gallery



For more on Hong Kong Art Week and the fairs, click here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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