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House of Strawberries: An Immersive Installation by JUJU WANG


House of Strawberries: An Immersive Installation by JUJU WANG

As the first exhibition in our Shanghai private viewing space since the COVID-19 crisis, we are pleased to present House of Strawberries, a solo exhibition by acclaimed Chinese-American artist Juju Wang.

This site-specific installation serves as a representation of the influences we have on our surrounding environment. The artwork provides a timely consideration of humanity's impact on the planet. 

As you enter the gallery space, you are confronted by a white cube, through which you will enter the artwork's immersive environment. The inside of the cube consists of mirrored strips along the walls, and careefully placed porcelain strawberries that intersect the mirrored portions. Entering the House of Strawberries, one sees a fragmented version of oneself, providing a quiet place for contemplation and consideration of the work's broader themes. 

The artwork explores the symbolism of motherhood and childhood, in terms of the 'self'. The artist imbues the artwork with this personal and intimate message through the use of strawberries -- her daughetr's favourite fruit. These fruits reference youth and infancy, the simple joys of life, and the ease of making decisions by following your heart, without getting lost in the rationality of a multitude of potential options and outcomes. 

The visual simplicity of the artwork, using a black and white minimalist palette and spatial design, is juxtaposed against the more complex concepts of the artwork. The strawberries are made from Chinese porcelain, and are hand-made, thus each piece is entirely unique and different from the other. The use of porcelain for the artwork evokes nostalgia, and is a nod to the artist's roots, while also celebrating the importance of craftsmanship and local traditions. 

In the same manner that the strawberries are easily bruised and are very fragile, the installation focuses on the fragility of self and nature, identifying with a constantly changing society and the social, psychological and physical impact that our actions have upon us and everything that surround us.

The strips of mirror within the space invite viewers to participate in the act of self-reflection. It is hoped that through this effect and implication of the infinite, we are reminded of the responsibility that we each have in order to preserve history, to respect our personal growth journeys and to protect our environment so that the future has the fighting chance to be a better version of what we’re living in today.


The individual strawberries are available for purchase as a set of 10, or if you're interested in finding out more about the overall installation artwork, register your interest here



JUJU WANG Chinese-American installation artist, graduated from UC Berkeley. Known as the interactive magician in the field of art, mixing Chinese culture and traditions with contemporary visual and techniques. Her works have been exhibited in China, U.S., France, England, Switzerland, Korean, and have received wide attention. At the same time, she has had numerous successful collaborations with top luxury brands including ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, DIOR, CANADA GOOSE, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY, YSL etc. In 2019, JUJUWANG was one of the three global talents to receive “Swarovski Designer of the Future Award”. She was also awarded "Future Leader of the Year" by AmCham Shanghai the same year. In 2020, she was enlisted as one of the young artists on the "Youth Power 30 list" by "Art Power" China.

Exhibition Dates: 30 April - 30 July 2020
Address: 1F, Building 31, No. 322, Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai
Opening Times: By Appointment Only

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