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How to Buy Art Online: Top Tips for Beginners


How to Buy Art Online: Top Tips for Beginners
'San Francisco, California (Golden Gate Bridge)' (1979) by Tseng Kwong Chi (Image courtesy of the artist and Ben Brown Fine Arts)

You see a piece of art online. You love it. You want to buy it. But you don't know how. Check out these tips for buying art online!

It is increasingly popular to buy art online nowadays. Many collectors will tell you that art collecting is like love at first sight. When you see something that resonates with you, you feel that tingling feeling—the urge to get to know more about the artist—and eventually to own the artwork.

Think about how much time you spend every day browsing the Internet. It is incredibly satisfying to scroll through social media, such as Instagram, to appreciate works of art, especially when you can access websites with your smartphone anytime, anywhere. As the art world goes digital, art becomes demystified and more accessible. This is why buying art online has become incredibly convenient.

But how do I start to buy art online? you may ask. Although the choices are endless, make sure you pay attention to the following:

'The Life and Death in Venice' (2010) by Ming Wong
Image courtesy of the artist

1. Authenticity and Research

When you buy art online, make sure that it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is a very important document which is signed in order to prove that the work you are purchasing is authentic.

Other than that, make sure you do your homework and research as much as you can about the work. With the internet, you can access a great amount of information and find answers at your fingertips. If you cannot determine whether the answers are reliable, you can always ask the experts! You can approach galleries and send them your questions - they are not as intimidating as you think!

Or you can simply send your questions to us. Here at The Artling, we research all of the galleries and artists featured on the site. Our specially curated online collection of Asian contemporary art features some of the top galleries and artists in Asia.

Our artists page is arranged in alphabetical order for easy navigation. On each artist profile, you will find biographical information, such as when and where the artist was born, where he or she is based, and their achievements. On the profile, you can also view the artist's works of art which are listed on The Artling for sale.

2. Selecting Works of Art Online

When you browse art online, you can apply filters according to your preference. If you have a budget, you can select your price range. Looking for works of art from a specific region and of a certain medium? There are filters for that. You can even select the color, size and orientation to match your requirements.

Sounds convenient? Well, it is! Suppose you'd like to find a mixed media painting in blue color for your wall, simply check the boxes with the keywords! Ready for the result? Here it is!

What about the size? How do I tell how it looks on a wall? you may ask. The Artling offers the "View in Room" feature which allows you to preview the size of the work in relation to the average spectator. What's more, you can zoom in and see the details of the work of art.

Click "add to my favourites" button below the work if you'd like to revisit the masterpiece later!

Virtual installation view of 'New World Order' by Peisy Ting

Image courtesy of the artist and The Artling

3. Shipping and Insurance

When you buy a work of art you love, you would want it to be handled and shipped by professionals. Ideally, when you buy art online, you should pay attention to which professional art handler will be used, as well as the art insurance that comes with it. For large-scale works, it is better to confirm what the arrangement will be, and whether custom-made special crates are needed to handle the works during art transport.

Shipping fees vary according to the duties and taxes chargeable based on the location of your country. The size of the work also determines the shipping cost. Works that are more expensive generally have higher insurance fees. You need to be aware of such costs in order to ensure that your beloved purchase arrives in optimal condition.

'55' (2013) by Gaylord Chan
Image courtesy of the artist and Hanart TZ Gallery


Now that you have read the tips, you know that buying art online is not that difficult after all. What are you waiting for? It's time to consider starting your own collection.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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