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Inside and Outside | Claude Viallat & Wang Yi


Inside and Outside | Claude Viallat & Wang Yi
克洛德·维尔拉_1974-145_纺织物丙烯_280×222cm_1974. Courtesy HdM Gallery.

HdM Gallery is pleased to present “Inside and Outside”, a dual show of Wang Yi and French artist Claude Viallat. Opening on the 16th of May, the show will include the latest works of Wang Yi and 6 works of Viallat including a work dating back to 1974.

克洛德·维尔拉_2015-072_纺织物丙烯_97x80cm_2015. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

克洛德·维尔拉_2016-066_纺织物丙烯_204x124cm_2016. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

克洛德·维尔拉_2016-393_纺织物丙烯_225x392cm_2016. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

The show originates from both artists’ preoccupation with production processes, colours and construction. A founding member of the Supports/Surfaces movement, Claude Viallat has been obsessively repeating the same pattern since the late 1960’s. Using numerous types of cloths, garments and textiles and hundreds of different color combinations, he has been building a coherent corpus of works for the last 50 years thereby gaining a position at the forefront of French contemporary art.

王一_重叠2018-2_铝板综合材料_90×90cm_2018. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

王一_重叠2017-12_铝塑板上综合材料_60×60cm_2017. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

王一_地点2014-5(1)_布面丙烯_120x120cm_2014. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

王一_全景2018-3_铝板综合材料_60×30cm_2018. Courtesy HdM Gallery. 

Since his first solo show at J Gallery in 2012, Wang Yi has also pursued the same goal relentlessly. Using acrylic and transparent paint on canvas and aluminium, he has experimented dozens of colour combinations in impeccably geometrical constructions, seeking to make perfectly produced works where the hand of the artist becomes almost invisible. 

All text and information above by HdM Gallery. 

HdM Gallery
798 Art District
No 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015

Exhibition Period: 
16 May - 23 June 2018

Exhibition Hours: 
11am - 7pm

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