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Inside Asia's Most Instagrammed Museum


Inside Asia's Most Instagrammed Museum

About an hour's ride away from Manila is the Pinto Art Museum, also known as Asia's most Instagrammed museum according to data Instagram collected on their top geotagged locations. Located in Antipolo city, the contemporary art museum covers 1.2 hectares with seven open-air art galleries and lush greenery surrounding it. The artworks can be found all over, within the galleries and sculptures dotted around the gardens. 

The museum was founded by neurologist and collector Dr. Joven Cuanang, to house and share his collection of Filipino art. As you walk through the gallery spaces and gardens, you can spot all of the biggest names in Filipino modern and contemporary art, as well as works by more emerging artists. 'Pinto' means door in Filipino, reflecting the museum's goal to provide insight into modern and contemporary art. 

A room filled with works by Raffy Napay
"Alamat ni Lam-Ang" (2012) by young artist Rodel Tapaya

Detail view of Pamela Yan-Santos's "Please Handle with Care, version 2" (2009)

The architecture throughout the property is inspired by Mediterranean villas, and you can easily forget that you're in the Philippines as you wander through the museum. The open-air rooms allow for a lot of natural light in the galleries illuminating the artworks (although they may also give art conservators heart palpitations...).

"Future violence no.1" (2010) by Costantino Zicarelli

Walking through the museum's galleries it's clear to see why it's in the top 25 of the world's most Instagrammed museums -- the architecture and landscape surrounding the buildings are beautiful and you really feel transported. There is also no shortage of people posing and taking photographs with the art or in the gardens. 

Beds across the property were actually taken from the owner's hospitals, and are meant to invite visitors to relax and enjoy their surroundings


Here are some highlights of Instagrams taken at Pinto Art Museum: 


Address: 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sundays, 9am-6pm

Find out more about Pinto Art Museum here.



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