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Interview with Naohiko Kishi, Executive Producer of Art Fair Tokyo


Interview with Naohiko Kishi, Executive Producer of Art Fair Tokyo
Naohiko Kishi, Executive Producer of Art Fair Tokyo (Image courtesy of Japan Times)

This year will be the 11th edition of Art Fair Tokyo. What new and exciting things can we expect from this year’s fair? 

100KIN is our new project, you can check our press release Vol.6 online. 


Tell us a bit about the selection process for the works that will be featured in this year’s fair. Will there be a theme this year? 

ART IS A LIFESTYLE is our theme for this year.


One of the things that sets Art Fair Tokyo apart from all the other international art fairs is that you place antiques and craftwork alongside art – this is not surprising as such works are very much a part of Japanese culture. Have you seen a shift, either positive or negative, in the collection of these works in recent years? 

All the works which we selected and show on our fair express their positive improvement year by year. 

First time exhibitiors at this year's fair, Gajah Gallery is showcasing this work by Indonesian artist Yunizar
Image courtesy of Gajah Gallery

If we only had an hour art Art Fair Tokyo, what are the highlights that we really shouldn’t miss? 

100 KIN, FACE UP and our solo show “ DON’ T FEEL, THINK." 


Faced with an increasingly globalized world, it is important to assert oneself in the international art scene. How do you think Art Fair Tokyo compares to other international and regional fairs? What makes it different? 

We have a lot of excellent domestic galleries. Compared to other international art fairs, we place antiques and craftwork alongside art.

"Tamatsubo" by Kayoko Mizumoto presented by KOGEI@kassi selected by MITSUKOSHI
Image courtesy of Art Fair Tokyo

Do you think the fluctuations in the local currency over the past couple of years and the slowdown of the global economy will affect fair activity this year? 

The Yen weakens are our important economic policy, so a lot of Chinese come to ART FAIR TOKYO looking for good artworks with reasonable price. 


What are some exciting Japanese artists and galleries that we should be looking out for in particular? 

We suggest all the galleries who participate in our fair!

"Spatial Concept, Attesa, (Green), after Lucio Fontana (Dalla seie Pictures of Pigment)" by Vik Muniz presented by nca | nichido contemporary art
Image courtesy of Art Fair Tokyo 


The Artling is proud to be an Official Media Partner of Art Fair Tokyo 2016.

For more about Art Fair Tokyo, click here.



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