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An Interview With Saskia Fernando of Saskia Fernando Gallery


An Interview With Saskia Fernando of Saskia Fernando Gallery
Ms Saskia Fernando of Saskia Fernando Gallery (Image courtesy of Saskia Fernando Gallery)

Name: Saskia Fernando


Title: Gallery Owner

Saskia Fernando Gallery in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Image courtesy of Saskia Fernando Gallery

Artists represented: Abdul Halik AzeezChandraguptha Thenuwar, Firi Rahman, Gayan Prageeth, Hanusha Somasunderam,  Jagath Weerasinghe, M. Vijitharan, Mika Tennekoon, Muvindu Binoy, Nadia Haji Omar, Nuwan Nalaka, Pathmal Yahampath, Prageeth Manohansa, Pramith Geekiyanage, Priyantha Udagedara, Rajni Perera, Ruwan Prasanna, Sarath Gunasiri Perera, Saskia Pintelon, Scott Gardiner, Sujeewa Kumari, T.Shanaathanan


Upcoming exhibition/s:

September - Hanusha Somasunderam  

October - Cassie Machado

November - Saskia Pintelon

December - Priyantha Udagedara

"Untitled VI (2016)" by Pramith Geekiyanage
Acrylic on Canvas / 132cm x 132cm / 52.0″ x 52.0″ / Unique Work / US$ 2,365
Available on!

A typical day for me is…

I have no typical day and try to keep it that way. I'm between offices, workshops and studios continuously. In addition to my work as a Gallerist I design jewellery and work with my family businesses, and I love that every day changes. 


My advice for someone who wants to start collecting art is…
Take your time to find work that you like. Walk into galleries and ask them to pull work out for you and give you as much information as possible.  Collecting art is personal and when you decide to buy a piece it should be one that you connect with that is also a good investment. 

"Camouflage Shades" (2004) by Chandraguptha Thenuwara
Acrylic on Canvas / 92.0cm x 122.0cm / 36.2″ x 48.0″ / Unique Work / US$ 3,200
Available on!

You started Saskia Fernando Gallery in 2009 in Colombo Sir Lanka. What inspired you to start a gallery when no one else was doing it professionally?

That in itself was my inspiration. I enjoyed the work I did with artists beyond organising their shows in my previous experience as curator of Paradise Road Galleries. Within myself I always wanted to become an artist but I never pursued it, my gallery gives me the opportunity to be a part of the, more often than not, private world of the artists I work with.

"Shoe Mafia" (2016) by Abdul Halik Azeez
Canon Lucia Ink on Enhanced Matt Archival Paper / 61cm x 89cm / 24.0″ x 35.0″ / Unique Work / US$ 825
Available on!

Asia is often considered one of the fastest growing art markets globally. What do you think are the greatest challenges of owning a gallery in Sri Lanka?

The local market for art is perhaps the greatest challenge. Art has yet to catch on with those who are able to invest in good art locally which means most of the work purchased leaves the country. We started a platform called Collectors Desk last year which aims to change this by providing the corporate sector as well as individuals with the information on how to collect, invest and support the art industry.

"Landscape XXXIV" (2016) by Ruwan Prasanna
Acrylic on Canvas / 56cm x 92cm / 22.0″ x 36.2″ / Unique Work / US$ 2,365
Available on!

What, to you, are the most exciting developments coming out of the Asian art scene today? Have you seen anything recently that has really inspired you?

I attended the Dhaka Art Summit for the first time this year and was pleased to see the thorough representation of South Asian work through the curated shows. Diana Campbell Betancourt, the summit curator, placed a lot of effort into including artists from the entire region. It was the first time, in my opinion, this was correctly done. 



To find out more about Saskia Fernando Gallery, click here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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