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Interview with Trickie Lopa


Interview with Trickie Lopa
A work by Geraldine Javier. Image courtesy of the artist & AFP

The third edition of Art Fair Philippines opens later this week, with 33galleries showing both regional and international works. The Artling caught upwith one of Art Fair Philippines’ founders, Trickie Lopa, to see what we canexpect from this year’s fair. 

How has the fairdeveloped since it was founded in 2013 and what are the major changes thatyou’ve noticed throughout the years?

We havealways aimed for the fair to grow, but gradually.  We started with 24galleries in 2013, now we have 33.  In 2013 we had 6,000 visitors, 2014 wehad 10,000. This seems to indicate that we’ve created more awareness forcontemporary art among the local audience. 

A work by Mike Adrao. Image courtesy of the artist & AFP

Why the unique choice of venue for the fair and how do you think that affects the way the artworks are perceived?

We wanted an accessible venue, one located in the commercial and business center, Makati City. The Link is a working car park, but it seemed suitable for exhibiting art – provided we worked on a few details.  We seem to have succeeded – the space gives off a raw, urban vibe that seems in sync with Manila’s contemporary art scene. 

The Art Fair Philippines’ organizing committee; from left to right, Ms. Lisa Periquet, Ms. Dindin Araneta & Ms. Trickie Lopa

How were the Special Exhibitions selected to be shown at the fair and what can we look forward to seeing this year?

We want to focus on artists who’ve achieved both critical and commercial recognition, within the Philippines and outside.  This year, we consulted with Dr. Patrick D. Flores, who is also putting together the Philippine pavilion to the Venice Biennale.  Roberto Feleo is debuting work that will eventually go to a museum in Ilocos Norte, in Northern Philippines.  All of our other special exhibitors have made works especially for the art fair. 

A work by Roberto Feleo. Image courtesy of the artist & AFP

Currently, the majority of collectors of Filipino art are from the Philippines themselves. Do you see there being a growing international interest in Filipino art?

I think it’s only natural that you look to your own before looking outward. So yes, majority of collectors for Philippine art will most likely be mostly Filipinos.  But good art will always stand out wherever you bring it, so good Filipino works will definitely attract an audience for outside.

Art Fair Philippines will run from the 5th to the 8th of February, 2015, at The Link, Makati City. For more information, go to: See below for a list of participating galleries. 


Exhibitors at Art Fair Philippines 2015

1335 Mabini

Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea

Archivo 1984 Gallery


Art Verite

Art Cube

Artesan Art Gallery + Studio

Art Informal

Avellana Art Gallery

Blanc Gallery


Crucible Gallery

Edouard Malingue Gallery

Equator Art Projects

Finale Art File

Galerie Michael Janssen

Galleria Duemila

J Studio



Nunu Fine Art

Pablo Gallery

Paseo Art Gallery

ROH Projects

Salcedo Private View

Secret Fresh


Taksu KL

The Boston Gallery

The Drawing Room


Vinyl on Vinyl

West Gallery Inc



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